92 Ocean Sky Cruise

    Behind David's villa was a small guest house about eighty to ninety square meters large.

    "What do you think? You can stay here. There's clean pajamas and swimming suits here. Come on, let's go for a swim. When we're done eating, I'll take you out!" David said.

    "En, alright!" Chu Xian nodded with a satisfied expression. The place was as nice as a five-star hotel.

    After putting down his luggage, Chu Xian changed into his swimming suit, went over to the pool and jumped in.

    "Oh, you're pretty fit, Chu Xian." David swam over and looked at Chu Xian with some admiration. "Chu Xian, I'll take you somewhere fun today."

    "We'll do as you say!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "Chinese people all go to the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Wall Street, and China Town. I'll take you to the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street today," David said as he swam around.

    "En." Chu Xian nodded.

    It was around 3 pm US time, so they ate before David brought Chu Xian to the parking lot underground.

    Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Benz, BMW, Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini. Some thirty or forty sports cars lined the lot with Chu Xian staring wide-eyed.

    David looked over at Chu Xian's expression and smiled. "I love cars as much as I love fish, and anyway, Ali's company needs the cars sometimes, so I bought a couple more!"

    Chu Xian shook his head speechlessly, staring at the cars with fervent eyes. Sports cars - every man loved them.

    "Let's take this one!" David said, patting a Ferrari Roadster.

    David drove Chu Xian to the Statue of Liberty, and on the way, he described the history of the area in detail. After that, they went to Wall Street.

    To Chu Xian's surprise, David brought him onto a cruise ship by the coast that night. On the cruise were beautiful girls in bikinis chatting with rich men.

    "Brother Chu Xian, this ship has a beautiful name: The Ocean Sky. Every evening, there's a feast on the sea. Only the men have to pay, but any woman who wants to come has to be beautiful! You can guess the program inside!" David blinked at Chu Xian.

    "The Ocean Sky? A feast?" Chu Xian replied somewhat stunned, remembering David's expression that afternoon when he mentioned the fun place he wanted to bring him.

    He shook his head speechlessly, but when he looked out at the dim lighting on the ship and the attractive bodies, he became excited and his heart started pumping. After all, he was still a man.

    "Let's go!" David smiled at Chu Xian's expression and brought him over.

    "Hey, David. You haven't come here in so long - are you finally free?"

    Just as David walked onto the boat, an old man holding a glass of red wine and a tall, beautiful woman on his arm walked over and greeted him.

    "Old Jacob. I'm not like you - you make enough money to come out and play every day!" David smiled and hugged Jacob.

    "Haha, I'm old. If I don't have fun now, I won't have much time left!" Old Jacob laughed and turned to Chu Xian. "Your friend? Introduce us!"

    "This is Chu Xian, my friend from China. Chu Xian, this is Old Jacob. He used to work in the media, but now he's working as a stud horse!" David smiled.

    "Oh, a wealthy man from the east, hehe. Hello, hello!" Old Jacob didn't pay much attention to David's words. He smiled and extended his hand.

    "Eh, hello!" Chu Xian laughed speechlessly - a wealthy man from the east. It looked like China was famous for having rich people! "You guys have fun. Good luck!" Old Jacob blinked and brought his beautiful friend back to the inner parts of the cruise ship.

    "Let's go inside." David brought him forward. "There are four levels. The bottom floor is a casino, and the second is general entertainment. The third and fourth floors are for sleeping. Hehe, you understand!"

    "Casino? There's a casino?" Chu Xian was slightly surprised but thought about how gambling was legal in many states and nodded to himself.

    "You interested in playing?" David smiled.

    "I'll pass." Chu Xian shook his head slightly.

    They walked inside where cheer and excitement filled the air. Tall, beautiful women walked around, approaching some of the gambling winners, leaning on them flirtatiously. The excited gamblers touched their bodies and tossed them some money, and some even stuffed the money directly inside their clothes.

    "This is a paradise for the rich!" David said to the surprised Chu Xian. He smiled and walked forward.

    "Two hundred thousand!" David walked away from the chips table with a box. "You want some to play?"

    "No, no. I'll just watch you!" Chu Xian shook his head. He had no interest in gambling.

    "Alright, but even if you don't play, you'll need some chips!" David shrugged and pushed some chips into Chu Xian's hands with a smile.

    Chu Xian understood what David meant immediately. Not far from the chips table, two beautiful women with voluptuous butts and full breasts sashayed over to them.

    "Hey handsome, what are you playing?" The two beautiful women each took a man and leaned against him.

    "I'll play anything!" David caressed the woman's butt.

    Chu Xian felt a little awkward and followed David further in.

    "Handsome, let's play baccarat," the beautiful woman whispered into Chu Xian's ear, breathing into it with a flirtatious tone.

    "En? Ah? Ah?" Chu Xian waved at her and shrugged. *

    The beautiful woman leaning against him looked at him for a moment. "You don't understand English?"

    "Ah? What are you saying?" Chu Xian said in Chinese. The beautiful woman looked at him confusedly and let go of his arm, smiling at him awkwardly before walking away.

    "Haha, Chu Xian, can you stop being so silly?" David laughed.

    "Eh. I'm not used to this." Chu Xian shrugged. "I'll watch you play. I don't want to gamble, but I still like these kinds of things."

    "Alright, alright. Let's go!" David shrugged and walked over to a table.
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