98 Reform Attemp

    Three days later, the five-meter-long Chu Xian returned to the pipe.

    He examined the huge catfish with cold eyes. He checked his own attributes and smiled.

    Name: Chu Xian

    Form: Fish (can turn into a human!)

    Energy: 1035

    Gift: Devour, can devour fish to increase energy.

    Control: can control fish whose energy is lower.

    Wrap: can use body to bind the enemy.

    Big Fish Eat Small Fish System Function:

    Reform: can reform himself and fish who are ruled by him. (Each reformation will decrease the level of himself or the fish ruled by him.)

    Absolute Rule: Can pick one from the ruled fish to rule absolutely, the fish under absolute rule won't have a distance limit, now can absolutely rule two fish (increase by one fish after swallowing fifty tons of fish).

    In these three days, Chu Xian devoured about five hundred tons of fish, and those five hundred tons pushed his energy level to 1035. The main reason why his energy level was still so low was because the fish he devoured were too small. After days of investigation, he discovered that energy was related to the species of the fish. For example, he devoured a rice field eel, and that one eel gave him one energy point, the same as 3 two-hundred-catty carp.

    "If I eat this catfish, I'll get at least nine energy points, which is equal to eating four or five tons of small fish, and there are still hundreds of catties of these carps and chubs." Chu Xian laughed coldly as he waved his tail and moved forward.


    The surrounding fish noticed the huge Chu Xian swimming into their space and avoided him in fear. Chu Xian smiled and activated control. With the huge difference in energy, the ten or so carps couldn't resist.

    The catfish at the center of the space also noticed Chu Xian, and it turned to stare at him with cold eyes as he swam closer.


    Chu Xian looked at the catfish and activated control again. The catfish felt a sudden flash of fear in its heart and waved its body violently, trying to swim backward.

    "Heehee, now it's your turn to run!"

    Chu Xian laughed coldly as he felt the catfish struggling, sacrificing energy to push itself out of his control. Chu Xian could also use energy to strengthen his control so the catfish couldn't fight back, but there was no need.

    The catfish's large body restricted its movement to inside the factory; Chu Xian waved his tail and attacked.

    With danger approaching and the feeling of compulsion behind it, the catfish stopped trying to escape and turned to fight, opening its mouth and biting Chu Xian.

    The catfish's mouth was huge - a full meter long - and the opened mouth was like a huge basin.

    Chu Xian's face didn't change as he opened his mouth to bite. At the same time, the two clowns on his head stabbed the catfish's eyes.

    "Peng!" The catfish's mouth bit Chu Xian's head, but no mark was left on his scaly and bony head. Its strong biting force only left a little bit of pain.

    The catfish was in a more dire state - not only had its eyes been ruined, but its jaw was also bitten by Chu Xian, his sharp teeth tearing off a chunk of its flesh.

    The blind catfish thrashed violently in the water. Chu Xian smiled and swung his body, wrapping around the catfish, his bony body contracting slowly.

    The pressure began to crush the catfish, and Chu Xian gaped open his mouth and bit its head, devouring it.

    Five minutes later, Chu Xian had swallowed the five or six hundred catty catfish into his stomach and turned to the other fish.

    "En, I will keep these two carps!"

    Twenty minutes later, Chu Xian was motionless in front of two over-two-meter-long carps, his eyes closed in thought.

    He controlled these two fish and swam back to shore. With a slight frown, he carried the two fish onto shore and to a nearby bush.

    "Reform their gills into lungs first to prevent them from dying," Chu Xian thought. With the experience of reforming the Mo-crocodile, Chu Xian quickly reformed their gills into lungs. Without water, they could now still live on land.

    "Reform the outside first, gathering the scales to its stomach, hands, and feet."

    At that moment, the benefit of carp having many bones shined through - in order to reform the hands and feet, you needed bones to support them, and the numerous bones throughout their bodies undoubtedly met this condition. Under Chu Xian's reformation, two seventy cm white legs appeared on the lower parts of their bodies.

    And then, slowly, two arms showed up as well. At this moment the carp looked terrifying, with arms and legs attached to a fish body, like some creature from an American horror film.

    "En, begin reforming the torso." Chu Xian nodded in satisfaction at those white legs, identical to normal legs except for being hairless.

    The reformation of the torso started from the chest, and he needed to make a model, so very quickly an upper body appeared then the head. For the head, Chu Xian just carelessly molded a white man's face.

    "And then the face. The eyes are fish eyes, so I have to make them sink in a little. Dead fish eyes - this way, they'll look more like a human's. Heehee, randomly create a nose? En? Make the face a little older!" Chu Xian's actions were comparable to a person drawing a man's face on white paper. In about ten minutes, a foreigner's face appeared.

    "Not bad, very full. Can't make out any problems" (1).

    The exterior was formed; now was the true test.

    "Reform the inside, give him a digestive system and a circulatory system similar to a human's and vocal cords as well. It'll be best if it can talk!" Chu Xian thought in his heart.

    He researched human anatomy during his free time the past few days. Referencing what he learned, Chu Xian began to reform the inside of the carp little by little.

    The carp's own inner structure didn't need to change; he just added some things like a pair of lungs. The lungs were reformed like a lungfish, but there were other organs he could only reform with the carp flesh and change its circulatory system to match.

    Chu Xian studied for a whole hour. When he saw the reformation of the inside was completed, he nodded in satisfaction and willed its completion.

    A red energy appeared in his mind and Chu Xian controlled some energy to enter the head of the carp then he confirmed.

    "Ah, ah!" A faint voice came from the human carp in front of him. It looked confused, and Chu Xian looked at him in excitement.

    Semi-finished Carpman: Energy 150 (Losing 1 energy per second)

    Gift: None
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