76 Dragon Fish Kings 1

    After the exhibition opened up to the public, the waiting visitors finally walked in. Most of them were middle-aged and older. They came from different countries, with many from Europe and the US.

    Visitors who could afford to come here were almost all big bosses with a net worth in the range of tens and hundreds of millions of RMB*. Of course, there were also some pure ornamental fish lovers and their female companions.

    Chu Xian went back to his corner while Jin Hua and Jin Sen looked around. After all, the two had come mainly to look at the ornamental fish.

    "It really is a world-class exhibit. The basic requirement to enter is so high, yet there are still so many visitors!" Chu Xian thought as he looked out at the hundreds of guests.

    "F*ck! Holy sh*t! Brother, are these your Arowana?" A stunned voice interrupted Chu Xian's daydreaming.

    Chu Xian turned his head and looked over with some confusion.

    The speaker was a handsome, suited, middle-aged man standing in front of an exhibit. Inside the aquarium behind him were also Arowana: a Chili Red Arowana, a Black Dragon, and a Long Back Golden Arowana. However, the man was staring wide-eyed at Chu Xian's aquarium.**

    "Yes, these Arowana are mine!" Chu Xian replied, smiling at his Arowana.

    "This. This.." the middle-aged man stuttered as he walked over. "What incredibly majestic Arowana. Beautiful! Paradise Fish Farms? Are you also going to have a tyrant-level fish farm soon?

    Chu Xian cocked his eyebrows and replied confidently: "Haha, yes. It won't take too long."

    The middle-aged man paused slightly, turning his eyes from the Arowana and looked more closely at the confident young man. He asked with some surprise, "Are you the boss of this fish farm?"

    "En." Chu Xian nodded. "In Hai Qing City."

    "Impressive!" the middle aged man exclaimed. "Your Arowana are extremely impressive. The Arowana from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm are very beautiful, but they're still a step behind your Arowana, little bro. Especially the feelers near their mouths - incredible!"

    "I remember the 2004 exhibition in Singapore. A blood dragon from the Saintly Dragon Fish Farm sold for six hundred thousand US dollars. Your Arowana are no worse than that one. In ten years, there haven't been any Arowana that could break the record of six hundred thousand US dollars, but I think this time, your Arowana can do it!"

    The middle-aged man said with some nostalgia, examining the Arowana with passionate eyes.

    "I hope so." Chu Xian also looked at his Arowana with shining eyes. If they really could break the record, then they were worth more than ten million RMB.

    "Definitely!" the middle-aged man said without any doubt. "I saw the Singaporean Arowana myself that time. They weren't as beautiful as yours, and in the past ten years, the price of Arowana has risen a lot. Five million RMB is the lowest price. Don't sell for under five million!"

    Chu nodded and smiled. He continued to chat with him.

    Gradually, more and more people arrived, and the first targets of all visitors were the booths of Saikewei Koi Fish, Cloud Group, Primordial, and Saint Dragon.

    About eighty percent of the people gathered at those four booths, exclaiming and commenting. The Koi fish, Arowana, Rajah Cichlasomas, Stingrays, and lionfish attracted the interest of many people.

    Chu Xian's booth wasn't in a prominent location, and it was going to be a while before people came over.

    Slowly, the people gathered around the four center booths started to wander around. Many of the people here hadn't come as tourists, but as customers. The fish in the four booths were pretty, but they were also the most expensive.

    At this moment, a foreigner with a bodyguard walked over, looking at all the aquariums. After a while, the foreigner shook his head slightly and sighed.

    The ornamental fish here had prices that couldn't compare to the fish at the front. These fish were at most ten or twenty thousand RMB - nothing to write home about in an exhibition of this caliber.

    The foreigner walked by the booth of the middle-aged man and looked at the Arowana inside his aquarium, shaking his head in disappointment. "These are much worse than the Arowana from Saintly Dragon. Looks like I'll have to buy fish from the four tyrants."

    The white man whispered in perfect Chinese.

    He had already walked close to the end of the line, and after some hesitation, he turned around to leave.

    "Hey! Foreigner Sir! There's still a booth you haven't looked at. You won't be disappointed." The middle-aged man yelled when he saw the foreigner turning away, winking at Chu Xian.

    He was a very cute uncle.

    "Oh?" The white man turned around and nodded at the middle-aged man. "Hello. Since you've said so, I'll go and take a look."

    "Sir, you will definitely not be disappointed! This little brother's fish is superb!" the middle-aged man said with a thumbs up, making Chu Xian chuckle a little.

    "Really? Okay, let me see." The foreigner walked towards Chu Xian's booth.

    "Oh my god."*** The foreigner exclaimed, rushing over. "Perfect! Too beautiful, perfect, perfect!"

    The suited, middle-aged man also walked over. His face was full of pride as if his own fish were being praised. "How are they, sir? Aren't they nice? They are much prettier than the ones from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm."

    "Yes. These two Arowana are majestic, like the legendary dragons of China," the foreigner said, unable to move his eyes away from the two fish.

    Chu Xian smiled. "Raised by Paradise Fish Farm****. These are definitely the most beautiful Arowana."

    "Oh, this little brother is the owner of this booth?" the foreigner asked.

    "Yes!" Chu Xian nodded. "This Blood Red Arowana I call the Blood Dragon King. It's four years old now and about sixty cm long. A pure blood-red color with neat scales. In the water, it glimmers with a faint red glow, and its two dragon tentacles are dignified and have the impressive arrogance of a king!"

    "This Long Back Golden Arowana I call the Gold Long Back Dragon King! Its dragon scales are like true gold, shimmering in the water with a similar golden glow. The feelers on this one are like a tyrant dragon king, filled with a sense of power and strength."

    Chu Xian bragged confidently. He had just thought of the names as well; the two Arowana were so outstanding, so why wouldn't he give them magnificent names?

    "Blood Dragon King and Gold Long Back Dragon King!" the foreigner echoed with shining eyes. "Dragon kings! What a suitable name! These are the most beautiful Arowana I've ever seen! Truly kings of dragons!"
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