95 An Oddity

    After returning to land, Chu Xian looked around to check that no people were in the vicinity. He turned back into a human and grabbed his clothes excitedly.

    "Ci la!"

    But while he was getting dressed, he accidentally used too much strength and ripped his jacket.

    Chu Xian was stunned and smiled speechlessly at his clothes.

    The clothes he wore now were all from good brands and were made of good, flexible materials, but Chu Xian still ripped them so easily.

    "I leveled up ten times and my body has powered up a lot. This powering up feels as fast as the first time." Chu Xian stretched his body, feeling the strength coursing through his whole body.

    Chu Xian felt his muscles and flexed. His muscles became as hard as a rock. Chu Xian looked at a big tree beside him and punched it.

    "Pa!" The tree shook; his fist left a deep mark in the trunk.

    Chu Xian examined his fist with shock. "I could easily kill a man with this strength!"

    "It seems like I'm one step closer to becoming Superman!" Chu Xian smiled excitedly, put on his clothes and left.

    When he got to the road, Chu Xian paused for a long moment. The road was empty. He scratched his head. "Eh... where can I call a car?"

    "Whatever, there should be a business center not far from here." Chu Xian thought back to the ride over and walked over to the road. He began to run.

    "Speed up!" Chu Xian put more strength into his legs and his speed rose rapidly.

    "This speed feels amazing!" The wind blew past his ears. Chu Xian must've reached twelve or thirteen meters per second, and he felt that he could keep this up for a really long time.

    20 minutes later, Chu Xian smiled as he neared a bright area. He gradually slowed down.

    After not having eaten for almost an entire day, Chu Xian stopped by a KFC for dinner then found a hotel to rest.

    Later that night, David called and asked about some basic things. Chu Xian went to sleep soon after.

    The next morning, after having some breakfast and buying more clothes and a towel, Chu Xian went to the river again.

    At the riverside, looking at all the different fish, Chu Xian smiled and jumped in.

    One day, two days, three days. After three days, Chu Xian had reached three meters in length. In these three days, he devoured almost five hundred tons of fish; luckily, American carp overflowed in these rivers. Otherwise, he couldn't even imagine how many fish he would need to eat to reach this level.

    On the fourth day, Chu Xian arrived at the same spot. He frowned when he used his god's eye view to look into the river.

    After days of nonstop devouring, the fish population had been thinned out. The smaller fish were almost useless, and he would have to devour thirty or forty tons of them to level up even once.

    "I should check out the huge lake over there!" Chu Xian thought to himself and walked in the direction of the lake.

    A couple kilometers away was a huge lake called the Nakexing Lake. According to the people there, the center of the lake was very deep - maybe even thirty meters to the bottom.

    Every year, the local government spent a lot of resources and manpower to get rid of all the carp there, but since the water was deep, many fish escaped every time. The local government didn't really care whether they could kill all the carp; they just wanted to control the population.

    "As expected, the water here is deeper than in other places." Chu Xian came to the lakeside and felt the depth then took off his clothes and jumped in.

    "Pu tong!" Chu Xian jumped into the water and turned into a fish, diving towards the deep area. His three-meter-long body had become more intimidating; his bone-like body was now as thick as a human thigh and pale white; his meter-long head had two great claws at both sides. Terrifying.

    Chu Xian swam towards the deep area uneasily. There were no groups of carp. The population density was very low, and each fish was over a meter long.

    "Eh? Why does the water here smell so bad?" Chu Xian frowned when he reached the deep area.

    "Something is wrong here!" In his god's eye view, he vaguely spotted some huge water pipes and light-colored mud.

    "Why's the mud white? Were these factories? And the unpleasant smell is coming from the bottom of the lake."

    "Eh? This...?" In Chu Xian's view, he spotted a one-meter-long Chub swimming out of one of the pipes. Chu Xian swam over curiously and examined the fish.

    "Investigate Status!" Chu Xian said to himself, activating his power.

    But to his surprise, nothing showed up in his mind other than: Chub ? ? ? ?

    The four question marks put Chu Xian on edge; he had never encountered this kind of situation before. Was something wrong with the system?

    Chu Xian's face color changed rapidly as he swam upwards.

    Carp: Level 22.

    Combat Power: 88

    Gift: None

    "The system is fine. Why can't I check that Chub's attributes?" Chu Xian watched as the carp swam upwards. He sighed in relief to himself, but his face was still covered with confusion.

    "I'll check again!" Chu Xian swam back down.

    "En? Still here!" Chu Xian swam over to the Chub and used his control power.

    "No effect? I can't control it?" Chu Xian was even more confused. The chub was smaller than him, so he swam up and opened his mouth to bite it.

    The fish sensed the danger (just like Lingxiao sensed the danger) and quickly swam into the pipes.

    Chu Xian was surprised and dashed after it.

    He was shocked again. In his god eye's view, he could see that the pipe was more than ten meters long and lead into an unknown space.
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