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    "Hello, Brother Song!" A couple of the boys greeted him politely.

    "En." Song Bro nodded, looking over the group. He turned to Bei Feng and asked curiously, "Are these your classmates?"

    "En. These are some of my upperclassmen. Today we came out together to play. Brother Song, since you and your friends are here too, let's all hang out together. The more the merrier!" Bei Feng said.

    "Sure!" Song Bro took in all the girls in the group, and he nodded.

    "Brothers, check it out. This is Brother Song's friend. He's pretty handsome as well. Look, there are also a lot of pretty girls here. Apparently they're still students?" Beneath the Heavens said to his phone as he sat down next to Song Bro.

    "Ah, Brother Song. Your friend is a streamer?" Zhang Bei Feng said with some surprise.

    "En. My bro is a famous streamer. Lots of people watch him - some tens of thousands." Song Bro replied with a chuckle, patting streamer bro on the shoulder.

    "Heh. Impressive." Zhang Bei Feng nodded. The girls all looked at streamer bro with curiosity.

    "Let's check out these beauties. I'll make you guys happy." Streamer Bro said in his chat and turned to Song Bro. "Brother Song, I'm not going to sit next to you; I want to go sit with the pretty girls!"

    "Then go!" Song Bro smiled and mock punched him. Streamer Bro looked around and went to sit by one of the girls.

    "Hey beautiful. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm eighteen, very handsome, young and rich, and still single!" Streamer Bro extended his hand.

    "Yah, still single! So handsome too! Go get him!" one of the manlier girls said from the side.

    "Hey handsome, why don't you come over here? I don't have a boyfriend either."

    The girls from Normal University were all very bold, and Streamer Bro just looked so handsome. They joked around with each other with ease.

    Streamer bro laughed happily and flirted with the girls.

    Streamer Bro's "Beneath the Heavens" character was shameless and straightforward, and the girls weren't shy either. They laughed and talked while Bei Feng and the others watched from the side. This opportunity to see a streamer's work up close was pretty interesting.

    "Okay Bros. Should we change it up a little? Let's switch to another girl - you guys tell me who I should pick!" Streamer Bro said after his chat became unruly. He turned his camera to show them the surrounding girls.

    "Oh. Sure, sure, but brothers, this pretty girl already has a boyfriend. What do I do if I get beat up? Haha, you'll pay my hospital bills? Why are you all so nice? Shouldn't you give me the appointment fee first? Heh. Okay brothers, I'm going in! I'm much more handsome than her boyfriend, and I'll show you all how I flirt with her right in front of him!" Streamer Bro whispered into his phone while glancing over at Xiao Ying.

    "Hey beautiful, do you mind if I sit here?" Streamer Bro walked over to Xiao Ying and sat down.

    "I mind!" Xiao Ying retorted.

    "Uh. Babe, I already sat down. You can't ask me to leave, that'd be too awkward!" Streamer Bro paused a little before continuing.

    "Yo handsome, our Xiao Ying already has a boyfriend. You can't mess around with her!" Si Yu interjected with a smile.

    "Beauty, am I that kind of person? I'm just doing what my viewers want me to do - to let them get a close-up view of the Goddess!" Streamer Bro promised while placing a hand on his chest.

    Everyone laughed. It was hard to dislike this charming streamer.

    "Hey, your boyfriend is obviously not as handsome as me, don't you think?" Streamer Bro laughed while looking over at Chu Xian.

    "I'm sorry. You should go find someone else." Xiao Ying replied with a small smile. She didn't dislike the streamer, but she also wasn't willing to cooperate with him for his stream.

    "Eh, don't be so cold. I'm an upstanding streamer! Hey handsome brother, you don't mind if I talk with your girlfriend, right?" Streamer Bro turned to Chu Xian.

    "I mind. Of course I mind. Go find someone else!" Chu Xian said and hugged Xiao Ying's waist.

    "Uh." Streamer Bro "Beneath the Heaven" just sat there awkwardly, unsure of what to say.

    "Bro, don't be so uptight. We're all just playing; you don't need to be so worried!" Song Bro cut in.

    "Yeah," Bei Feng echoed, "We're just messing around with our friends. Xiao Ying sis doesn't mind!"

    "Go find someone else!" Chu Xian smiled but was firm in his decision.

    Bei Feng frowned at Chu Xian's words, and some of the others started to feel uncomfortable. Finally, Liu Zhi joined in and said with a smile, "Senior, I think you should let Xiao Ying answer for herself. Guys shouldn't be so domineering - you should respect her opinion!"

    "His opinion is my opinion!" Xiao Ying said immediately.

    "Eh." Liu Zhi's face blackened, and he laughed with embarrassment.

    "Hmph. You're just a nobody, yet you're still so cocky!" One of the girls muttered about Chu Xian, unhappy that he wasn't playing along. Although she spoke quietly, everyone still caught her words.

    "Wang Fen Fen! What did you say?" Xiao Ying demanded, glaring angrily at her.

    The Streamer Bro was still embarrassed. He never imagined that Chu Xian would really be so prudish and not give him any face. He read the comments in his chat and tried one last time. Extending his hand, he said, "Beauty, since you're not willing to play, let's just shake hands and part ways. I've already been completely crushed so surely my small request isn't too much?"

    Xiao Ying hesitated a little and looked at Chu Xian. He smiled but didn't intervene over this small polite gesture.

    "Okay. Sorry for the trouble!" Xiao Ying agreed. She didn't want to fight, so she extended her hand apologetically.

    "Hehe, no problem!" Streamer Bro nodded and shook Xiao Ying's hand. He instinctually rubbed it, laughing to himself. "Haha, a pretty girl's skin really is nice!"

    He spoke as he rubbed her hand with his thumb.
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