101 Goldmine

    There was a small hollowed-out space underneath the island. Chu Xian swam around and discovered that it was at least thousands of meters wide.

    "Giant Lobster!" Chu Xian had just swum in when he spotted a meter-long lobster.

    "A lobster like this must be worth four or five thousand RMB!" Chu Xian looked at its huge claws and long feelers. "Tsk tsk, this would look terrifying on a table!"

    Chu Xian left the lobster alone for now. The lobster didn't move quickly, and he wasn't afraid it would escape.

    The space was irregular and filled with seaweed with huge stones protruding from the walls.

    "Oysters! So many oysters!" Not far from the lobster, Chu Xian paused in amazement. The floor of the cave was covered in oysters; most of them were the size of an adult's palm.

    Oysters were a very common type of seafood, but most were raised by people, and normal restaurants could only offer oysters half a palm in size, nowhere close to these.

    "Another giant lobster!" He swam forward a little and saw another eight-cm-long giant lobster.

    "I must be the first one to discover this place!" Chu Xian thought to himself with a delighted glimmer in his eyes. He continued swimming inward.

    "Eh? This abalone! It's huge! It's at least a two-headed abalone!" Chu Xian stared with fervent eyes at a huge abalone stuck to the side of a rock.

    The reason why abalones were considered one of the best seafood was because of its mix of nutrition and flavor. It was the "soft gold" of the sea. Abalones were precious, edible shellfish, and had been called the "gold of the dining table, and the crown of seafood." Its meat was soft and tender and very nutritious.

    The price of different abalone varied greatly. A regular farmed abalone was about a hundred RMB per catty, but wild abalones could be up to thousands of RMB per catty, and that was just for seven or eight headed abalones.

    The value of an abalone was determined by head - a one-headed abalone referred to a single abalone that weighed one catty. Two-headed abalone referred to two abalones that weighed one catty, and so on.

    The fewer the heads, the higher the value. A one-headed abalone was incredibly precious; a single one was worth more than one million RMB(1) - these only had a price but there was no market for them.

    The most important determination of value was the heads, and even though Chu Xian couldn't tell what these abalones were exactly, he knew their value definitely wasn't low. Some were ten thousand RMB or even a hundred thousand was possible.

    "Abalones, oysters, giant lobsters! This is basically a gold mine!"

    Chu Xian's shock gradually dissipated, and in that two-thousand-meter space, he discovered a dozen or so meter-long giant lobsters, thousands of oysters, and more than ten abalones. Even though only three were two-headed abalone, that was enough.

    "It's too bad I didn't find any legendary one-headed abalones." Chu Xian thought with some disappointment. "But still, as long as I sell all of these, I'll make a huge sum of money!"

    Chu Xian put his thoughts into action and gathered up all the abalones before wrapping his body around a lobster.

    The giant lobster struggled against the monster, but its efforts were futile.

    Chu Xian casually turned toward the giant lobster struggling against him and decided to eat it tonight.

    Out on the surface, after waiting a moment to check if anyone was watching, he swam onto the beach, turned back into a human, threw the giant lobsters onto the beach and picked up the abalones.

    After using grass to tie up the claws of the lobsters, Chu Xian dug a hole for the abalones before going back into the water.

    After five more trips, Chu Xian had all the giant lobsters, abalones, and oysters on the beach. He looked down at his work and laughed heartily.

    "Let's see if David's awake!" Chu Xian walked over to the brushwood and looked down at the unconscious man. His breathing was gentle and regular - after all, Chu Xian had given him CPR which he still felt gross about.

    "Wake up!" Chu Xian called out, shaking David. (2)

    "En en?" After a few more shakes, David opened his eyes and stared out blankly. Finally, he recognized Chu Xian and looked around. "Oh my god, I'm alive! I'm alive!" *Cough*

    "Yes, you're alive!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Chu Xian, did you save me?" David sat up slowly, looking at Chu Xian in confusion.

    "What do you think? I risked my life to save you!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Thank you so much, brother! Thank you so much! You're my savior!" David stood up and hugged him.

    "Where's Ali?" David asked suddenly.

    "Don't worry." Chu Xian reassured him. "Ali and the models were in the water when we were attacked, and I saw them hiding under the yacht. There shouldn't have been any problems."

    "God protect her!" David prayed then he swore fiercely. "Natar, that worthless prick. If anything happened to my wife, I'll never let him go!"

    Chu Xian looked at him and asked hesitantly, "David, why did Natar want to kill you?"

    David's expression changed, but he replied honestly. "Natar is my competitor. We both work in international exports, and we began with conflicts over contracts then we fought more directly, and this time in LA, Natar's company tried to steal my customers but I dealt with it and punished him. This time, they heard that I was going to open an ornamental fish store in Chinatown and I think he couldn't stand it anymore and decided to kill me!"

    "Ornamental fish? How is this related to ornamental fish?" Chu Xian asked in confusion.

    "Hehe. I opened a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown first, and business was good so he also opened one and targeted my restaurant. He stole a lot of my customers, so now that he's opened an ornamental fish shop, I'm also preparing to open one!" David replied.

    "This...." Chu Xian looked at him speechlessly. So the reason he bought his ornamental fish was mainly because Natar opened an ornamental fish shop first...
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