5 Evolution Road

    "You went to pick up supplies?" Xiao Ying asked while looking at the big bag of fish on Chu Xian's moped.

    "I bought some fish for one of my clients." Chu Xian answered with a white lie; he wasn't planning on sharing his unbelievable transformation ability with Xiao Ying.

    "Oh," Xiao Ying replied with a nod. Chu Xian had to hurriedly stop her when she stepped forward to help him carry the bag.

    "Chu Xian, I'm going to start an internship soon," Xiao Ying suddenly remarked.

    "Internship?" Chu Xian was stunned for a second, then hurriedly asked, "Where is this internship?"

    Xiao Ying saw his nervousness and giggled. Showing off a little, she said, "It's an internship at school. This year our department had one slot, and luckily, I'd just passed the school's exam, so I got the position of the intern substitute teacher. Now I can intern and prepare for grad school at the same time!"

    "The internship is at school?" Chu Xian replied happily. "That's great! Right now the job market is pretty rough, so staying in school is the best choice."

    Xiao Ying always received top marks and scholarships, and in her senior year, she even subbed for some of the freshman classes for a while. She was the scholarly goddess type(1).

    Hai Qing Standard was a second rank university-as long as you got an internship, there was at least an 80% chance of becoming an official teacher. Even the standards required of new teachers were much higher than those of any regular white-collar worker.

    "En(2), I never thought they would keep me; it was so sudden!" Xiao Ying happily replied as well.

    "Haha, it's because my honey is too smart. From now on I'll call you Xiao Ying Lao Shi(3)," Chu Xian said while wiggling his eyebrows. Leaning in he whispered, "Come, Xiao Ying Lao Shi, let this student kiss you."

    "Stop it!" Xiao Ying cried, holding back his face with both hands to stop his shamelessness, but Chu Xian was too experienced and caught her thin waist and leaned in again.

    "Next Saturday we have a get-together, and you have to accompany me," Xiao Ying said while pulling on Chu Xian's arm, her face blushing from the intimacy (4).

    "It's your classmates' gathering. What does that have to do with me? I'm not in the same grade as you!" Chu Xian said with a laugh(5).

    "It's not just my grade! There will also be other classes and grades there, and it doesn't matter anyway cause you have to come with me!" Xiao Ying said emphatically while leaning her head on his shoulder.

    "Okay, okay. I'll definitely go, but I'm just going to embarrass you again," Chu Xian said with some discomfort.

    "Other than being a bit plain-looking, there's nothing bad about you!" Chu Xian said with a smile and standing on tiptoe, kissed him on the cheek.

    "Hehe, I'm just afraid everyone's going to be jealous of me." Chu Xian chuckled and said, "Give me another kiss."

    "Stop, stop!" Xiao Ying said, lightly pushing him away. "Hurry up and buy a new phone."

    "Okay, okay," Chu Xian said while nodding. He went with Xiao Ying to buy a 500 RMB phone. In his head, he thought, "I'm going to lose it anyway, so why bother with expensive things?" but only he knew the bitterness in his heart.

    He felt blessed for having a girlfriend like Xiao Ying. At the beginning of their relationship, the most expensive gift he bought was a pair of rings worth 2000+ RMB for her birthday. The gift made Xiao Ying happy for a long time and she frequently wore the ring on her middle finger, but afterwards, she strictly forbade him from buying any more expensive gifts.

    Even after Chu Xian started working, when he wanted to give her some money, Xiao Ying still refused and instead, found part-time work at school.

    As he watched her walk away, Chu Xian felt some heartache. A girl like her should be sitting in luxury cars, living the lifestyle of a princess, but instead, chose to stay with a nobody like him.

    "Xiao Ying, don't worry. I will make you the happiest woman in the world!" Chu Xian swore with tight fists.

    After shutting the shop door, Chu Xian encountered some dead fish so after cleaning them up, he began his evolution process.

    "20cm. 30 cm!" After eating all the fish, Chu Xian's body grew to 40cm and all his attributes underwent great change.

    Name: Chu Xian

    Status: Human (Can Transform into a fish!)

    Level: 5 (New-Born Little Fish, 40cm!)

    Combat Power: 10

    Passive Talent: Devour - can evolve from eating smaller fish.

    Control - can control lower leveled fish.

    Big Fish Eat Little Fish System Ability:

    Remold - can change the shape of self or fish under your control. (Every transformation will lower your level and the level of the fish you control)

    Chu Xian was now level 5, had a combat power of ten and had a high bite force from continuously powering it up. The most monstrous was his new combat power.

    The 30~ cm Scomber Japonicus only had a combat power of 1, and Chu Xian could easily bite off its head in an instant kill. His new teeth were incredibly sharp and could easily crush rocks. If he tried to bite a human, he could definitely tear off a chunk of meat.

    "I'm basically a piranha!" Chu Xian thought excitedly. If his barely 40 cm-long body had such a high combat power, maybe his dream to enter the ocean was not so far away.

    However, in order to grow as quickly as possible, Chu Xian still needed to buy more fish to eat.

    Buying fish required money, and right now Chu Xian had just over twenty thousand left in his bank account - neither very little nor very much, but only a fool would think this was enough to get his body to two or three meters. To deal with this, Chu Xian had already thought of a way to make money, but he hadn't tried it yet and didn't know if it would be successful.

    Remold - Big Fish Eat Little Fish System's only ability at present could change the shape of self or fish under your control.

    He thought of a use for this ability when he was in the Yu Bao Yard ornamental fish shop.

    The price of ornamental fish was related to the fish's color and shape, and if he was able to change the fish, then he could transform ordinary ornamental fish into expensive, precious ones.

    "Hopefully I can succeed!" Chu Xian prayed silently and scooped an ordinary goldfish out of the tank.

    Goldfish were the most common ornamental fish and were incredibly cheap; a seven or eight cm goldfish cost only one RMB.

    Chu Xian heard from the Yu Bao ornamental fish shop boss that goldfish also had many valuable types and that a valuable, small goldfish could also be sold for a couple thousand RMB. He had a vague impression of Panda Goldfish, Twelve-Red Goldfish, Red Phoenix Goldfish etc.

    Opening up his computer, Chu Xian started looking up all the valuable goldfish and soon found rare and expensive kinds.

    "So beautiful!" Chu Xian exclaimed in surprise. He couldn't help but compare the picture with the dull and ugly looking goldfish in his hands, and his mouth twitched.
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