33 Always Forced

    "Why are you alone?" Chu Xian asked with a light smile as he watched Xiao Ying come down the stairs.

    "Heehee, those three smug beauties still need ten more minutes for their makeup," Xiao Ying said with a smile. She walked over and sat next to him.

    "Hehe. How could they compare to my beautiful Xiao Ying who's amazing even without makeup?" Chu Xian said, hugging her shoulders. (1)

    Xiao Ying laughed lightly and leaned against him.

    After ten or so minutes, the three pretty girls came out of the dorm holding onto each other. One of them wore high heels.

    "Finally! We're going to be late!" Xiao Ying said with some dissatisfaction.

    "Isn't your man enough for you? Why do you need us?" Jing Wen said with a glance at Chu Xian.

    "Let's go! Let's go!" Xiao Ying giggled and stood up, leaning on Chu Xian's arm for support. The group walked over to the classroom that had been designated as their meetup location.

    When they arrived, there was already a dozen or so people there. The boy to girl ratio was about 50/50.

    "Haha, looks like some of the single boys from other grades are here as well. Are they here for a last-ditch college romance?" Si Yu said excitedly as she looked at all the boys in the classroom.

    Xiao Ying looked at her speechlessly before dragging Chu Xian to a seat off to the side.

    Their arrival drew attention. The quality of the girls in Xiao Ying's dorm was pretty high, and regarding Xiao Ying herself - well, she was the goddess of the entire college.

    Xiao Ying's classmates weren't surprised when they saw their goddess holding another man's arm. Everyone had known about their relationship for four to five years by this point.

    It was the underclassmen who looked over curiously. They all heard that Goddess Zhang Tian Ying [Xiao Ying's full name (2)] had a boyfriend, but none of them had actually seen him. The ones who thought themselves handsome still had some fantasies about Xiao Ying.

    "Is that Xiao Ying's boyfriend? He seems pretty normal-not handsome like me!"

    "F***. You're funny and pretty shameless too. He's much more handsome than you, but compared to me, he's a bit lacking.

    "You're all idiots. I heard Xiao Ying and her boyfriend have been together for almost five years, and in that time, many rich and handsome men chased her. She refused all of them!"

    "Brothers, you should just give up. Our goddess is very committed, and in these past few years, she turned down at least five rich kids who drove over in their fancy cars to confess.

    The boys sat together and gossiped in low voices, sighing with some disappointment.

    On the other side of the room, Xiao Ying leaned on a desk, examining Chu Xian. Suddenly she burst out, "Eh, Xiao Xian [CX nickname], you seem a lot buffer?"

    "Heehee, I've been working out these days and now, I'm a man with a six-pack! Come, feel!" Chu Xian laughed and took her hand.

    Xiao Ying squeezed with some strength and with an astonished look, said, "It's true!"

    "Of course!" Chu Xian chuckled proudly and said shamelessly, "Tonight, you can examine them more closely!"

    "Stop it!" Xiao Ying covered her blushing face. Chu Xian couldn't resist reaching over and tousling her hair.

    "Liu Zhi's here!" one of the girls said loudly.

    Right as these words came out, two boys walked into the classroom. One of them had blond hair, and the other wore glasses. The bespectacled man was the organizer of this event, Liu Zhi, and the other man was Zhang Bei Feng.

    Liu Zhi took a position in front of the group and asked, "Is everyone here?" His eyes swept over everyone and lingered for a moment on Xiao Ying and Chu Xian.

    "All here, 33 people." The same girl nodded in reply.

    "Okay, since we're all here, let's go," Liu Zhi said with a nod, leading the group out. Bei Feng stood by the side, and from time to time, he couldn't help glancing over at Xiao Ying with enamored and jealous eyes.

    Liu Zhi lead the group to two cars parked in front of the classroom and turned around to say, "We're going to the new resort in JS district, the Gold Dragon Holiday Resort. We'll get a couple of taxis. You can decide amongst yourselves who shares with whom. My car can bring three people. Jing Wen, Si Yu, Shan Shang, I can take you.

    "Wow! Liu Zhi, you bought a car? Is that Audi A6 yours?" Jing Wen asked happily.

    "What a man. You can drive a 500,000+ RMB car right after graduating-I'm so jealous!"

    "Ayy, Liu Zhi. I regret not chasing you! Is it too late to start now?"

    Some of the girls in the back burst out in astonishment, looking at Liu Zhi with jealousy.

    Liu Zhi's eyes lit up with pride as he replied, "Yeah. My family wouldn't buy me a car until I graduated. Let's go. I can drive a couple people and Bei Feng can also drive a few. We'll meet at the gate of Gold Dragon Holiday Resort!"

    "Ok!" Bei Feng nodded and looked at Xiao Ying, saying: "Xiao Ying, you and your boyfriend can ride with me. Wan Kun can come too!"

    Xiao Ying, who was exchanging whispers with Chu Xian by the side, was surprised by Bei Feng's invitation. She raised her head to check with Chu Xian.

    "It's good that someone's willing to take us. Let's go!" Chu Xian said indifferently. Xiao Ying nodded and hugged his arm as they walked to Zhang Bei Feng's BMW.

    Bei Feng watched them get into his car and smiled coldly. He sat in the driver's seat, and the other boy named Wan Kun sat beside him.

    After he took a seat inside, Chu Xian shifted around trying to get comfortable. He couldn't help but feel that the space was too narrow and that it couldn't compare at all with his Land Rover.

    Bei Feng watched them through his rearview mirror. When he saw Chu Xian shifting around, he sneered disdainfully. He started the car and headed out of school.

    As they drove, Xiao Ying leaned against Chu Xian and they talked in quietly. Zhang Bei Feng ground his teeth and he turned to the side to look at Wan Kun.

    Wan Kun nodded and said, "Xiao Ying, can you two not get so intimate in front of us? You're making us single dogs feel bad."

    "Heehee, our school has so many girls. Why don't you find yourself a girlfriend?" Xiao Ying said with a laugh and stuck her tongue out.

    "Ay, there are many, but what about the quality? Never mind, if I talk about this anymore I'll cry! Senior, I'm so jealous. You captured our goddess's heart!" Wan Kun said. With curiosity, he asked, "That's right, senior, what are you up to now? Can you give some pointers to a fresh-faced grad?"

    Bei Feng smiled.

    "Hehe, I can't give you any advice. I just own a small ornamental fish shop and sell some fish!" Chu Xian laughed lightly. Before, he was ashamed of telling people what he did for a living, but now he was able to brag. He could say, "I don't do much, just sell some fish. I don't earn too much, just ten thousand or so a day. Actually, two days ago I had a big deal and made four million RMB."

    But Chu Xian didn't say this. Even though he did like to show off and be admired, he'd never go out of his way to do so. He was always forced to show his hand!
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