83 The Black Horned Snow Dragon King

    The exhibition was boiling with excitement, and the elites of wealthy society all exclaimed with no regard to their identities.

    "Shocking! Earth-shattering, especially for the Chinese visitors!" everyone exclaimed in surprise - this Arowana was like the incarnation of a dragon!

    Chu Xian looked at all the passionate guests and smiled, glancing at the stunned people from Saikewei before sauntering to the front of the stage.

    "Allow me to introduce my Arowana!" Chu Xian clapped his hands, confidently looking out at the people. "This is a Black-Horned Snow Dragon King from our Ornamental Fish in Paradise, a true dragon in our Arowana world."

    "Black-Horned Snow Dragon King has the color and size of the best Snow Dragons* and the most graceful body of all the Arowanas. The Snow Dragon is a mutation of the Silver Arowana, and my Black-Horned Snow Dragon King is a mutation of the Snow Dragon, with horns on its head like a real dragon. The dragon horn represents happiness and fortune - black dragon horns with a snow white dragon body represent an Arowana from legends."

    "This is a new breed of Arowana and might be the only one of its type ever. It's a true dragon among Arowana, completely unique."

    "Koi Fish are the most valuable ornamental fish, and the Loulan is the most expensive Koi, but the price of our Black Horned Snow Dragon King is ten million USD*!"

    "As for the so-called Kato Showa - if even the king Koi Fish can't compare, how can this fish even try?"

    Tyrannical! Incredibly tyrannical.

    Chu Xian's words were full of arrogance, from the price of ten million USD to the disdain for the Kato Showa and King Loulan; every single sentence was shocking and terrifying!

    Chu Xian looked out at the stunned crowd then turned to the people from Saikewei, curling his lips with sarcasm: "What do you people from Saikewei think? Do you agree? Admit defeat?"

    "You..." Matsumoto 's face had lost all color, looking at Chu Xian with an unstable expression. Sir Dashan's face was so red that it looked like it would bleed. They looked at the Black-Horned Snow Dragon on the stage and couldn't speak, couldn't argue with Chu Xian's arrogance against the Loulan. They felt weak.

    With the Black-Horned Snow Dragon on the field, the true dragon had no equal.

    The Aquarama supervisor and the judging panel looked on in astonishment, but in their hearts, they knew as soon as they saw the Arowana that this tense competition and bet were already settled. There was no need to judge at all when the difference between the two fish was so huge!

    "Perfect! I didn't think I could see such a magical Arowana in my lifetime!" The only Chinese judge, the old man who had been super supportive of Chu Xian, walked forward excitedly. His eyes gleamed with passion.

    "With this Arowana, Arowanas can now be named the king of all ornamental fish! Haha!" He yelled with a reddened face - to him, being able to watch his favorite ornamental fish win was the happiest moment in his life.

    "I hereby announce the winner of the 18th Aquarama Exhibition of Ornamental Fish and Equipment: the Black-Horned Snow Dragon King from Ornamental Fish in Paradise, priced at ten million USD. Unique in the world, representing the pinnacle of Arowana and the untouchable dignity of the dragon. Does anyone here have any disagreements?"

    "None. This is an art piece created by God! The undisputed champion!"

    "That's right. Since the true dragon has arrived, all other ornamental fish have to make way!"

    David and the middle-aged uncle, Hu Chuan, yelled excitedly from where they stood, giving Chu Xian a thumbs up.

    Everyone nodded, and some of the other fish farm owners looked over at the people from Saikewei happily.

    Matsumoto's facial color kept changing until he finally lowered his head with a surly expression.

    Chu Xian looked at the people and smiled - in the ornamental fish field, it wasn't exaggerating to say that he was God!

    "Congratulations to Mr. Chu from Ornamental Fish in Paradise. Congratulations to your Black-Horned Snow Dragon King for winning first place in the 18th Aquarama Exhibition of Ornamental Fish and Equipment. You have won the Aquarama trophy for your Black-Horned Snow Dragon King."

    Cheryl, the supervisor of the event, walked over and shook his hand, smiling and congratulating Chu Xian.

    Chu Xian nodded as Cheryl asked him a few questions in a quiet voice. After they had spoken, Cheryl turned towards the crowd. "Then we will continue with the championship auction. The Black-Horned Snow Dragon King, the only true dragon fish in the world, starts at a price of ten million USD. As a member of Aquarama, this is the most expensive ornamental fish I've ever seen, and it's the most precious one without a doubt. Ten million USD! Is there anyone wishing to make a bid?"

    After Cheryl's words, the exhibition room fell silent. Ten million USD was sixty million RMB. If you used sixty million RMB to buy an ornamental fish, you were either crazy or so rich that you didn't have enough ways to spend your money.

    Chu Xian wasn't surprised at their reaction. He had set the price at ten million USD without expecting people to buy the fish. Ten million was just a demonstration of the worth and preciousness of the Black-Horned Snow Dragon King.

    Cheryl also wasn't surprised that no one made a bid and continued speaking: "No one has made an offer. Let's continue - conventionally, the fish farm with the champion fish has the right to sell first. Mr. Chu, will you auction your two Arowana?"

    "Auction!" Chu Xian nodded then looked over at the Saikewei people. "Oh, right. The three Koi Fish from Saikewei should belong to me now. I'll auction the three Koi Fish as well."

    "According to the bet, the three Koi fish belong to you!" Cheryl nodded and gestured for two workers to walk over to Saikewei's booth. They ignored the upset faces of the Saikewei people and took the three Koi fish.

    "Okay, let's begin the first auction with the Blood Dragon King with a price of five million RMB." Chu Xian said, pointing at the Blood Arowana.

    "Five million, five hundred thousand!"

    David yelled as soon as Chu Xian finished speaking.

    Nobody was surprised at how this Blood Arowana broke the previous record price for Arowana.

    "Five million, six hundred thousand!" A middle-aged man yelled out a few seconds later.

    "Five million seven hundred!"


    "Seven million!" The old man who talked to Chu Xian by his booth smiled lightly and silenced the crowd with his bid.

    Seven million! Seven million! Even these incredibly rich people needed to consider carefully before spending seven million RMB on a fish!

    David shook his head slightly and gave up.

    "Congratulations to this senior for securing the Blood Dragon King with a bid of seven million RMB!"

    Chu Xian announced loudly while suppressing the excitement in his heart.
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