77 Dragon Fish Kings 2

    Chu Xian smiled at the foreigner's praise and his opinion of his own two Arowana also grew.

    "Little brother! Your Arowana shouldn't be displayed in such a remote location. You should've gotten a booth at the center of the exhibition so more people could see!" The white man said, extending his hand. "Nice to meet you. My name is Cleo David, and my Chinese name is Tang Song. You can call me Tang Song or David."

    "Tang Song?" Chu Xian said with some surprise. He hadn't imagined that this white man who spoke excellent Chinese would also have a name imbued with Chinese culture. He took David's hand and shook it. "Hello David. I am Chu Xian."

    "Chu Xian. Hello, hello," David said, shaking his hand. "What are you planning for your Arowana?"

    "I'm planning to sell, but only after the competition." Chu Xian nodded.

    "Oh! Then what will I do? If your Arowana win first place, the price would increase too much!" David said jokingly.

    "Hehe." Chu Xian laughed. "I hope!"

    "Your Arowana are very impressive. Only the Koi fish from Sakewei could compare in value. Your chances of taking first place are very high. I hope you can consider selling them to me first if you are offered the same price."

    "No problem." Chu Xian nodded.

    "Oh, that's great. I hope we can become friends!" David reached his hand out again. Chu Xian smiled. He also had warm feelings for this foreigner in his forties.

    Just a little while later, an old man also walked over. When he took a look at the Arowana in Chu Xian's booth, a similar scene happened: the old man wiped his glasses and took another look before exclaiming in astonishment, "Beautiful! Elegant!"

    David smiled at the old man's reaction. "Old man, aren't they amazing? These are the prettiest Arowana I've ever seen. The Arowana Kings!"

    "Yes yes, definitely." The old man agreed and nodded at David. "So beautiful and impressive, especially the two feelers. They deserve the title 'Kings of Arowana.' These two are more than a level above the Arowana from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm!"

    The old man and David chatted.As time went by, more and more visitors came to the back area. When they saw the two Arowana in Chu Xian's booth, they all exclaimed and a curious scene began to unfold.

    The remote and undesirable position at the back attracted more and more people; people from all over the exhibition came over in curiosity.

    "So beautiful. These two Arowana are perfect. A couple levels higher than Saintly Dragon Fish Farm's. Such delicate Arowana are living art pieces!"

    "There's no question. These two Arowana are even better than the Blood Arowana in 2004."

    These words attracted all the visitors to the back. They all tiptoed to get a glance at the Arowana, and those who managed a peek were stunned.

    The crowd grew bigger and bigger, which piqued the curiosity of more and more people. Even the people from the Four Tyrant farms came to have a look.

    "Really pretty. Now look at those Arowana - they're obviously much worse. Whether in magnificence or appearance, they fall short!" A group of visitors who returned to the center booths after taking a look at Chu Xian's fish muttered to themselves, speaking together in a low voice and shaking their heads as they compared Chu Xian's Arowana to Saintly Dragon's.

    The people from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm heard the discussion and exchanged glances. The middle-aged man sitting in the middle frowned and said to the two young man beside him: "You stay here and keep watch, I'm going to take a look!"

    The middle-aged man made a beeline for the crowd, and as soon as he got close, he heard the praise from everyone in the crowd. Many people used the Arowana from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm as a comparison, and their words made him very conflicted.

    "Excuse me!" The middle-aged man squeezed through the crowd.

    "You, how are you so r-" an old man said, turning with an annoyed look, but when he saw who pushed him, he swallowed his words and made way with a mocking look.

    The middle-aged man squeezed through until he was in front of the booth, and when he saw the two Arowana inside, his mouth fell open slightly and his words felt caught in his throat.

    "What beautiful Arowana. A fish farm in China cultivated such beautiful Arowana!" The middle-aged man was stunned, and his expression kept changing.

    As one of the world-famous four tyrants, Saintly Dragon mostly sold Arowana and had been developing their farming techniques for almost thirty years now. Arowana had always been their pride, and they never envisioned the day when another farm's Arowana would be better than theirs.

    With a gloomy look, the middle-aged man returned to his booth. The young men saw his expression and greeted him timidly, "Teacher."

    "En." The man grunted in acknowledgment and after a moment of hesitation, he took out his phone. His face was full of emotion as he spoke a few painful words.

    The young men around him looked at each other with stunned expressions.

    That afternoon, Chu Xian's booth was the most talked about subject of the entire exhibition. Elegant and majestic Blood Dragon King and Gold Long Back Dragon King were loved by all, and all the fish farms that attended the exhibition realized there was a dark horse in the exhibition.

    A dark horse that might change the names of the Four Tyrants of ornamental fish in the world.

    At the Sakewei booth, some Japanese people were whispering to each other.

    "Ōyama-kun, how much do you think those two Arowana will sell for?" the mustached middle-aged man asked the old man beside him.

    "Matsumoto, with the present market of Arowana and the enthusiasm for the high quality of the fish, I'd say there's a ninety percent chance it will break the record of Arowana. The price could reach six to eight million!" The old man called Ōyama-kun replied after some thought.

    "Six to eight million!" Matsumoto replied with astonishment and his expression grew more serious. "They could threaten the chance of our Sakewei winning first place."

    "Yes, our Koi Fish are worth about six million RMB each. It will be difficult to take first." Ōyama-kun frowned, "Unless... unless we take out the chairman's Koi Fish!"

    "The chairman's!"
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