78 Dragon Fish Kings 3

    "I didn't think your Arowana would attract so much attention. It looks like the chances of your Arowana winning the competition is quite high," Jin Hua said with some surprise when the exhibition closed for the day.

    "Heh, it's still hard to say who will win!" Chu Xian shook his head slightly.

    "Haha, it's pretty much decided. I heard from many ornamental fish lovers that they think one of your Arowana will be the champion this time. The Singaporean Saintly Dragon's Arowana are obviously not as good as yours. Both the Rajah Cichlasomas and stingrays of Taiwan Cloud Group are only worth about one million, and even though the ornamental fish of Germany's Primordial are all rare and unique, they rarely take first place. This time, Japan's Saikewei Koi Fish Farm is your main competitor, and even though each of their Koi Fish is worth a lot, most of the ornamental fish lovers think more highly of your Arowana. I think you have a seventy percent chance of winning first place!" Jin Hua said to Chu Xian.

    "Oh?" Chu Xian nodded slightly; it was possible.

    "The two Arowana together are worth more than ten million RMB. Tsk tsk, it looks like Xiao Xian will soon be a billionaire," Jin Sen joked with some jealousy. After all, Chu Xian earned the money all by himself - even a rich second generation kid like Jin Sen was jealous.

    "Hehe, it's still too early to tell." Chu Xian shook his head, but his heart was full of expectations.

    The second day at precisely 9 am, all the fish farms participating in the exhibition arrived early. Today, the layout of the exhibition center was different.

    The aquariums filled with water were placed in the center, and none of them were normal. There were little mountains and plants inside, and all of them were very beautiful. Chairs filled the surrounding area, and a long table was placed prominently at the front with name tags for the judges.

    [The first competition is for the equipment.] Chu Xian thought, looking at the artistic aquariums.

    After a moment, a staff member walked over to him and gave him a tag labeled "Ornamental Fish in Paradise" and told him some rules.

    Shortly after, the judges walked in. The nine judges were from China, Japan, Singapore, America, Korea and other countries. Together, they made up the most powerful authority of aquariums in the world.

    At nine thirty, many visitors came in and sat on the surrounding chairs.

    "The 28th Aquarama of Ornamental Fish and Equipment Competition..." A staff member began speaking and performed many official things like introducing the judges and thanking the visitors for their support. Finally, the evaluation of the aquariums began.

    Evaluating the equipment was much easier than evaluating ornamental fish. After just half an hour of comparing the functions and decorations, a champion was produced - a manufacturer called Dragon Flag Ornamental Fish Equipment Producer.

    "The competitions for ornamental fish are about to begin. They normally start with the low-level fish like shrimp, sea ornamental fish, goldfish, Angelfish, Rajah Cichlasomas, and Stingrays. Arowana and Koi Fish are usually in the last competition," a middle-aged man named Hu Chuan explained.

    Chu Xian nodded as staff placed some beautiful, colorful shrimp on the table.

    The shrimp were very small. The judges went up one by one, introducing their species and characteristics to the audience. In the end, a Procambarus Clarkii Crayfish from Primordial won. The entire shrimp was blue and extremely pretty.

    And as expected, Germany's Primordial also won first place in sea ornamental fish with their Lionfish.

    A Korean fish farm won the competition for goldfish. Chu Xian paid a lot of attention to this competition - after all, he made his first fortune with goldfish.

    This fish farm won with a "Brown Oranda with Red Head" goldfish.

    Chu Xian knew a lot about the extremely rare Brown Oranda with Red Head. This fish had a bubble-like hood on its head and a developed back fin. The body, fin, and tail were all dark brown. Its most unique feature was its dark red head. The color was vivid, mixed red and purple - very attractive and pretty. Its eyes, nasal membrane, and mouth were black, and from the front, it looked very similar to the naïve and lively face of a baby, so some people called it "baby goldfish."

    This kind of goldfish was worth anywhere from five to eight hundred thousand RMB; it was extremely rare and precious. Because it had many different colors on its body, Chu Xian couldn't find a substitute fish to remold, much to his disappointment and regret.

    The winner of the angelfish competition was a fish farm from Singapore. The winner of the Rajah Cichlasomas competition was the Taiwan Cloud Group, and first place for the Stingrays was also unquestionably the Taiwan Cloud Group.

    "Okay. Next will be the main competition. Here are the most popular Arowana competing for first place. I've heard there are a few extremely precious Arowana here!"

    "The competition for Arowana is about to begin. This time, the Tyrant Saintly Dragon Fish Farm is going to lose!"

    "Heehee, the champion for Arowana has already been decided. I never thought the winner would come from a fish farm in our country. Looks like there are five tyrants now!"

    "Who knows. Maybe the fish farm called Ornamental Fish in Paradise will replace Saintly Dragon Fish Farm - after all, the main products of Saintly Dragon Farm are Arowana. If their Arowana aren't kings, how are they qualified to be a Tyrant?"

    The surrounding visitors and workers from the big fish farms conversed in low voices, and some owners of the fish farms from within the country were giving Chu Xian a thumbs up.

    The Arowana were put into the aquariums. It wasn't clear if the organizers had some ulterior motives or if they just thought this was the easiest way to make comparisons, but Chu Xian's two Arowana were put into an aquarium next to the one containing the three Arowana from Saintly Dragon.

    The people from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm noticed the differences between the Arowana and felt even more uncomfortable. Even amateurs could tell that Chu Xian's were more beautiful.

    "I think there's no mystery in this competition of Arowana. There's no need to compete at all!" the only Chinese judge said to the other judges with a smile and walked up proudly. "This is a meaningless competition - the two Arowana from No.10 Ornamental Fish in Paradise win first place."

    "The haughty majestic and impressive features with scales full of texture - when these fish swim, they're like ancient dragons cutting through the waves with the prestige of 'First under heaven.' They are the most beautiful and perfect Arowana I've ever seen. Only one of these two are qualified to be the champion of Arowana."
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