85 An invitation from Hai Qing Ministry of Tourism

    Chu Xian didn't realize how much commotion his Black-Horned Snow Dragon would create. He didn't plan to continue remolding Arowana into mysterious legends like his Black-Horned Snow Dragon - one time was enough. If he did this too many times, people would begin to have their suspicions. If a tree stood out too much from the other trees in the forest, the wind would destroy it, and that was without even considering how much he was standing out already!

    The next morning, Chu Xian returned to the exhibition hall and the staff members carefully placed the Black-Horned Snow Dagon King into the trunk of his car.

    Cheryl stood beside Chu Xian and looked at the scene with a twitching mouth, speechless at how casually ten million USD was being stored in the trunk of a car. "Mr. Chu, I hope we will meet again."

    "En." Chu Xian nodded then took his leave, driving to Hai Qing City with Jin Sen, Jin Hua, and David.

    By the time they arrived in the city, it was already noon. After they ate lunch, they rushed over to Chu Xian's fish farm.

    When they saw the luxury fish farm, they were stunned.

    "Oh, Chu Xian. This is your farm? Why does it feel more like a luxurious office?" David asked with some surprise.

    "Hehe." Chu Xian laughed. "The ornamental fish I cultivate are smaller in number, so the first half of my fish farm is for guests. Come, the real fish farm is at the back!"

    He pushed open the door separating the two sections, revealing the four ponds inside, hundreds of delicate goldfish and around forty Arowana.

    As for the Mo-Croc, Chu Xian had hidden it long ago.

    "My god. Beautiful!" David exclaimed in shock at the scene of graceful Arowana and delicate goldfish swimming in the ponds. Standing beside David was the stunned Jin Hua, walking forward in a dazed admiration.

    "They're top-quality Arowana! Beautiful!" Jin Hua said excitedly, stopping to look at the Arowana in the pond, unable to resist reaching out to touch the closest one.

    "Chu Xian, I didn't know you also raised goldfish. These goldfish are very cute, and you have so many Arowana. This place of yours is really a paradise for ornamental fish lovers!"

    "It's not bad!" Chu Xian said proudly, pleased with their reactions.

    Chu Xian caught two Arowana to give Jin Hua, and David also bought six fish.

    "Chu Xian, if you brought your Arowana to Europe or America, they'd be very popular!"

    Jin Hua and Jin Sen didn't stay very long, leaving Chu Xian and David alone. They sat on the couch and chatted.

    "Europe and America? I thought Americans don't like ornamental fish?" Chu Xian asked with surprise. He remembered reading in an online article that Americans didn't even enjoy raising their own children, much less raising ornamental fish*. Although it was only a joke, it was still indicative of the market for ornamental fish in America.

    "No, no, no. Normal Americans aren't interested in ornamental fish, but the wealthy like them very much. Especially in recent years, quality ornamental fish have become more and more popular in America. Chu Xian, your Arowana are the best in the market!"

    "Oh?" Chu Xian tilted his head, looking at David with a contemplative look.

    "Hehe." David laughed at Chu Xian's look. "Chu Xian, brother, I won't lie to you. I work in commercial trade, and I often buy and sell across borders, profiting from the difference. Why don't you make me responsible for selling your Arowana in Europe and America? What do you think?"

    Chu Xian was surprised; he hadn't thought David had followed him to his fish farm with these intentions, but this was great news for him. Chu Xian nodded. "Of course, no problem. But I won't be able to give you a price too much lower than the market value."

    "No need, no need," David said hurriedly, waving his hand. "Just give them to me according to the Chinese market price. You have to understand that when I bring them back to the US, I'll definitely raise the price. Chu Xian, brother, let's just go with the market price. You won't lose out on this deal!"

    Chu Xian looked at David with some astonishment - David's generosity really made it easy for people to like him. No wonder he did business all across the globe!

    "Haha, David, brother, you're so direct, so I won't try to take advantage of you either. I'll give you a 5% discount." Chu Xian was deeply familiar with the idea that business needed to benefit both parties, and although 5% didn't seem like much, all his Arowana were worth hundreds of thousands. 5% of a couple hundred thousand wasn't a small amount.

    "Okay! Chu Xian, we should become better friends**, are you interested in traveling to Europe and America in a couple days?" David said happily.

    "Travel to Europe and America?" Chu Xian repeated. "I'll have to think about it!"

    "En, okay. Brother Chu, you can come travel and also check out the ornamental fish market in Europe and America. You should know that there are a lot of countries out there that love beautiful things," David said.

    "En!" Chu Xian nodded.

    At that moment, Chu Xian's phone rang. He looked down and saw Pupu's number and gestured apologetically to David.

    "Hello, Pupu, is everything alright?"

    "Oh, Big brother! There are some uncles at the store looking for you, asking if you're in Hai Qing City."

    "Looking for me?" Chu Xian frowned. "Who are they?"

    "The uncles said they're from the Ministry of Tourism and that they want your help with something!"

    "The Ministry of Tourism? My help?" Chu Xian was astonished. Hai Qing City was a tourist city, and the Ministry of Tourism was very important to the local government. He was very curious what the officers from the ministry could possibly want with him.

    "En. They want to know when you're free so they can call upon you!"

    "Eh, call upon me***?" Chu Xian said with confusion. The officers seemed very courteous, and after some thought, Chu Xian asked, "Are they still in the store?"


    "Okay, ask them to wait a little bit. I'll be there in half an hour!"

    "Big brother is back?"Pupu asked in a surprised and happy voice. Chu Xian nodded. "I just got back. If they're willing to wait, I'll be right there!"

    "Okay big brother, they said they'll wait for you here!"

    "En, okay," Chu Xian said, hanging up. He turned to David. "David, I'm sorry. I have something I need to do at the store!"

    "No problem, no problem. I also need to find a hotel. We can find some other time to talk about the Arowana!" David replied.

    "En. How about you let me treat you to dinner tonight? I'll take you out to try some of the local food here in Hai Qing," Chu Xian said with a smile.

    "Oh? That sounds great. I look forward to the delicious food!" David smiled.

    "En, I'll see you tonight!"

    They exited the fish farm and Chu Xian drove over to the store.
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