103 Premium Ingredients

    "Not bad, David. You also have an ornamental fish store. I really want to see what kind of ornamental fish you have!"

    At that moment, the African American Natar came in, followed by a middle-aged man.

    "Wu, just some ordinary ornamental fish." The middle-aged man glanced at the fish at the entrance and smiled.

    Natar also looked around and smiled.

    "Natar!" David glared at him gloomily. "Did you break the rules?"

    Natar's pupils shrank but he then laughed. "I don't understand! What rules? I haven't broken any rules!"

    "Heh, as long as you know. If there's a next time, things won't be so simple." David stared at him.

    Natar squeezed out a smile. People with their status had their own rules, and what happened yesterday undoubtedly crossed the line. If evidence of his actions was found, he would be chased out with nothing left.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Natar shook his head. "You're doing alright here, hm? Are you getting ready to crush my ornamental fish store? Haha, let me introduce you to someone. This is Mr. Sen Wen from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm. We're planning to cooperate in the future."

    "Hehe, hello. I'm Sen Wen, a supervisor for Singapore's Saintly Dragon Fish Farm. I'm exploring the American market with Mr. Natar. Mr. David, I have to say, the ornamental fish in your store are very ordinary!" Sen Wen said arrogantly.

    "Saintly Dragon?" David looked at Chu Xian and laughed. "En, one of the Five Tyrants. I've heard that you aren't as good as the Paradise Ornamental Fish Farm!"

    The color of Sen Wen's face changed slightly, but he smiled anyway. "They were just lucky to have cultivated a mutated Arowana. How many Arowana do they even have? Hehe, it'd be good if they could bring out even ten Arowana of acceptable quality, but our Saintly Dragon Fish Farm has thousands. They are our foundation."

    "Hehe, I know nothing about foundations." David laughed then he turned to gesture at the workers. "Put those Arowana in the most eye-catching location!"

    "Yes, boss!"

    The workers nodded and moved the fish tanks over. Five delicate Arowana swam elegantly inside.

    "This... top quality Arowana?" Sen Wen's eyes fell wide open in surprise. Among the Arowana was a particularly eye-catching blood red Arowana worth at least a million (RMB).

    "Hehe, Arowana from Paradise Ornamental Fish Farm. Brother from Saintly Dragon, how do you like them?" David said with a mocking look.

    "Paradise Fish Farm!" Sen Wen was astonished. Soon, his expression darkened.

    Every fish enthusiast knew about Paradise. The Black Horned Snow Dragon King was one of a kind, and Paradise Ornamental Fish Farm was called the King of Arowanas; they really made the Arowana specialists, Saintly Fish Farm, feel uncomfortable. Some people said if Paradise didn't exist, Saintly Dragon would be king, but their words only served to prop up Paradise Ornamental Fish Farm even more.

    Natar also had an ugly look on his face. The quality of the Arowana spoke for themselves; it would be no wonder if they really were from Paradise Ornamental Fish Farm.

    "I didn't think you prepared so well, David!" Natar lit a cigarette.

    "Of course. I wouldn't open an ornamental fish store without 100% confidence!" David smiled.

    "Good, very good!" Natar turned and left.

    "The best is yet to come!" David chuckled. He turned to Chu Xian. "Chu Xian, brother, you really are my lucky star. Haha, this will be interesting!"

    "Let's go!" David said, leading Chu Xian to his restaurant.

    Right by the entrance were five large tanks with five or six huge Giant Lobsters crawling around. It was quite a sight to behold.

    In a smaller tank to the side, there were more than ten abalones, every one of them about a palm length wide.

    "Did you spread the news?" David asked the manager rushing over.

    "Boss, it's done!" The manager replied with a confident smile.

    "En, great!" David smiled. "Prepare us a lobster. Let's go, Chu Xian. Let's have lunch and try these lobsters!"

    They sat down in another room, and half an hour later, five plates of lobster were delivered to their table!

    "Try this. This lobster weighed more than ten catties! The cook made a lobster feast!" David pointed and gestured at the food for Chu Xian.

    Chu Xian looked at the dishes and salivated. The lobster feast included all kinds of different preparations - there was garlic lobster, cheese lobster, lobster soup, spicy lobster etc. with every kind of flavor.

    "Tsk, tsk. Delicious! This lobster feast could feed five people. It's too bad there are so few of this kind of lobster!" David shook his head with regret.

    "En, it's delicious!" Chu Xian nodded in agreement.

    "Brother Chu, I have a favor to ask. Can you sell me your recipe for your dried fish?" David asked after the feast.

    "I'm sorry. My uncle gave me this recipe and I can't sell it to anyone!" Chu Xian shook his head. The biggest secret to the dried fish was compressing, and even if Chu Xian gave him the recipe, he couldn't make it in the same way.

    "Then how about this, Chu Xian, can I buy the fish from you?" David said expectantly.

    "Alright!" Chu Xian nodded after a moment.

    "Haha, thank you so much, brother! You really are my lucky star!" David hugged him happily.

    "Let's take a look outside!" David smiled.

    In the hall, Chu Xian and David saw a group of people examining the tanks with astonishment.

    "These giant lobsters... they must be ten or twenty catties! What do they taste like?!"

    "Who cares about the lobsters? Look at these abalones, oh my god! There are four two-headed abalones! Where did the Longhua Hotel get these? Amazing!"

    "Look at the price! A feast from one lobster is three thousand USD! Incredible! But it's probably worth it!"

    "A two-headed abalone is fifty thousand USD for one? Who could afford that?"

    "These oysters are cheap, just a thousand USD for a plate!"

    "Longhua Hotel is very impressive, able to gather so many premium ingredients!"
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