71 Back to Hai Qing City

    The youth in the distance watched as the monster disappeared into the darkness. After sharing a glance, they ran over to Qin Zhiyu.

    "Brother Qin! Are you okay?"

    "Brother Qin! The monster's gone. Are you alright?"

    "Ahh! F*ck off! I can't feel my leg! Did it bite off my leg?" Qin Zhiyu screamed in agony from where he laid, face filled with panic.

    "Brother Qin, it's still there. There's just some blood! You'll be fine. We'll take you to the hospital right now!"

    Some of the fishermen walked over hesitantly, investigating the screams. They watched as a group of young men carried a figure into the distance and heard the man cursing from time to time.

    "Is that him? Did he get punished again?" Some of the fishermen wondered triumphantly before returning to their beds and homes.

    "Hehe!" Under Chu Xian's control, the Mo-Crocodile returned to the fish farm.

    He didn't make the Mo-Crocodile kill Qin Zhiyu because it was too ruthless, and he didn't want to attract too much attention. If someone died, the police would get involved, and some hunters might even get called over to kill the dangerous croc. None of this would benefit Chu Xian.

    "The Mo-crocodile crunched his thigh bone, and Zhiyu should never recover fully. He might even be crippled. This was just a warning - if he ever dares come over again, the consequences won't be so light next time!" Chu Xian thought with a cold sneer before he turned over and went back to sleep.

    The next morning, Chu Xian left his parent's place after breakfast. Around 1 pm, he arrived at Gu Wu Street, munching on one of the dried grenadier anchovies from the two bags he brought back with him.

    Chu Xian's mother insisted that he bring back some dried fish for her daughter-in-law, Xiao Ying, and Chu Xian accepted with a laugh as he took back more than one kg of dried fish.

    Inside the shop, Chu Xian was surprised to see two people eating. He paused for a moment when he saw the woman in white clothes before walking over.

    "Pupu, why are you eating so late?"

    "Ah! Brother, you're back! There were a lot of customers today, so I'm eating a little later than usual," Feng Pupu answered cheerfully, turning around with some surprise. She looked up at Chu Xian with a cute, big-eyed gaze.

    "En, en." Chu Xian nodded. He turned to Tang Qiumeng and greeted her with a smile. "Hello!"

    "En. It's alright if I eat here, right?" Tang Qiumeng replied, smiling lightly.

    "Haha, of course, you're very welcome!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "En. Pupu's just been sitting in the shop by herself every day and I have nothing to do at noon, so I came over to play."

    "Big Sis Qiumeng is a super nice person and also really pretty!" Feng Pupu nodded, looking at Chu Xian happily.

    Chu Xian paused and looked at Pupu curiously, somehow sensing that her words had some hidden meaning. Reaching over and rubbing her head, he said, "Here, I brought back some food from home. Try some!"

    He placed the bag of dried fish on the table and said, "Try it. I guarantee it will be the most delicious thing you've ever eaten!"

    "En. Thanks, big brother!" Pupu said with a happy smile, picking up a piece of dried fish with her chopsticks.

    "Wow! Delicious!" Pupu shouted in astonishment. "Brother, what kind of dried fish is this? It's incredible!"

    "Hehe. Of course it is! It was made with a secret recipe!" Chu Xian replied. He couldn't help but stare at her cute expression and slightly opened mouth. He repeated to himself silently: "A minimum sentence of three years, maximum of a death sentence. Three years or death. Three years or death."

    Tang Qiumeng saw Pupu's reaction and reached for a piece herself. As she chewed, her expression turned more and more vibrant and her eyes widened. After swallowing, she couldn't help but lick her fingers.

    [F*ck me! Can you not eat so seductively!] Chu Xian thought to himself.

    "Your dried fish is amazing! It's the most delicious thing I've ever eaten!" Tang Qiumeng said with a blushed face, feeling Chu Xian's gaze.

    "Of course! There are four different flavors - try them all!" Chu Xian nodded with a smile.

    "Big brother, have you eaten?" Pupu asked, looking up at him.

    "I already ate. You girls can finish the bag!" Chu Xian ate at a rest stop on the way back.

    Within ten minutes, the two girls finished almost half a kg of dried fish. Chu Xian stifled a chuckle at their longing expressions.

    "Big brother! This is the money I received for all the fish bought when you were gone. I sold 55 fish! There's also money in Wechat and Alipay that I'll transfer to you right now!" Feng Pupu said, handing over a stack of cash.

    Chu Xian nodded. 55 goldfish was just a little over ten fish sold every day. Business was pretty good.

    "I'm really jealous of your business!" Tang Qiumeng said, looking at him.

    "It's not bad." Chu Xian smiled. "That's right, how's your shop been doing?"

    "Pretty good as well. I've benefited from your fame," Tang Qiumeng replied honestly. The pets she sold were all pretty rare and expensive, which included the Tea-Cup Cat, Pomeranian, and Myna (1). All of them were priced at around ten thousand RMB. When people came to see Chu Xian's shop, many of them would also stop by her store. Chu Xian's business helped develop her store's reputation, and with his fame came more customers. All in all, her business was pretty good.

    "Congratulations!" Chu Xian said with a smile.

    "En. I have to go back now!" Tang Qiumeng said, leaving with a wave.

    Chu Xian nodded, watching her leave with the feeling that her attitude towards him had improved.

    Sitting down on a stool, Chu Xian took out his phone and looked through his WeChat, copying down each of the new orders, one by one.

    During his visit home, Chu Xian received more than a hundred orders. Instead of shipping out the fish right away, Chu Xian told his customers that they would need to wait a week. People naturally wanted the things they couldn't get even more, and one customer after another posted complaints on his Weibo.

    Some customers who had already received their shipment flaunted and bragged to the complainers, gleeful at other people's misfortune.

    All of the people who were paying attention to this goldfish store relaxed a little. The shop didn't have too many of these supposedly rare goldfish. Chu Xian's actions made some people abandon their half-formed plans.

    "Looks like I have to buy another batch of goldfish and also prepare something for the Aquarama Ornamental Fish Competition," Chu Xian thought to himself.

    This Aquarama was incredibly important, and if he could seize this opportunity, he would be able to enter the market for larger ornamental fish, immediately establishing a name for himself. If he could do well in the competition, he could even make a small fortune.
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