96 System Upgrade Energization

    "This is...?" Chu Xian was stunned when he left the pipe.

    There was a huge, submerged factory in the water.

    "This must be an underground storage or something for a nearby factory. This must be where the bad smell is coming from." Chu Xian looked around at the large, walled area with some surprise. There were five or six more pipes like the one he came through nearby.

    But in this area, there were two or three hundred huge fish - carps, grass carps, chubs, herrings etc.

    Chu Xian glanced at one of the fish and his pupils shrank. "Catfish - a catfish over a meter and a half long."

    Chu Xian backed away from the catfish whose mouth was even bigger than his. He looked at the fish's waving feelers and remembered a piece of news.

    In 2008, there was a big event in Berlin when fish attacked people. The murderer was a huge catfish, and in Russia, someone caught a 1.4-meter-long catfish that had human bones in its stomach.

    In a reservoir in China, a 1.3-meter-long catfish ate more than ten people.

    Huge catfish were already considered an aggressive species of fish, and the huge catfish in front of him didn't look gentle with its rows of sharp teeth.

    "It's probably a mutated catfish," Chu Xian thought to himself. Mutated fish and other mutated underwater creatures weren't rare, and there were many mysteries that couldn't be solved in the course of human history. The famous Ness monster, the monster that ate people in Lake Chany Siberia, the unknown creature at the bottom of the water in Alaska. The were numerous examples.

    What on earth these monsters were was still unsolved. They might be a kind of monster or some type of mutated fish.

    "Maybe when I'm a higher level, I'll go and see, but right now, I'm focusing on this guy in front of me and those other weird fish!" Chu Xian glanced around. Aside from the 1.5-meter-long catfish, there were more than ten fish over two meters in length.

    "There must be something in the factory causing these fish to mutate so I can't check their attributes!" Chu Xian thought to himself. He turned to the 1.5-meter-long carps and swam over quickly.

    Chu Xian swam at them swiftly. The carp noticed a weird fish darting at it and turned to swim away.

    But Chu Xian's speed reached its peak and he crossed almost ten meters in a second. In this short moment, the carp had no time to react and Chu Xian was already next to it, his big mouth biting its tail.

    "Ka cha!" The whole tail was bitten off and it immediately lost its ability to swim; it could only thrash around helplessly.

    "Ka cha!" After another bite, Chu Xian tore off a large chunk from its body and only half its body remained.

    A faint cloud of blood spread and attracted the attention of the surrounding fish, and that catfish turned around as well. It looked at Chu Xian and waved its huge body, rushing towards him.

    "F**k!" Chu Xian watched as the surrounding fish all dashed towards him. He quickly ate the rest of the carp in two bites then zipped towards the pipes.

    When he entered the pipe, the huge catfish couldn't fit because of its huge body; it swam around the opening.

    "Phew! Luckily that guy couldn't come out. His speed was even faster than mine." Chu Xian breathed out and relaxed.

    "Ding! Discovered a large quantity of energy. Big Fish Eat Little Fish system beginning to upgrade!"

    The robotic system sound rang in his head. Chu Xian was stunned. "A large quantity of energy? System upgrade?"

    "What energy? Is this upgrade related to the carp?"

    Chu Xian indulged in his daydream and discovered that the cell phone in his mind had disappeared and was now something like a special type of memory. The contents were upgrading...

    He estimated the speed of the upgrade and waited quietly.

    "The Big Fish eat Little Fish system has upgraded. Energy System!"

    "Check Status!" After the voice disappeared, Chu Xian immediately activated his ability.

    But this time, it wasn't the virtual Samsung cellphone screen. Instead, it was a memory like a string of words that he could intuitively understand.

    Name: Chu Xian

    State: Fish Form (can turn into human form!)

    Energy: 850

    Gift: Devour, can devour fish to increase energy.

    Control: can control lower energy fish.

    Wrap: can use body to bind enemy.

    Big Fish Eat Small Fish System Function:

    Reform: can reform the owner's own form and the fish being controlled. (Every time energy will decrease proportionally to the degree of reformation)

    Absolute Control: Can choose a fish from the fish under control to control absolutely, there is no distance limit to absolutely controlled fish. Can absolutely control 14 fish (Every 50 tons of fish devoured can increase 1).

    "It's changed completely. The levels have disappeared and changed into energy; the combat power has also disappeared. Reformation doesn't lower levels but costs energy instead. Wow!" Chu Xian was stunned.

    "Can energy represent level and combat power?" Chu Xian thought to himself as he came to the edge of the pipe again. He opened his god's eye view and looked out at the huge catfish and carps.

    "Still a twenty-meter limit, but it feels slightly different. I can push this limit!" Chu Xian thought and followed the feeling.

    "I can really push the limit, but my body will go through slight changes. I almost can't feel the growing weakness."

    "That's not right. My energy has changed. It's now 849.8 - it decreased by 0.2 (you noob). This is because I pushed the investigating ability forcibly!"

    "But I can check the quality of the fish."

    Six Tentacled Catfish: Energy 912

    Gift: None

    Carp: Energy 500

    Gift: None

    "The fish's qualities are stated in energy as well. That means I can control fish with lower energy than me!"

    Chu Xian willed in his mind and as expected, the carp within his range of control swam over to him.

    "Kaka!" Chu Xian didn't hesitate and bit into the carp.

    "Ding! swallowed a herring and increased energy by 1."

    Chu Xian was stunned, and his energy was now 850.8. He bit into a smaller herring.

    "Ding! Swallowed a carp and increased energy by 0.7."

    "1 and 0.7." Chu Xian did some calculations and figured out a rule. Through energy conversion, a 5 energy leveled fish would give him 1 energy point.

    "Energy should also represent some other things; I need to investigate more!"
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