23 Former Classmate

    "F*** me! Is this a legendary low-key billionaire? F***, this bro is so strong! He just gave no f***s and smashed that car!"

    "A delivery man riding a moped who just happened to be carrying goods worth three to four million. This really is... a low-key rich guy (1)!"

    "Incredible! Exciting! Haha, that young man's face is completely black! He really kicked a steel board this time!"

    "Ze ze. This is the first time I've seen someone smash a million dollar luxury car. This boss has given me something to talk about for the next year."

    "I knew this guy on the moped had a strong confident smile, exuding such a noble elegance; everything happened just as I expected. I wonder which rich family he's from. So tyrannical!"

    As they watched Chu Xian disappear into the distance, the crowd was full of noise and amazement.

    Some of the policemen shook their heads bitterly, looking at the man with the sports car with sympathy.

    "Brother Qin, I'm going to meet my friend so I'm leaving," the beauty standing by the side said, with an ugly expression. She left in a hurry.

    "F***!" The young man cursed, looking at his beauty taking off. He stared at his ruined sports car with red eyes. He had only just gotten the car after begging his parents for six months; he had planned to show his car off to get girls, but now the car was completely ruined.

    He'd upgraded the car and put off getting insurance in order to pay for the new parts, but he could never have guessed this would happen. He originally wanted to f*** Chu Xian over so that he'd have to spend less for the repairs, but...

    "The repairs will cost at least 100,000!" The young man wanted to cry but had no tears to cry.

    "Feels f***ing good!" Chu Xian rode away on his moped and let out a big breath. He really did feel good.

    "F***ing showing off and pretending to be all-powerful in front of me? Now, do you realize the consequences of your actions?" Chu Xian's mouth curled into a small smile and he shrugged. "Even though the ending turned out great, the rest of it felt terrible. I need a car myself. F***, I'll get a luxury car and show off everywhere with tons of beauties by my side... I mean, with Xiao Ying!"

    At this thought, he laughed to himself. After the whole fiasco with the car, it was already almost noon so Chu Xian found a restaurant to eat lunch.

    Golden Dragon Group Tower, located in the center of Hai Qing City, had twenty-five floors and was completely owned by Golden Dragon Group.

    "This definitely feels like a large company!" Chu Xian gazed up at the tall building with jealousy apparent on his face. When he graduated, the company he most wanted to work for was Golden Dragon Group, but his application was ultimately rejected.

    "And now I have the chance to talk face-to-face with the CEO. What a twist of fate!"

    Chu Xian's chest swelled with pride. Glancing at the time, he decided to explore the building a little. Since it was lunchtime, no one would be in at this time anyway.

    "Hello Miss, may I ask which floor CEO Jin Hua is on?" At around one o'clock, Chu Xian brought his aquarium to the front desk.

    "Mr. Jin?" the receptionist said with surprise, examining Chu Xian. At the moment, he wasn't very well put together - he held a large, dirty box with some dust on his clothes, looking only slightly better than trash-pickers (2) on the street.

    "Uh, if I may, do you have an appointment booked or Mr. Jin's name card with you?" the beautiful receptionist asked with an awkward smile.

    "Name card, yes! I have one!" Chu Xian nodded, placing the aquarium on the ground. He patted his pockets in search of the card for a bit until he was rendered speechless.

    "No way! F***, I lost the card?" Chu Xian's face blackened a little. Today was such a sh*tty and unlucky day. With an apologetic expression, he asked, "Beautiful Miss, can you call Mr. Jin for me? You can tell him that I'm here to deliver his ornamental fish."

    "Eh, I'm really sorry sir, but if you do not have a name card or an appointment, I don't have the authority to call Mr. Jin. If you're in contact with any of the leaders of our company, you should call them directly." The beautiful receptionist tried to reject his request gently.

    "I really f***ed a dog this time!"(3) Chu Xian's face blackened again. Being denied entry - this really was some bullsh*t!

    "Is Mr. Jin in today?" Chu Xian asked the beautiful receptionist.

    "He is!" she responded politely.

    "Okay, I'll wait over here. If Mr. Jin comes down, please let me know." Chu Xian walked over to the waiting area and sat down.

    Placing the aquarium down by his side, Chu Xian felt bored and started to play with his phone.

    "Mo****f***er!" As soon as Chu Xian turned on his phone, he saw that someone had mentioned him in the WeChat group. After opening the group, his face darkened for a third time.

    In the group chat, there was a video of him wearing his tattered commoner's clothing holding a big box in the middle of a beautiful lobby, speaking with urgency to the receptionist.

    The replies were even more infuriating.

    "Isn't this Chu Xian? Why's he so filthy? What does he have there - a broken box?"

    "Eh, it really is Chu Xian. What's happening He Wei?"

    "Isn't Chu Xian rich now? What happened? Why does he look kinda messed up?"

    "I don't know what happened, but Chu Xian was holding this box in our company building and the receptionist didn't let him in. Chu Xian, look to your left! Old classmate!"

    "F***!" Chu Xian raised his head and saw the slim and tall He Wei in a well-tailored suit.

    He Wei saw Chu Xian looking at him and walked over with a smug smile, evidently feeling a sense of superiority.

    He Wei was his classmate in college but the two didn't get along due to of Xiao Ying. Back then, he was an assistant officer for the major School Department and got Chu Xian to help him organize the freshman welcome party.

    It was there that Chu Xian met Xiao Ying. Both he and He Wei fell in love with her at the same time, thus becoming arch rivals.

    He Wei felt like he was better than Chu Xian in every respect and never took Chu Xian seriously, but in the end, Xiao Ying still chose him. He Wei ended up incredibly jealous and constantly mocked Chu Xian in class.

    After graduating, both of them went to Golden Dragon Group to interview, but He Wei ended up getting hired and Chu Xian didn't. This caused He Wei to mock him relentlessly.

    "Chu Xian, what are you doing here? Why are you holding this damaged box? Are you here for an interview? The company is hiring people, but you need to wait until two thirty. Everything starts then!" He Wei walked over to him with a smile.

    "We're hiring HR, Hotel Managers and logistics, but we only want people with experience. Haha, right, we don't hire people who only have experience selling fish," He Wei said with a laugh.

    "Heh." Chu Xian smiled coldly. "Is your company hiring Senior Executives?"

    "Haha, of course, how could we not? Our company is hiring a manager for the new Holiday Resort, and Mr. Jin is interviewing the people himself. What, are you interested? Haha, when the time comes I can introduce you!"(4)

    "Oh? Mr. Jin is doing the interviewing?" Chu Xian said with a small smile. "I have to give it a shot then."
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