The Devil Within A Witch

Even though Ying Yue was a pretty and intelligent girl, she was avoided by people and was called Ice Empress. From day to day, she had to fight through her daily life void of friends and happiness. With sadness and depression as the only emotions she could feel, she didn't live life but survived it.But one fateful day everything changed. Ying Yue was transmigrated into the body of a young girl called Jessica located in the belly of a demon village. And for the first time, faced with the bitch of a destiny, she felt anger -hate. And it felt amazing for her, enjoying every second of it.With a new goal in mind, the witch Jessica (Ying Yue) buries her past and embarks on an adventure to lead the demons one day.=====No previous knowledge of RTW needed. The storyline is in the perspective of the demons.

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