81 Kato Showa

    The next morning, Chu Xian got up early at six, loaded the aquarium into the trunk and drove to Jing Hai City.

    It usually took about three hours to drive from Hai Qing City to Jing Hai City. Leaving at six a.m. should give him enough time to arrive before the exhibit started.

    However, Chu Xian didn't account for the frequency of traffic jams in one of the biggest and most populous cities in China.

    Chu Xian looked out speechlessly at the line of cars that stretched off into the distance like a long dragon. He looked at the time. It was already nine a.m., and with his current speed, he would arrive at about ten a.m.

    At 9:30, the exhibition opened its doors. Many people were already calling this year's Aquarama exhibition the best and most exciting one in recent years.

    A super black horse had challenged Saikewei Fish Farm - the competition became a duel between a new Arowana magnate and an old fish farm with a monopoly. The bet was worth more than ten million RMB, so the crowd was bustling with excitement already.

    The exhibit had just begun yet it was already packed. At this time, all the supervisors of the fish farms attending the exhibition gathered around the middle of the space, but the atmosphere was a little strange and interesting; confused expressions covered people's faces.

    They looked at the booths in the middle for Saikewei Fish Farm and the new Arowana tyrant.

    At Saikewei's booth, aside from the three Koi fish inside an aquarium, there was another aquarium covered with a red cloth.

    And Ornamental Fish in Paradise beside them...eh? Why was nobody there?

    The visitors streaming in were also confused. "Where's yesterday's little bro? Why isn't he here?"

    "Dad, should we call Xiao Xian? The exhibition has already started, so why isn't he here yet?" Jin Sen said anxiously.

    Jin Hua nodded. He took out his phone and called Chu Xian.

    "Traffic jam?" Jin Hua repeated what Chu Xian said over the phone. His expression changed in an interesting manner. To be stuck in traffic right now was really...

    "Okay Xiao Xian, I'll help you explain!" Jin Hua shook his head before nodding and replying in a helpless voice.

    "Haha, why hasn't the stubborn son showed up today? Is he afraid?" Songben laughed. "If he doesn't come, he'll forfeit his two Arowana."

    "Not here? Still not here? This young man isn't really afraid, is he?"

    "Eh. He isn't here for today's important bet. Looks like he really bailed. What a coward!"

    The visitors who had just entered shook their heads at Songben's words, muttering to themselves in disappointment.

    "I already called the owner of Ornamental Fish in Paradise. His car is stuck in traffic. He will be here by ten!" At this point, Jin Hua walked out and faced Matsumoto.

    "Haha, I thought he was going to bail like a coward, but it doesn't matter. The result will be the same even if he comes!" Matsumoto said arroganty. His companions also laughed in relaxed confidence.

    The crowd looked back and forth between the confident people from Saikewei to the water tank covered by the red cloth. A visitor finally asked curiously, "Brothers from Saikewei, take away your red cloth. Let us take a look at what kind of Koi fish is inside!"

    "Yes, let us see. Since you're so confident, it won't matter if you show us!"

    Matsumoto lifted his head proudly. "Alright, since you all want to take a look at the champion fish for this year's Aquarama, we'll show it to you. Heehee, everybody, please take a good look!"

    Matsumoto walked in front of the covered water tank and lifted the red cloth slowly.

    "This... this... Kato Showa, it's a Kato Showa. Beautiful!" As soon as the red cloth was lifted, a Koi fish aquarist exclaimed, looking at the fish with an astonished expression.

    "Kato Showa!" The crowd exclaimed.

    The Kato Showa had an extremely beautiful red pattern, like a river flowing from head to tail. Although the fish wasn't covered in black patterns, it had the "original black*" covering all the most important parts, and it displayed the beauty of the three colors of the Showa. It overturned the misconception that Showa had to have black patterns as their base color. From a single look, one could tell that the fish would reign as the paragon of Showa for this era. It was a beauty that had no equal in this world.

    The Kato Showa was known as the best among the ten famous Koi fish and was incredibly rare. Whenever this fish appeared, it was considered equal to a national treasure in the eyes of aquarists. This Kato Showa's color and size were unquestionably perfect, and the fish really deserved the title of "beauty without equal."

    "Wow, what a pretty Kato Showa, what a beautiful Kato Showa. The best variety of all Koi fish, looking at this color and size, the value would definitely be close to ten million RMB!" Jin Hua gasped in astonishment while a passionate longing burned in his eyes.

    It wasn't just Jin Hua - many visitors at the exhibition all looked at the Kato Showa inside the aquarium with fervent gazes. It was a treasure that made the aquarists go crazy!

    "Xiao Xian has no chance." After studying for a few days, Jin Sen also knew some things about ornamental fish. Even without his studying, just looking at his father's expressions and the craziness of the visitors, he knew the bitter truth.

    "Ay!" Jin Hua sighed heavily. "It'll be very hard for him to win unless a miracle happens, but Xiao Xian's two Arowana are already miracles. What a shame to meet the King of Koi fish, Kato Showa. It's a noble defeat!"

    "Haha, everybody, how do you find our Kato Showa? Although it isn't as valuable as the Loulan, it's definitely the first Koi fish below Loulan. This is the result of five years of the most rigorous cultivation; both the color and the size are definitely the best in existence."

    Matsumoto glanced at the crowd proudly. "So, Saikewei will definitely win this competition."

    "And we want to warn the small fish farms that have no idea of death or danger: when it comes to ornamental fish, Saikewei is king. All the other fish farms cannot compare to us. Loulan and Kato Showa - when Sakewei is here, who can compete?"

    Matsumoto glanced over all the fish farm owners insolently, and his mouth curled arrogantly.

    People from Taiwan Cloud Group, Germany's Primordial and Singapore's Saintly Dragon Fish had helpless expressions at his words. Matsumoto's meaning was obvious; the so-called Four Tyrants didn't mean anything to Saikewei. None of them could compete.

    And in the end, they could only look at the Kato Showa and sigh weakly in their hearts.

    "Oh, I'm sorry for being late!"
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