87 Treating Guests

    "Mr. Chu, are you not planning on buying a bigger fish farm?" Hong Chenghai asked in confusion as he stood by the entrance of the fish farm, examining it.

    "This space is big enough for my ornamental fish. I want to buy a farm near the lake in the future, but it's too bad they aren't for sale yet!" Chu Xian replied, shaking his head in mild disappointment before pushing open the door.

    Hong Chenghai nodded at Chu Xian's words as if in deep thought. After smiling to himself secretly, he followed Chu Xian into the farm.

    Inside the doorway, Hong Chenghai paused in surprise, looking around at the decorations - was this still a fish farm?

    Chu Xian glanced at Hong Chenghai's expression knowingly and silently went up to the inner door and opened it. Hong Chenghai followed him again and stopped abruptly, stunned at the scene of graceful Arowana and cute goldfish swimming around in the four ponds.

    "This... This..." Hong Chenghai stuttered, walking forward in a daze, staring wide-eyed. "Incredible! These are all top notch Arowana, and this Black-Horned Snow Dragon King really deserves its fame. How beautiful!"

    Hong Chenghai stared in amazement, and his eyes darted from place to place trying to soak in everything.

    "Hehe. Director Hong, if you like them, you can take some home!" Chu Xian said with a small smile.

    "No, no. It's too much! Too much!" Hong Chenghai gestured in refusal. He knew the difference between things he could accept and things he couldn't. If he accepted this offer, the whole exchange would take on a different light.

    Chu Xian smiled nonchalantly and glanced away before boiling some water and making two cups of tea.

    After a while, Hong Chenghai returned to the outer room. He wasn't a fervent aquarist or fishkeeper, although he was curious about the famous Arowana. The two sat on the couch and chatted, talking about the ornamental fish market and the tourism industry in Hai Qing City.

    When night fell, Chu Xian brought Hong Chenghai to meet David.

    "Chu Xian! What are the delicacies and hotspots of your city?!"

    David asked curiously.

    "Hai Qing City's seafood is pretty good, maybe you'll like it. As for touristy attractions, haha, Brother Hong understands that better than me!" Chu Xian said, glancing at Hong Chenghai.

    "Seafood is my favorite! Are we going to eat seafood? Mr. Hong, you have to introduce the city to me! I'll be here for the next couple of days!" David said.

    "En. I'll take you to the best seafood restaurant in Hai Qing!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "If you want to have some fun, I recommend the Dragon Tourism Resort. It'll open the day after tomorrow. You should go there! In the future, it'll always be packed!" Hong Chenghai said to David with excitement.

    "Oh? Dragon Tourism Resort?" David asked curiously.

    "En. Dragon Tourism Resort is a sea-themed resort that our Hai Qing City Government took two years to build. There are all kinds of special models of sea creatures, and most importantly, Xiao Xian's Black-Horned Snow Dragon will be on display as well!" Hong Chenghai answered with a huge smile.

    "Oh? It sounds pretty good. If I don't go this time, I'll have to squeeze in with the crowd if I want to visit next time!" David smiled and nodded.

    Hong Chenghai nodded happily.

    Chu Xian drove back to his apartment and had his two friends wait a moment as he went to fetch some dried fish.

    "Okay, let's go to the most famous restaurant in Hai Qing, Gu Dao Recipe," Chu Xian said as he returned to the car.

    "You're breaking the bank!" Hong Chenghai shook his head slightly. Gu Dao Recipe was Hai Qing's most famous seafood restaurant and it was also the most expensive. It was often used to advertise the city and was an attraction in itself.

    Chu Xian smiled and drove to Gu Wu Street.

    "Welcome!" A friendly waiter greeted them as they walked in.

    "Give us a private room!" Chu Xian said directly.

    "Of course, sir. How large is your party?"


    Following the waiter, Chu Xian and the others arrived at a spacious room. When they sat down, Chu Xian handed the menus over to David and Hong Chenghai and said, "Help yourself!"

    "Haha, of course! You made two million RMB off me today!" David laughed and ordered while Hong Chenghai ordered two dishes as well.

    "Three abalones stir-fried with onions and a plate of sea lettuce. Oh, that's right, can you also steam something?" Chu Xian ordered and asked the waiter.

    "Steam?" The waiter asked before Chu Xian gestured to a little bowl on the table. The waiter shook his head. "Sorry sir, our restaurant doesn't allow customers to bring in outside food!"

    "Don't worry, I made this myself, it won't have any problems." Chu Xian understood the concerns of some restaurants and spoke sincerely.

    "I'm really sorry!" The waiter said with some embarrassment and couldn't refuse easily after Chu Xian's words. "I need to ask my manager."

    Chu Xian nodded and turned to David and Hong Chenghai. "I'll let you guys try a real delicacy in a moment, just wait!"

    Chu Xian then left the restaurant and walked over to a familiar breakfast shop on Gu Wu Street and steamed the dried fish there for a dozen or so minutes.

    "I'm back!" Chu Xian exclaimed as he pushed through the door. All the ordered dishes were already on the table, and he put the dried fish in the center of the table. His dish was made from puffer fish and tuna with the bones already picked out.

    "Okay, try the other dishes first then try the dried fish I made!" Chu Xian said, stopping David from reaching out for the dried fish.

    "Oh?" Hong Chenghai smiled at Chu Xian's directions. "Xiao Xian, so your dried fish tastes better than the dishes from Gu Dao Recipe?"

    "You'll see when you compare them. Haha, as for the most famous recipe in Hai Qing City, I'm sure you can already imagine the excellent taste, but for mine...Heehee, I'll have you rate it later!" Chu Xian replied.

    "Oh, I've tried the delicacies of many countries, I'll definitely give you my opinion later!" David laughed. He picked up his chopsticks and used them skillfully!

    "En, en. Not bad, not bad. These dishes taste good!" David took a couple bites and praised the food.

    "It is very good. The last time I ate here was three years ago!" Hong Chenghai smiled.

    "Then please try the delicious food that Chef Chu Xian made. Dried puffer fish, dried tuna - three flavors in all!"
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