56 Crazy Tourist Trap – 2

    When Li Feng and the others found out their article became the top news story, they were beyond excited. This was one of the sites with the most online traffic in the whole country.

    "This time, not only can we embarrass this arrogant shopkeeper, we can also cement our names in the industry!" Li Feng and the others thought happily. Proud expressions covered their faces as they walked over to the breakfast café and set themselves up as paparazzi.

    When Chu Xian arrived, they took many pictures. Last time they didn't get any pictures of him, so now they had to make up for it. If they had pictures before, the guy would be infamous already, but it wasn't too late to snap some pictures now.

    Because of the distance, they couldn't hear Chu Xian's words and could only watch helplessly as the crowd entered the shop. They could only wait patiently.

    At that moment, Chu Xian watched as the curious people walked inside and smiled. In this society, he wasn't afraid they would make trouble. After all, they wouldn't be so stupid to damage his store for justice.

    "Haha. Welcome to the biggest tourist trap on Gu Wu Street," Chu Xian said, standing in front of the crowd. Spreading his hands, he pointed at the goldfish. "These are the two thousand RMB goldfish that went viral yesterday, but there is only one correction. Yesterday, I raised the price to three thousand RMB each."

    All the other people were confused and thought the shopkeeper was a little crazy. He might really be insane.

    "Heehee, I want to see what kind of goldfish are worth two thousand RMB!" The young man in front looked around and laughed mockingly, walking up to a fish tank.

    Chu Xian smiled. "Take a look, but I have to repeat that the goldfish are three thousand RMB each."

    "What kind of goldfish is this? How could I have never seen anything like this? It's so pretty!" the young man who walked over saw the fish and exclaimed with wide eyes.

    "What the f*ck, is this really a goldfish? It's like a painting, a piece of art! It's so beautiful, look at the tail!" Another man came up and exclaimed in surprise.

    "The goldfish is extremely pretty, it might be worth two thousand RMB. I mean, maybe worth three thousand RMB!"

    "Expensive, so expensive! A f****** goldfish sells at three thousand RMB for one, but maybe the tourist trap has good business!"

    "What a crazy tourist trap! I already want some of these goldfish!

    "F***, boss. Can you not be so black-hearted? Can you sell some to us at a cheaper price? Three thousand RMB is really too expensive. How about one thousand? If it's one thousand, I'll buy five!"

    Chu Xian laughed at their words and looked at them proudly. To these outsiders, the goldfish were beautiful but the price was too expensive. Even so, even if it felt like a rip-off, they still wanted to buy some. This was the charm and seduction of beautiful things.

    "Three thousand RMB; no bargaining. I'm probably going to raise the price in the future when more people know about my store," Chu Xian said frankly.

    "F*ck, you're going to raise the price again? You really are a dishonest owner of a tourist trap. Shopkeeper, I'm going to take pictures to expose your behaviors to the public; you'll be criticized by many people online!" A young man took out his phone and took pictures of the goldfish with indignance on his face.

    "Haha, take as many pictures as you like!" Chu Xian laughed calmly and chuckled even more when he saw all the people outside peering into the shop curiously.

    In less than ten minutes, Chu Xian's store was packed. He had to yell, "Friends who have already taken a look, please leave. There are still many visitors who want to see my tourist trap - please give others a chance!"

    "Don't push, don't push. I'm getting out now."

    The young men had taken enough pictures and videos and left. As they walked to the door, one of them looked at Chu Xian and said speechlessly, "Shopkeeper, you cannot blame the Morning Post and the people online for criticizing you; your goldfish price is too high. When you lower it to a couple hundred RMB, please inform me."

    At the joking words of the young man, Chu Xian smiled and replied, "Then you'll have to wait forever."

    "Damn!" The young man gritted his teeth and glared at Chu Xian. He stomped away with his companions while saying, "Damn, it is a tourist trap! Tourist trap! A goldfish at three thousand RMB? Black-hearted shopkeeper!"

    "Yeah, although the goldfish are very beautiful and very good looking, they're indeed too expensive; not something we can afford."

    The young men were sour grapes - because they couldn't afford the fish, they said they were expensive. They all walked away, shaking their heads.

    Li Feng and the others came to the door looking for information. They exchanged glances with each other with surprise.

    With just a few moments outside, they had already seen a lot of customers walking out with unwilling expressions, complaining about how expensive the fish were.

    "Haha, now we have our news. Call the Industry and Commerce Bureau. Get them to shut down the store!" Li Feng said excitedly.

    "Brother Feng, Brother Feng! Even if we don't call, I think the bureau will send people over today. The store is already infamous!"

    "Haha!" They laughed excitedly before walking over to a tea shop nearby and sitting down, chatting casually.

    At this moment, Chu Xian also laughed.

    "Shop owner, I'll send you money through Wechat. Fifteen thousand RMB, correct?" a middle-aged man asked with a fish tank under his arm.

    "En, fifteen thousand RMB. I'll give you the fish tank for free!"

    "Okay!" The middle-aged man directly transferred him fifteen thousand RMB.

    The people around were all stunned as they watched this transaction; they couldn't help but gape at the scene. Some of them took out their phones and looked at the news, saying, "This is the tourist trap that was exposed? It's expensive - even more expensive than what people said, but people are still willing to buy the fish. Furthermore, experts in-the-know can tell that the goldfish in this store are all rare and precious!"

    Finishing the transaction, Chu Xian earned fifteen thousand RMB and was very happy. He sat in his chair, opened his phone and took a look.

    Under the Weibo accounts of the famous bloggers he followed, the comments of all the articles about him reached more than ten thousand, and they basically all criticized him. Chu Xian checked the popularity, and his news story was in the top three of the trending subjects.

    "Looks like it's pretty much ready. I can continue with the next step this afternoon."

    Light shone in Chu Xian eyes.

    "I really want to thank the good folks from the Morning Post this time. I was worried about how to promote my story and they gave me such a big chance - they really are good people!"
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