57 Crazy Tourist Part – 3

    Chu Xian took out his phone and contacted the famous bloggers he hired one by one, telling them the next step. He smiled and looked at his packed store.

    Almost at the exact same time, on Weibo, all the famous bloggers sent out their next message.

    Little Resident of Nan Hua:  Most recent news: some people found the Weibo account of the goldfish tourist trap on Gu Wu Street in Hai Qing City. On the Weibo account, there are lots of pictures and videos of the goldfish. I feel like I made a huge mistake? Here's the link.

    Mystery Expert: Some people exposed the Weibo account of the tourist trap on Gu Wu Street in Hai Qing City. Everyone, come and see!

    Critic of Injustice: Today I found the Weibo account of the store on Gu Wu Street in Hai Qing City. I don't know what to say. Experts, please give me your opinions. Here's the link.


    The famous bloggers spoke like they were just bystanders who didn't know anything but found the page by accident. The name of the Weibo account they shared was obviously Ornamental Fish in Paradise.

    In a flash, the Weibo account called Ornamental Fish in Paradise came into the spotlight, and the visitors clicked on it out of curiosity. The comedians with judgment in their hearts were already prepared to criticize it.

    However, when they opened the page and saw the pictures and videos of all the cute goldfish, everyone was stunned. The jokes and insults made were forgotten, and everyone viewed the pictures and videos carefully.

    "Is this really the tourist trap on Wu Gu Street in Hai Qing City? I spent more than ten hours writing jokes, but when I saw the goldfish, I couldn't post them. I don't know what kind of precious kinds of fish they are and I don't know how rare they are, but just from the appearance of the goldfish, two thousand RMB isn't too expensive!"

    "Upper floor, are you blind? Did you not see that they're three thousand RMB each? F*ck, the goldfish are so expensive! The shopkeeper has no heart! In the future, when I'm rich, I'll definitely spend my money grandly and buy a dozen!"

    "Thirty seconds ago, this old man's knife was thirsty for blood, ready to kill, but now that I've seen the pictures and videos, I can only wash fish in a gold basin."

    "I don't care how pretty the goldfish are. I just want to say: tourist trap, tourist trap, tourist trap! Weibo account already followed, waiting for lower prices!"

    "Panda Goldfish, Twelve Red, Blistering Eye of Cinnabar, Crown Pearl Scale and so on are all precious kinds; these goldfish are really hard to cultivate. Every single one of them is worth a lot - there's an ornamental fish store on Jing Hai Lu Cheng Street that sells these kinds of goldfish. The price of every single one is at least five thousand RMB. If this so-called tourist trap really sells the goldfish as shown in the pictures and videos, three thousand RMB isn't expensive!"

    "Bystander not posting any opinion, waiting for the media to respond, but this time, the media might be slapped in the face, @HaiQingMorningPost!"

    "I'm in the countryside. I don't have access to internet or wifi, so in order to leave my comment for this Weibo account, I walked more than ten km on mountain roads to get to town. My feet blistered and my shoes broke. I wanted to sell some catties of corns to get on a bus to go to the city so I could sit in an internet café to like your Weibo. However, life didn't go according to plan and the weather sucks and my corns didn't grow very well, so they were only enough for my family to eat. I tried hard and finally collected sixty precious plastic water bottles and I sold them to the salvage station and got 3 RMB. I used it to pay for internet and came to the internet café, visited your Weibo page, yet you only have this to show? Should you give me some goldfish to pay for my efforts?"

    Every kind of comment showed up. Among the vast user population on Weibo, there were all kinds of people. Unlike Fast Hand which was more geared for entertainment and had a fitting audience, Weibo was the world of all kinds of experts and professors. The experts showed up, analyzed the prices and kinds of goldfish, and some bored experts even commented about the habits and cultivation methods of the goldfish.

    In the end, almost none of them criticized this so-called tourist trap, and many of them asked about whether they could purchase any online.

    As time went by, the hot topic of the Gu Wu Street tourist trap spread. Ornamental Fish in Paradise was followed by more and more people who clicked in to take a look.

    Chu Xian didn't know what was happening on the internet. At the moment, he was receiving money with a smile on his face. Another curious visitor paid more than ten thousand RMB to buy five of his goldfish.

    However, at this moment, a few officers wearing blue uniforms from the Industry and Commerce Bureau walked inside!

    "Excuse us, excuse us, who's the owner of this store?" One of the officers asked as he walked into the store and saw the crowd.

    "I am!" Chu Xian answered immediately and walked up to them, "Brothers, do you have anything to do in my little store?"

    "Someone reported that you swindle money out of your customers - the items you sell are over-priced, so we came here to investigate." One of the female officers took out her work ID as proof.

    "Oh really?" Chu Xian laughed without surprise. "Then I've troubled you. Come in to look and ask around."

    "What's there to see? He's not forcing anyone to buy his fish. It's just a matter of if he's willing to sell and we're willing to buy. Furthermore, the goldfish here are worth the price." The young man who just bought goldfish vouched for Chu Xian with a fish tank in hand.

    "Heehee, since the brothers and sisters have already come, I should explain what's happened!" Chu Xian said carelessly then pointed at the buyer next to him. "Brothers and sisters, look. These are the goldfish I sell, three thousand RMB each. This bro just bought five for fifteen thousand RMB. Everyone here can testify that I didn't force him to buy it."

    The officers looked at him with stunned expressions and felt that everything was different from the reports online.

    "You.." the female officer said then saw the goldfish in the tank in his arms. Her faced changed in her surprise and she couldn't help saying, "How beautiful!"

    "Tourist trap! It's a tourist trap! Handsome brothers and beautiful sisters, this store is a tourist trap. You should force him to lower the price of the goldfish to five hundred RMB. A thousand RMB is also acceptable!"

    "That's right, force the tourist trap to lower his prices. One thousand RMB is still too expensive; I can only afford one hundred RMB!"

    The other customers laughed and joked.

    The officers from the Industry and Commerce Bureau were a little stunned and smiled bitterly. "Sorry little bro, we came and bothered you!

    "Hey, brothers and sisters. Can you give me proof to back up my store? There are rumors on the internet saying my store is a tourist trap, harming the reputation of my store!"

    The officers from the Industry and Commerce Bureau looked at each other and nodded. (Author's Note: proof from the Industry and Commerce Bureau can be given to the store owner. I looked it up on the internet, but if this isn't the case, please don't take it seriously!)
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