39 Stunned

    "Sir Jin!" Manager Wang greeted him.

    Jin Sen nodded, ignoring Brother Song and the others. He turned towards Chu Xian and said, "Really, Xiao Xian? You came over without telling me?"

    "Haha, I came with my girlfriend!" Chu Xian laughed. After the past few conversations, the two men were already close, and Chu Xian didn't pretend to be distant.

    "Oh! Your girlfriend is very beautiful!" Jin Sen said after taking a look at Xiao Ying.

    "Hehe, it's the classic talented guy and beautiful girl pairing." Chu Xian joked and hugged Xiao Ying's waist. "Xiao Sen, I might've caused you some trouble."

    "Not at all, not at all. Bro, at my place, I take care of everything." Jin Sen patted Chu Xian's shoulder before turning to look at Brother Song, Bei Feng and the others.

    "Sir Jin, this guy harassed Young Master Chu's girlfriend!" Manager Wang whispered into Jin Sen's ear.

    Jin Sen frowned and turned to the guards. "Get the police to take him away...reckless idiots making trouble at our Gold Dragon Resort."

    From start to finish, Jin Sen paid no mind to Brother Song and the others.

    The ignored posse didn't dare to speak as they stared in fear and amazement at Jin Sen.

    "Please follow us out!" The guards came over to take them away.

    "Young Master Jin! We... We're sorry, it was all our fault!" Brother Song bit the bullet, bowed his head and apologized. Bei Feng and Liu Zhi followed him with unpleasant expressions.

    "Ha." Jin Sen laughed coldly. "You think you can mess with my friend? Get out!"

    "Yes, yes." Brother Song nodded quickly before turning and walking away quickly. Bei Feng and the others lowered their heads and followed closely behind.

    As for Beneath the Heavens, he was taken away by the guards and kept in jail for a couple days. His popularity took a big hit!

    "Strong! Young Master Jin is so dignified!" Chu Xian joked with Jin Sen as the Bei Feng's group scurried away with their tails tucked between their legs. (1)

    "Don't exaggerate! They're just scared of our Gold Dragon Group," Jin Sen said with a smile. "Xiao Xian, let me treat you and your girlfriend to dinner."

    "Maybe next time," Chu Xian replied. "I have plans tonight."

    "No problem. I won't take up your precious time with your girlfriend anymore. Haha, you guys have fun. I'm taking off first!" Jin Sen left with a wave.

    Xiao Ying hurriedly waved back while Chu Xian nodded and laughed in reply.

    Turning back to the group, Chu Xian's lips curled with contempt as he looked at the stunned faces of Xiao Ying's classmates. Turning to the astonished Xiao Ying, he patted her head and said, "I planned on giving you a surprise, but I guess just one sentence will do. Your husband is rich!"

    Xiao Ying opened her mouth slightly before a beautiful smile filled her face. "Of course! I knew all along that the man I chose is the best!"

    "Haha, of course! Xiao Ying's taste is the best!" Chu Xian laughed and praised himself. "Do you want to stay? If you want to go, your husband will take you out to buy some stuff!"

    Xiao Ying looked at her classmates and her expression darkened. She shook her head and said, "Let's just go. Jing Wen, Si Yu, Shan Shan, I'm leaving first. You girls have fun!"

    "Heh, go. Go!" Jin Wen and the others waved her off awkwardly, looking over Chu Xian with mixed expressions.

    Chu Xian took Xiao Ying to the Land Rover 4S store. It had been almost 24 hours since he turned his car in, so it should be fixed by now.

    "You bought this?" Xiao Ying said with a gasp as the employees drove out the luxury Range Rover.

    "Haha, of course!" Chu Xian gave a proud nod. "Let's go, princess! Your knight is making the big bucks now, haha! By the way, the goldfish and Koi at the entrance of the resort were all mine! Four million RMB!"

    "Chu Xian, you..." Xiao Ying said to herself. She suddenly felt like her boyfriend had turned into a different person.

    "Babe, don't think too much about it. Just be happy! I'm still your Xiao Xian, and I'm also your future husband (2)!" Chu Xian kissed her before driving the car to a mall in the city center.

    Chu Xian held Xiao Ying's hand as they wandered around the mall, buying almost everything they could think of. They walked away with a new iPhone, a computer, a camera, an LV handbag, a watch, and some clothes.

    As they walked, Xiao Ying panicked a little and tried to convince Chu Xian to stop wasting money, but he ignored her. He thought if he didn't spend money on her, who would he spend it on?

    Finally, Xiao Ying gave in and was very happy, but she also felt bad about Chu Xian carrying all the bags for her. Her heart was full of joy.

    "We can come back again tomorrow!" Chu Xian said with a smile as they sat inside a restaurant.

    "En." Xiao Ying nodded shyly.

    Chu Xian found a hotel and led Xiao Ying into a room. He tried out some new positions that made her all hot and bothered, and he didn't stop for the next couple of hours.

    The next day, Chu Xian brought Xiao Ying back to her dorm. She got off the car and looked at all the bags speechlessly before finally saying, "Wait for me. I'll have to make a couple trips to bring everything in!"

    "I'll wait. You go!" Chu Xian patted her head, looking over the bags that filled the car.

    "En," Xiao Ying replied, tiptoeing and kissing him on the cheek. She grabbed the computer, camera and makeup products first.

    "Peng!" Xiao Ying pushed the door open with a bang and yelled happily, "Sisters, I'm back!"

    "Goddess Xiao Ying is back~ Were you satisfied last night?" Si Yu and the others teased her from where they lay on their beds, playing with their phones.

    Xiao Ying felt at ease with their words. The last thing she wanted was for them to turn awkward after being close friends all these years. "Hehe, who told you not to get your own boyfriends. Come, you beauties, I have some stuff for all of you!"

    "Makeup?" Si Yu turned around and saw all the things Xiao Ying was carrying. Her eyes glimmered and she jumped out from underneath her blanket. "F*** me!(3) Xiao Ying, you're rich!"

    Si Yu's exclamation attracted the attention of the other two girls, and they all clamored over to see.

    "iPhone, MacBook, Sony Camera, Dior makeup. Wow!" the girls exclaimed, looking at Xiao Ying with jealous expressions.

    "Stop making such a big fuss!" Xiao Ying said with a smile, handing over the makeup. "These are for you. I didn't bring everything up so I have to go downstairs again."

    "Wait, we'll come down with you." The girls quickly changed out of their pajamas and followed Xiao Ying down. They followed behind her and said, "Hey, we know we underestimated Chu Xian and talked about him behind his back. You won't blame us, will you?"

    "How could I? I know you did it all to help me!" Xiao Ying said with a smile.

    "En. You know, everybody knows your boyfriend has become successful. Did you know the young man he was talking to was the prince of Gold Dragon Group, the son of the president?! He's

    At the jealous exclamations of her friends, Xiao Ying smiled with pride.
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