75 The Feast of the Aquarium

    It was around 9 by the time the workers at the Aquarama finished moving Chu Xian's aquarium into the exhibition. Chu Xian was now free to start admiring the international prestige of the exhibit.

    A section of SeaWorld the size of a soccer field had been cordoned off just for the event. Aquariums lined the walls, labeled with so and so's Farm or Fish Company. The area was decorated with four centerpieces - giant aquariums labeled Japanese Saikewai Koi Fish Farm, Taiwan Cloud Group Fish Farm, Germany's Primordial Ornamental Fish, Singapore's Saintly Dragon Ornamental Fish.

    These fish farms were widely considered the best producers of ornamental fish in the world, and each had their own particular products. The Japanese had their Koi; the Taiwanese had Angel Fish and Rajah Cichlasoma; Germany had their unique fish, and Singapore had the Arowana. Together, the four farms were called the Four Tyrants.

    On the other side of the exhibit were displays of beautiful and elegant fish tanks decorated with all sorts of aquatic plants, but Chu Xian didn't know much about those tanks or their prices.

    The farms participating in the exhibit all entered the hall one after another, carrying their aquariums filled with beautiful ornamental fish. All of these fish could be considered the top of their kinds, and every single one was worth more than ten thousand RMB.

    More and more of the ornamental fish were placed in their respective tanks and the empty hall filled up and grew lively. All kinds of fish could be seen, like the elegant Arowana or Koi Fish, Rajah Cichlasoma, Angel Fish, Goldfish, Parrot Fish, and all kinds of interesting creatures like different varieties of shrimp, Clown Fish, Paraglyphidodon Oxyodon, Golden Angel Fish, Orbicular Batfish etc.

    Around this time, a middle-aged man with a small mustache arrived with a group of people, leading them towards the aquariums at the center of the exhibit.

    They put three gigantic koi fish into the central aquarium, attracting the attention and surprise of spectators, widening their eyes.

    "Let's go Xiao Xian, let's take a look!"

    Jin Hua said with an excited look and immediately led the way.

    "What a beautiful Nine-Patterned Dragon Koi. Incredible! Sakewei Koi Fish Farm really deserves their fame! Always bringing out such top tier fish."

    "This Golden Koi is also incredible. Pure gold with neat, shimmering scales. Too beautiful!"

    "And this Red-Head Three-Colors Koi fish is also extraordinary. Look at that red color on its head, beautiful!"

    Chu Xian's group walked over and heard all the surrounding gasps and exclamations.

    "You really have to respect the Koi Fish from Japan. Amazing!" Jin Hua exclaimed.

    Chu Xian examined the fish; the three Koi Fish were like diamonds in the water - beautifully colored, elegantly shaped, and graceful swimmers, and to top it all off was their size, with each fish about one meter long.

    "Tsk tsk. Beautiful. Although they're not as elegant as the two I reformed last time, they're all much larger in size, and the increase in size will be important to buyers. I think the value of each Koi Fish wouldn't be lower than four million RMB. The three together will be at least ten million RMB. Crazy!"

    "Make way! Make way!"

    Suddenly, heavily accented and awkward Chinese came from behind the crowd followed by a group of foreigners. The group paused at the Koi Fish for a moment before heading to a separate aquarium, leading the way for a couple of the Aquarama workers who were carrying small tanks.

    "Lionfish? Is that really a Lionfish?" exclaimed a middle-aged man. Inside the small water tanks swam colorful fish with long back fins, ventral fins under their heads, and spikes on their bodies.

    Lionfish were an incredibly rare species of saltwater fish and were usually about thirty cm long, but the ones inside the tank were about fifty cm.

    Lionfish were poisonous and required extreme care to cultivate. People who didn't understand them definitely shouldn't try to raise any.

    "Look at those cute, colorful shrimp. How pretty!"

    "And that clownfish too. So strange looking, but so cute!"

    Germany's Primordial Ornamental Fish Farm's brand was unique and rare. They always brought some rare and pretty small fish. These little shrimp had become especially popular in Germany in recent years. The shrimp were small, but each one was worth more than a hundred RMB.

    "The people from Singapore Dragon Ornamental fish have also arrived. What kind of Arowana did they bring this time?"

    The crowd looked over at the new group expectantly. The Chinese still had special feelings for the Arowana, their favorite ornamental fish.

    "Snow Dragon, it's actually the rare mutated Snow Dragon!"

    "And a Blood Red Arowana, the most valuable Blood Red Arowana!"

    "A Long Back Golden Arowana! All of them are incredible!"

    The people gasped and exclaimed when they saw the fish.

    "Oh?" Jin Hua said, peering over expectantly before looking away with a smile. Leaning over to Chu Xian, he whispered, "It looks like their Arowana aren't as good as yours!"

    "En!" Chu Xian nodded proudly. The three Arowana Dragon Fish Farm brought were top-quality and very pretty, but lacked majesty.

    The Arowana Chu Xian reformed had long feelers, and the shapes of their heads were impressive and dignified. If Arowana were like dragons, then his Arowana were the dragon kings, arrogant and magnificent.

    "That snow dragon also isn't as good as the one I reformed. Mine is longer, and snow dragons are more beautiful when they're longer and slimmer!"

    Chu Xian thought to himself confidently as he compared his fish with theirs..

    Shortly after, the people from the Taiwan Cloud Group also arrived with their ornamental fish. They had various kinds, but the majority were Rajah Cichlasoma and Angel Fish.

    They brought a precious Rajah Cichlasoma and two Leopoldi Stingray. Each fish looked like an artistic masterpiece and attracted the attention of the crowd.

    The Four Tyrants had all arrived, and the other small ornamental fish farms were also filling the exhibition with their fish.

    At 9:30, the Aquarama exhibition would officially open. The ornamental fish would be rated by visitors, and the ratings of visitors would dictate the prices!
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