89 Dragon Travel Resort 1

    The situation with the young man in the suit didn't upset the trio but added some amusement instead.

    They spent three hours at dinner and finished all the dried fish Chu Xian brought. Finally, after Chu Xian assured Hong Chenghai that he would bring him some dried fish the next day, the group separated.

    Chu Xian went back to the store and walked in on Pupu studying a book on mathematics.

    "Big brother!" Pupu called out, turning as he walked in. She shut her book.

    "En. Let's close up. In the future, just close up at nine!" Chu Xian said directly.

    "En!" Pupu nodded.

    After sending the cute loli home, Chu Xian checked the time before returning home and sleeping.

    The next morning, Chu Xian picked up some breakfast and headed over to Hai Qing Standard. As Xiao Ying was coming down the stairs, he caught her in a big hug.

    "Do you have any plans? If you're free, I want to take you somewhere!" Chu Xian said as he handed her some buns and soymilk.

    "No plans! I don't have much to do in the next few days, but in four days I'll have to head over to Shang Jing for some training. Then I won't have much time to spend with you!" Xiao Ying replied cheerfully, accepting the breakfast delivery and eating it happily.

    "How could we not have time? When the time comes, I'll just go over to see you!" Chu Xian said, leaning in closely and hugging her body. "Let's go, babe!"

    "Where are we going?" Xiao Ying asked as they drove by the fish farms at Fengtai Lake.

    "My fish farm! I want to show you my fish farm." Chu Xian smiled and parked at the entrance of the farm.

    Xiao Ying looked up at the name "Ornamental Fish in Paradise" and whispered with some bewilderment, "I feel like I've seen this name somewhere!"

    Chu Xian chuckled and pushed open the door. "Come in!"

    "Wow, this is your fish farm? Why's it so luxurious?!" Xiao Ying exclaimed, turning her head every which way - the place was basically a luxury office!

    "Heehee, this is where I can host guests. The fish farm is inside!" Chu Xian opened the separating door and gestured to Xiao Ying.

    "This..." Xiao Ying gasped as she stared in amazement at the delicate goldfish and Arowana inside the ponds. When she spotted the snowy Arowana with horns on its head, she was floored.

    "I got these Arowana from a foreigner friend and he taught me how to cultivate them. I'll take you there in the future. This is the black horned snow dragon king - I'm sure you've heard of it!" Chu Xian lied as he showed Xiao Ying around. He wasn't planning on telling anyone about the system.

    As for his "foreigner friend," he was planning on fixing this flaw as soon as possible.

    Only after he accomplished this would he be able to open up the fish farm to the public and not just show the few people he was close to.

    This was one of the reasons why he had never allowed the numerous other interested fish farm owners to pay him a visit.

    "The black horned snow dragon king that's worth ten million dollars!" Xiao Ying exclaimed, wide-eyed.

    Chu Xian was standing at the side. He smiled and nodded.

    "This is incredible! When I saw 'Ornamental Fish in Paradise,' I thought it sounded familiar. Turns out it's actually your fish farm!" Xiao Ying said, looking up at him.

    "Bo!"* Chu Xian kissed her on the lips and said, "In the future, I'll take care of the money. You're just responsible for being pretty!"**

    "You're always full of surprises! I don't even know what to think anymore!" Xiao Ying said incredulously.

    "I'm still me - what's there to be surprised by?!" Chu Xian shrugged and hugged her close. "I'm still the old me, that poor boy who's always unwilling to lose."

    Xiao Ying listened to his words and smiled, thinking of the breakfast last time and today's buns and soymilk. She leaned against Chu Xian gently.

    At around 10 am, Hong Chenghai brought some staff over to the farm.

    "Haha, Xiao Xian, this is your girlfriend? She's beautiful!" Hong Chenghai came in and chuckled.

    "Yes. This is my girlfriend, Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying, this is Director Hong from the Ministry of Tourism and the vice mayor," Chu Xian said.

    "Director this, director that. Just call me brother Hong like Xiao Xian does!" Hong Chenghai said, waving his hand.

    Xiao Ying listened to Chu Xian's introduction in astonishment and hurriedly greeted Hong Chenghai.

    The staffers following the director were also stunned by the director's behavior; his congenial and gentle mannerisms were completely different from how he usually behaved.

    "Come, come. Place the black horned snow dragon king into the aquarium. Take the utmost care!" Hong Chenghai called to his staff before turning back to Chu Xian. "Xiao Xian, here. This is the contract."

    Chu Xian smiled casually and took the contract, nodding in satisfaction.

    The staffers were stunned again when they looked at the groups of Arowana and goldfish in the ponds before they got to their work. They carefully placed the black horned snow dragon into the aquarium.

    "Come with us, Xiao Xian. Let's follow them and take a look," Hong Chenghai said.

    "En!" Chu Xian nodded and took Xiao Ying over to the Dragon Travel Resort.

    The Dragon Travel Resort was a huge park with all kinds of peculiar fish models and buildings that transformed the place into a world under the sea. There were ocean themed restaurants, hotels, and stores - everything was ocean and fish themed and it was all very beautiful. ***

    "Here, here. Put the Arowana into the tank. Careful!"

    At the entrance to the resort, there was a huge aquarium three meters high and five meters wide. It was originally prepared for other ocean fish, but with the black horned snow dragon king here, all the other fish had to give way.

    This time, in addition to borrowing the black horned snow dragon king, Hong Chenghai also borrowed eight other Arowana. He had the staffers fill the tank with the nine fish.

    Chu Xian watched from the side as they arranged everything before he took Xiao Ying to explore a little bit.

    "It really is beautiful!" Xiao Ying said as she looked around. The buildings were fantastical and gorgeous, and the whole place was like an underwater city. Shopkeepers and workers walked around making preparations, giving the resort an attractive and bustling feeling.

    Chu Xian and Xiao Ying walked around for a while before returning to the entrance. The aquarium was ready. The thing had been specially designed by a designer, and alongside the beautiful stones covering the bottom of the tank, weaving between the tall plants, were nine elegant Arowana swimming slowly and gracefully. Even in the group of beauties, the black horned snow dragon king stood out. Its dignity and beauty was a sight to behold.

    From afar, the view was otherworldly!

    Hong Chenghai had already left to busy himself elsewhere and the only one who remained was a photographer busy snapping some photos. Chu Xian and Xiao Ying looked around for a while longer before leaving.
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