82 A Real Dragon

    "Oh, sorry I'm late!"

    A quiet voice rang out from behind the crowd. The visitors at the back turned to look at the owner of Ornamental Fish in Paradise with stunned, sympathetic gazes.

    "Excuse me!" Chu Xian smiled, intent on passing through the crowded room.

    He arrived about five minutes ago, and although he couldn't see the Kato Showa from the back, he heard the speculations of the surrounding people. Even so, he had 100% confidence in his Arowana.

    "Move, move. He's here," the people whispered together, making way for Chu Xian.

    The path opened up led directly to the Kato Showa and the Saikewei people. Songben looked on as Chu Xian walked over with his aquarium in hand. He lifted his head with a scornful smile. "Finally, you're here. I thought you weren't going to come, but it looks like you aren't a coward after all."

    "Heh." Chu Xian burst out laughing. "Why wouldn't I come? Do you think you can intimidate me with your Saikewei title?"

    "I'll show you true fear today!" Matsumoto said with a cold glare.

    "Kota Showa, tsk, tsk. It really is a perfect Koi Fish, much more precious than the other three." Chu Xian said, admiring the Kato Showa as he walked up to it slowly.

    "Dad, look. Xiao Xian is still calm. Is his fish really more valuable than the Kato Showa?" Jin Sen remarked, examining the calm Chu Xian with surprise.

    "An Arowana more precious than the Kato Showa?" Jin Hua frowned. "Considering the value of Arowana, it's impossible. Maybe Xiao Xian didn't come with Arowana but with some Koi Fish instead."

    "Koi Fish?" Jin Sen exclaimed, thinking back to the Lion Queen and Xi Shi that Chu Xian sold them, and he nodded. "If he wins with a Koi Fish, that'll definitely be a slap in their faces."

    Jin Hua didn't reply. If Chu Xian used a Koi Fish, that would slap Saikewei's face, but that wasn't what the Arowana lovers wanted to see. They wanted the Arowana to take the championship!

    "What kind of Arowana is this young man holding? How's he so calm while facing the Kato Showa?"

    "Arowana? It's rare for the price of an Arowana to reach ten million. Even if he brings an Arowana more valuable than the Blood Arowana and the Golden Cross Back*, it'd still be hard to win."

    The crowd speculated together in low voices. As they looked at Chu Xian's confident expression, their expectations grew in their hearts. Of course, most people still assumed the Kato Showa would win.

    "Excuse us! Give way!" Some staffers from Aquarama came over. "We ask all our valued guests to move aside for the moment. The final competition will begin soon, but first, we need to display all the ornamental fish in the front booth!"

    "Our German Primordial forfeits!" A member of Germany's Primordial spoke out directly.

    "Our Taiwan Cloud Group also forfeits!"

    "Our Brown Oranda with Red Head also forfeits."**

    All the championship fish of each category spoke out one after another.

    The Aquarama staff were speechless but nodded bitterly. Saikewei had already brought out their Kato Showa, so everyone felt there was no longer any point in participating in the final competition. Their participation would just add to Saikewei's fame, and few competitors liked Saikewei.

    The Aquarama staff member looked at Chu Xian and his opaque aquarium. "Sir, are you participating in the championship competition?"

    "Of course. Someone is giving me three Koi Fish worth more than ten million RMB! I can't give that up!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "So arrogant!" Matsumoto said with a darkened face, staring at Chu Xian's aquarium with shining eyes.

    "Okay!" The staffer nodded and people were sent to bring both the Kato Showa and Chu Xian's aquarium to the stage.

    "Hello everyone. My name is Cheryl, and I'm the supervisor for the 18th Aquarama Exhibition of Ornamental Fish and Equipment. Here on the last day, the committee and I will witness the crowning of the champion fish. Outside the official competition, there's also a big bet between the new Arowana magnate Ornamental Fish in Paradise and the Saikewei Fish Farm. This is the biggest bet I've witnessed in my career, and the victor in this bet will be the new champion! Since everyone is already impatient for things to get started, I'll stop here. Let the final competition begin!"

    A middle-aged man around fifty years old walked onto the stage with a microphone in hand. After some more introductions, he signaled the staff.

    The staffer nodded and placed Chu Xian's fish into a prepared aquarium.

    "Hmph, I want to see what kind of Arowana you'll bring out. For competing with our Saikewei, you're still far from worthy!" Matsumoto said coldly before turning his attention to the stage.

    Everyone turned their gaze to the stage, and even the nine judges were caught up in the hype and stared expectantly.

    At that moment, the staff member in charge of the aquarium gasped and paused in astonishment.

    "What kind of fish is it? Take it out!"

    The staffer paused for ten whole seconds. Some of the more impatient guests had already begun urging him to move.

    At that moment, when Matsumoto saw the expression on the staff member's face, his heart rate sped up nervously. Cheryl stood by the side with a frown and coughed lightly.

    "Oh. I'm so sorry! Apologies!" The staffer suddenly noticed the expression on his supervisor's face and the look of the crowd and he apologized immediately. With shaking hands, he carefully lifted the Arowana out of its original aquarium and transferred it into the display aquarium.

    Everyone stared without blinking, eager to see the ornamental fish this confident young man brought to show them.

    The snow white color and slim body shimmered as the fish entered the water, and everyone confirmed that it was an Arowana.

    "Pah!" The Arowana made a splash as it entered the water. The fish waved its body and swam around elegantly, and all its details became clear.

    "Oh my god! What is that? Is that... Dragon horn?" A voice cried out, and the quiet exhibition exploded in astonishment.

    "Dragon horn? The snow dragon actually has two dragon horns on its head!"

    "Heavens! Two black dragon horns! Unbelievable! Is that a new species? Insane!"

    "The lucky horn! A sign of fortune has appeared on this Arowana's head!"

    "The slim and elegant white body looks like a dragon from the legends, not to mention the thin dragon horns and long tentacles! A real dragon in our world!"
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