62 Mo-Crocodile

    Because of the difference in anatomy, Chu Xian didn't think he could remold the Mo Ke fish into a crocodile entirely and was instead aiming for 50% similarity.

    For two hours, Chu Xian kept up his experimentation. He was obviously concerned that the creature would die after he finished remolding.

    Luckily, he did a lot of preparatory work and had some basic knowledge of the anatomy of animals.

    "Confirm!" Finally, after three long hours, Chu Xian was satisfied with his work and excitedly announced his completion by "confirming" with the system.

    In a flash, the Mo Ke fish in the basin transformed completely into a crocodile shape.

    With the remolding done, Chu Xian inspected the status.

    Mo Crocodile: Level 14.

    Combat Power: 200.

    Ability: Anesthesia

    "This!" Chu Xian exclaimed with wide eyes, an astonished expression spreading across his face.

    "The name changed?" Chu Xian wondered with excitement. The system could identify the creatures' species and abilities, and under normal circumstances, remolding only modified appearances, keeping the fundamental species of the creature unaltered. This time, he actually managed to completely alter the species.

    Chu Xian's experiment succeeded, and the cross-species remolding worked!

    "And this is only a remolding of the basic structure. Simply by modifying some organs and bone structures, I can change a fish into a different existing species, but if I remold the genes, I can create a completely new species altogether. I can even add artificial organs and structures to strengthen the creature and lengthen its life!"

    Chu Xian became more and more excited as he imagined all the possibilities and fantasized about the possibility of becoming a mythical Creator.

    "But that's still far in the future. For now, I just need to level up," Chu Xian thought with a smile, calming down slightly.

    He looked at the meter-long Mo-Crocodile. Chu Xian tried his best to compress the structures and muscles, making its body thicker and more similar to a crocodile.

    Compared to a crocodile, the teeth in the fish were a little smaller, but they'd be able to kill normal prey without a problem.

    Its combat power reached 200 and was higher than before the remolding, even after accounting for the fact that it was downgraded one level.

    The anesthesia ability also increased the Mo-Crocodile's lethality, while complementing and alleviating any problem with its biting force.

    Chu Xian touched its hard mouth and tested its biting force with a metal cup from the bedside cupboard. It crushed the cup without any resistance.

    "Not bad, the combat power of the Mo-Crocodile can easily kill an adult human. Even if it can't kill in one bite, it'll stun with its anesthesia to prepare for another bite. Now I don't have to worry about guarding the fish farm."

    Chu Xian smiled to himself and examined the one-time upgraded control ability.

    The upgraded control could control a creature without limit, and anything it saw could also be viewed by Chu Xian - it was in many ways like having another self.

    The fish farm was his base, and he needed to guard it with his powers, so the Mo-Crocodile was the best choice.

    Chu Xian used the control ability on the Mo-Crocodile, and as soon as he used it, a pet column appeared beside his stats. He smiled at how game-like everything was.

    After testing the speed and reactions of the Mo-Crocodile, Chu Xian nodded in satisfaction.

    After checking the time, Chu Xian found a restaurant to eat dinner before driving back to the store.

    After all, Feng Pupu was still a child, and today was her first day at work. He wasn't without worry.

    When he reached the store, Chu Xian saw Feng Pupu standing in front of the fish tank looking at the goldfish, and he walked over with a smile. "Pupu, how many fish did you sell?"

    "Twenty-three," Pupu said, turning around at Chu Xian's voice. She smiled and ran over to the cash register. "Brother, someone paid in cash."

    "En!" Chu Xian took the cash and nodded, but when he saw thirty-five RMB among the bigger bills, he shook his head slightly. He took it out and said, " You don't have to return the money I gave you. This is money for your meals, and if you can't spend it all, just buy some snacks. Oh right, let me give you the entire month's food money first."

    Chu Xian took out one thousand and five hundred RMB and handed her the bills. Feng Pupu's stunned expression was very cute. She rubbed her head as Chu Xian said, "Take this. This is for your meals in the future; eat more every day, eat better!"

    "Thank you, big brother!" Feng Pupu lowered her head, crying softly.

    "Eh. Little sister, don't cry, don't cry. Just work hard here with brother and I won't treat you badly," Chu Xian said, patting her back.

    "Thank you, big brother. You really are kind to me!" Feng Pupu said, looking up at him with red eyes filled with gratefulness.

    "En, your big brother is a good boss, so don't cry!" Chu Xian looked at her. Who knew whether Chu Xian thought she was cute and wanted to take care of her or if he really was a good boss.

    At 9 PM, Chu Xian closed up shop and said to Feng Pupu, "Pupu, where do you live? Let me drive you back!"

    "No need, no need." Feng Pupu waved her hand hurriedly. "You don't need to trouble yourself; I don't live far away. It won't take me very long to bus!"

    "It's no trouble. If it's not far, just let me drive you. It's much faster for me to take you home!" Chu Xian said, secretly thinking that it wasn't good to let a loli walk alone at night. He dragged her along to the parking lot on Gu Wu Street.

    "By the way, Pupu, what does your grandfather do?" Chu Xian asked in the car as he drove according to her directions.

    "My grandpa is a fisherman. He catches fish and sells them to a shop owner!" Feng Pupu sat in the car timidly, looking around curiously.

    "Oh? A fisherman?" Chu Xian nodded with some surprise.

    Feng Pupu lived in an old neighborhood near the fish market. People who lived in this neighborhood were mostly workers who worked on the sea coast and on fish farms. The work environment was often not very good.
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