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    "How could a small flame compete with the bright moon?"

    When Ōyama-kun said these words, all the Japanese people surrounding him immediately voiced their agreement.

    "That's right. Your tiny pearl dares to shine? The Koi Fish is king - no other ornamental fish can compare."

    "The championship belongs to our Japan!"

    "Nonsense!" the old man by Chu Xian's booth exclaimed, gesturing angrily.

    Most of the people in the crowd felt that Saikewei's words were very arrogant, but nobody else spoke out. In the end, what they said wasn't wrong - the quality, beauty, and historical prices of the Koi Fish outmatched the other ornamental fish in every case. The high status of the Koi had been built up by many past examples, and all of this contributed to the glory and pride of Saikewei.

    "Hehe." Chu Xian chuckled coldly, unhappy with Saikewei's arrogance. "The results still aren't clear. You aren't the champion yet."

    "Haha, son." Matsumoto laughed. "Your two Arowana? If you want to win the championship relying solely on these two, you're dreaming."

    "Oh?" Chu Xian smiled. "Although I'm not too confident, I'm sure my Arowana will be more expensive and sought-after than your Koi!"

    "Hehe." Matsumoto laughed coldly. "Our Saikewei has more than thirty years of history. Your small farm can't compare to our foundation. I assure you, this championship belongs to Saikewei!"

    "Really?" Chu Xian's eyes flashed coldly and he replied confidently: "Then we'll just have to see who wins, because I think this championship belongs to me!"

    "Haha. You don't know how high the heavens are or how deep the earth runs." Matsumoto laughed uproariously, looking at Chu Xian with squinted eyes. "Son, do you dare to bet?"

    "Bet? What do you want to bet?" Chu Xian curled his lips.

    "We'll bet on this championship. If we win, your Arowana belong to us." Matsumoto lifted his head slightly at his proud words.

    "Oh? Then if you lose, your three Koi Fish belong to me?" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Okay." Matsumoto nodded without hesitation. "Although our Koi Fish are more valuable than yours, we don't care. If you dare to bet, the Aquarama can be our witness."


    "Little brother," the old man beside Chu Xian called out worriedly, shaking his head.

    "Haha. What? Are you scared? Haha. We can cancel the bet as long as you admit that our Saikewei are the indisputable champion." Matsumoto laughed.

    "Bet? Why would I be afraid to bet?" Chu Xian smiled at the old man. "Let's have the Aquarama officiate."

    "Haha. The young sure are fearless." Matsumoto laughed loudly. "Thanks for your generosity - giving us these two decent Arowana for free."

    "Heh." Chu Xian laughed and replied: "I should thank you too!"

    "Stubborn kid," Matsumoto answered coldly and gestured for one of the young men next to him to bring over one of the Aquarama staff.

    The news of a bet between the new black horse and the Saikewei fish farm filled the entire exhibition, and everyone gathered around the booths in a festive mood. Even some of the people from farms participating in the competition came over to see what the fuss was all about.

    "Hotheaded! Too hotheaded!" One of the Chinese visitors said nervously, shaking his head. "The final competition isn't only restricted to the fish that were entered into the exhibition. This little brother definitely doesn't know the rules."

    "That's right. Predicting from Saikewei's history, they can bring out Koi Fish much more precious than these two. This time, this little brother is definitely going to lose!"

    "Ay, these youths are always hotheaded like this. Hopefully he can learn from this mistake."

    "Look at the confidence those Japanese have. Looks like this time, the little brother is going to lose and give away his Arowana too!"

    The crowd gathered and talked amongst themselves in soft voices; many of the Chinese nationals shook their heads in dismay.

    "Alright. I'm announcing here today that our Saikewei is wagering our fish against this kid's. Whoever wins the competition tomorrow will take their opponent's fish along with the championship title. I hope everyone will come by tomorrow to help us bear witness to the crowning of the champion!"

    Matsumoto spoke confidently, raising the signed contact for the crowd to see.

    Chu Xian smiled at his posturing.

    "Xiao Xian, what are you doing? Why do you want to bet with him all of a sudden?" Jin Hua and Jin Sen finally managed to push through the crowd and hurriedly expressed their concerns.

    "Don't worry, I have my own preparations," Chu Xian said to them carelessly.

    "Chu Xian, I support you! Men should be courageous and daring. Even if you lose, you shouldn't lower you head!" David said, walking over and giving Chu Xian a thumbs up.

    Chu Xian turned to David and smiled. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Thank you very much for your encouragement, but the results haven't been decided yet. It's not certain that I'm going to lose!"

    "Ay, Xiao Xian. Since they're confident enough to bet with you, they're definitely not going to use those three Koi Fish tomorrow. They'll definitely bring something else," Jin Hua said with a sigh, shaking his head.

    "They have their own cards to play, but that doesn't mean I don't!" Chu Xian smiled mysteriously.

    "Eh?" Jin Hua looked at Chu Xian with astonishment then asked excitedly. "Xiao Xian? You made some preparations? That's amazing? Let me see!"

    "Hehe, Brother Jin, you'll find out tomorrow!"

    The second day of the exhibition came to an end and Chu Xian waved goodbye to Jin Hua and Jin Sen before driving back to Hai Qing City.

    The sun was just beginning to set as Chu Xian drove down the highway. Steering the wheel casually, Chu Xian curled his lips into a smirk and thought to himself: You have your history, but I have my remolding power. Since we're betting, I'll show you my divine abilities.

    Chu Xian arrived at Hai Qing at around 9 pm and only got to the fish farm at around 10.

    Inside the fish pond, Chu Xian looked at the Snow Dragon and smiled. He began to remold it.

    In around five minutes, Chu Xian confirmed his modifications and a huge smile covered his face as he looked over the slightly modified Snow Dragon.

    This championship is mine!!

    With a glance at the time, Chu Xian fetched an opaque aquarium and put the fish inside then went to bed.

    For the competition tomorrow, I just have to get up early and go over.

    Regardless, this championship is mine.

    Anyone who challenges me is really looking for trouble.

    Saikewei, you'll be the steppings-tone to my dynasty!
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