90 Influence and Going Aboard

    That afternoon, with the power of the government, news about the Dragon Travel Resort and the black horned snow dragon king spread.

    The black horned snow dragon king was still a hot topic, and numberless netizens wanted to see it with their own eyes. That night, a video of an aquarium spread throughout the internet.

    Nine Arowana of various colors including blood dragons, silver dragons, gold dragons, black dragons, and the most attractive black horned snow dragon king swam elegantly and gracefully in a huge aquarium. Their beauty moved their hearts.

    "Looks at these Arowana from the world-class fish farm 'Ornamental Fish in Paradise' and the black horned snow dragon king worth ten million USD. An aquarium with Arowana worth seventy million RMB will be on exhibit in the Dragon Travel Resort in Hai Qing City for one month. Hai Qing City welcomes visitors from around the country; welcomes ornamental fish lovers from across the country to visit Hai Qing City!"

    The news and different click bait captions covered Baidu's and Weibo's trending charts in under half a day, going viral and attracting countless readers.

    "Beautiful Arowana! They really are too pretty! That black horned snow dragon king is incredible!"

    "So this is the best ornamental fish in the world? It deserves its fame - what a perfect work of art!"

    "Brothers, who will come with me to Hai Qing City the day after tomorrow to do something big? After we're done, we'll have seventy million RMB in hand!"

    "Ornamental Fish in Paradise is so strong, capable of obtaining nine precious Arowana at once. They really deserve to be called one of the five international tyrants!"


    On the internet, while many screens were occupied by the Arowana from Ornamental Fish in Paradise, at the same time, people also dug out information about the goldfish from the same farm. More and more people became curious about ornamental fish magnate; the biggest winner wasn't Chu Xian but Hai Qing City.

    Countless tourists prepared to visit Hai Qing City to see the Arowana worth ten million US dollars. The governors of Hai Qing City watched the booming situation and smiles transformed their faces into flowers. This year, Hai Qing City would definitely be the most famous city in the province, or even in the whole country.

    The following morning, the residents of Hai Qing City came in troves to Dragon Travel Resort.

    "Quickly, quickly! I have class in the afternoon - we need to get there earlier!"

    "What's the hurry? I haven't even finished doing my makeup; there will be so many guys coming today!"

    "What makeup? No matter how hard you try, you won't be as pretty as Senior Sister Tianying! You can't find a boyfriend as handsome and as capable as Senior Brother Chu Xian!

    "Hmph. Who knows what will happen?! But to be honest, I'm really jealous of Tianying. When everyone thought her relationship with Chu Xian wouldn't work out, who would've guessed that she could've made it to this point with Chu Xian? I heard he's already worth more than ten million!"

    "Are you stupid? Senior Brother Chu Xian is already a multimillionaire! Ay, if only I could meet my own Senior Brother Chu Xian!"

    Chu Xian waited under the stairs for Xiao Ying and overheard the students talking. He laughed in amusement; without him noticing it, he gradually became a topic of interest to other people.

    What Chu Xian didn't know was that he was already famous throughout Hai Qing Standard. At first, people knew him because of Zhang Tianying and hadn't thought highly of him, but after his goldfish went viral, some of them changed their minds.

    This time, the ten million USD Arowana stunned everyone. These days, a million RMB didn't make you rich, but over a hundred million was definitely considered incredibly wealthy, especially when it was an alumnus from your school who started from the ground up to reach that point.

    Details of the five-year relationship between Zhang Tianying and Chu Xian were unearthed and countless students were jealous yet admiring them at the same time - one was loyal and the other diligent; this might be the happiest and most fortunate thing in the world.

    The WeChat group of Chu Xian's class was even more interesting - He Wei, who used to dislike Chu Xian, bragged about him often, boasting about how popular Chu Xian's ornamental fish store was and how he was as close as a brother with Sir Jin of Golden Dragon Group. When He Wei found out how Chu Xian won first place at the Aquarama competition and brought out an Arowana worth ten million dollars, he admired Chu Xian even more.

    With He Wei's broadcasting, all the classmates in the group were stunned and wide-eyed. Life was so long; it was never really certain who would succeed and gain glory!*

    Chu Xian drove over to Dragon Travel Resort with Xiao Ying, but when they arrived, the entrance of the resort was already packed with people. Sounds of excitement from the people in the front could be heard through the crowd.

    For security, a dozen armed guards looked around warily - after all, the Arowana were worth seventy million RMB. There could be no mistakes.

    Gradually, more and more people came by. At 10 AM, there were tens of thousands of people gathered around, all of them there to see the famous Arowanas.

    "Oh heavens, China's only problem is that there are way too many people!" David looked out at the crowd speechlessly, commenting painfully to Chu Xian after they met up.

    Chu Xian nodded in agreement. In the end, they decided not to go in and went to another resort.

    In the next few days, Hai Qing City flourished. In order to see the unique Arowana, more than ten thousand people came to the city every day; the beautiful, small city was packed with tourists, and the Dragon Travel Resort was taken over by a sea of people to the point where people couldn't even play.

    Nevertheless, many lovers came over to take a look - to take pictures and videos. In just a few days, the entire internet was taken over by the Arowanas.

    For the governors of the city, every day was painful and joyful at the same time. Tens of thousands of visitors coming to the city every day brought huge economic benefits but also brought huge pressure. Almost all the policemen had to work fifteen hour days to ensure safety across the city.

    The number of people also helped Chu Xian's business, and he sold more than ten goldfish every day.

    His online orders also increased daily, and Pupu took over responsibility for the official Weibo Page for "Ornamental Fish in Paradise" - she posted videos and photos of the goldfish regularly. In these seven or so days, they'd already accumulated almost a hundred orders, totaling more than 500 goldfish. The past few days he'd been too busy to remold goldfish, so he had to tell people he sold out!

    On the third day, Xiao Ying left with some other teachers for the college in Shang Jing while Chu Xian traveled between his house and the store, but he quickly came to a decision.

    "Oh, Chu Xian, you finally decided to come to Europe and America with me!" David said happily.

    "En, let's go visit, and we can also take a look at the ornamental fish market in some countries in Europe and America along the way!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Haha, that's great! I'll take you to great places. This'll be a great trip!" David laughed happily.

    "Hehe, this will be the first time I leave China."

    "Then let's go to New York City first, then the UK and Dubai," David suggested.

    "Let's just figure it out as we go, but I can only stay for a month at most!"
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