99 Failed


    He looked at the gradually decreasing energy of the semi-finished carp man and Chu Xian knew he had failed.

    "Ay, in the end, it's not so easy." He shook his head in disappointment. Chu Xian couldn't bear to watch the fish man's painful expression and after another careful look, he turned the carp man back into a carp and threw it away.

    He thought back to the process and pondered; he couldn't figure out why, after reformation, the carp would slowly lose vital force. Did he make a mistake somewhere?

    "There was nothing wrong with its voice - it could speak; there weren't too many problems with its IQ - it made facial expressions and was like a young child, and it could learn. The only problem should be with its inner reformation," Chu Xian thought and looked at another chub.

    "Again!" Chu Xian started his second reformation experiment.

    With his past experience, Chu Xian managed to finish the second reformation of the fish man in half an hour, but this time, he made some improvements with its inner structure.

    Finished Chub Man: Energy 125 (losing one energy point every two seconds).

    Gift: None

    "Failed again. If I went to medical school, the chances of success might be higher. I still know too little about the inner structure of humans and other creatures!"

    Reformation failed and Chu Xian shook his head in disappointment. He turned the chub man back into a fish and threw it into the lake.

    After failing to reform twice and not being able to find out the reason, Chu Xian gave up and walked back towards the hotel. After multiple days of devouring and increasing his energy, Chu Xian could reach fifteen or sixteen meters per second when he ran at full speed, and he could keep this up for half an hour. His body was terrifyingly strong.

    His punches carried a thousand catties of strength and normal knives could no longer hurt his body. He was really starting to take shape as a hero.

    It was some time past nine in the evening when Chu Xian got back to the hotel. He ate at a western style restaurant; he still wasn't used to not using chopsticks, but there were no Chinese restaurants and the fast food available was either hamburger joints or pie restaurants. He had no options aside from this western style restaurant, and even though it felt a little weird, the flavors were still okay, and the steak was especially quite nice.

    The nightlife in the US was more interesting than in China, especially on this business street. There was a large number of people out at night, and by the nightclub near his hotel, there were many sports cars parked at the entrance with handsome men and beautiful women coming in and out. Chu Xian's English wasn't great. If it was better, he would go out and enjoy the nightlife in this foreign country.

    After dinner, Chu Xian stretched. He didn't mind the darkness. By now, his eyesight was so good that he could see the English words on a booth some hundreds of meters away.

    Back in the room, David called and told Chu Xian that he had finished everything in Los Angeles and would return the day after tomorrow.

    The next morning, Chu Xian didn't return to the river. In this span of seven or eight days, the fish population in this river already decreased by 90%, and the visitors were already having trouble shooting fish.

    If he wanted to increase his energy points, he would have to go to another river, but Chu Xian didn't plan on doing that.

    Chu Xian got into a car and went to the Chinatown in New York. Chinatown was where Chinese Americans hung out in America, and 99% of the people there were Chinese.

    The streets decorated with Chinese things and the Chinese restaurants lining the sides of the streets gave Chu Xian a cozy feeling.

    At night, Chu Xian walked back to David's house. Just as he arrived in the backyard, he spotted David lying on a chair next to the swimming pool.

    "Hey, Chu Xian Bro. You're back. Did you have fun?" David sat up.

    "Yes!" Chu Xian laughed and sat on the chair beside him. He had accomplished his goals for coming to the US.

    "Oh, great. By the way, Chu Xian, the arowanas arrived a couple days ago. I'm planning on selling them in two days!"

    "Sell? How? In a store?" Chu Xian glanced at him out of curiosity.

    "Yes. I'm going to open an ornamental fish store. Your thirty Arowana should be able to sell in this period of time, and if business is good, I'll buy more from you." David smiled.

    "Oh, if you want more, it might be difficult. As you saw, I don't have any more arowana!" Chu Xian shrugged and said apologetically.

    "None? That's too bad." David shook his head in disappointment.

    "En. I might need a year or half a year." Chu Xian replied thoughtfully. "By the way, where are you going to sell them?"

    "Chinatown. I have some stores in Chinatown, and you already know that I go to China quite often. Sometimes I bring stuff back and sell to the Chinese here.

    "Chinatown?" Chu Xian shook his head with surprise.

    "The decorations will be done the day after tomorrow. Chu Xian, let's go together when it opens for business," David said.

    Chu Xian nodded. He also wanted to see how popular Arowana were in the US.
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