107 The Bid 2

    Qin Dahai and the others were chatting not far away from him, but Chu Xian didn't pay any attention to them. He was still pondering what Qin Dahai said.

    [It looks like he's noticed my fish farm, and he might've even done some private investigation. I should stop reforming Arowana in the future, but I shouldn't have any problems with goldfish. After all, I've already been selling goldfish for almost a year.]

    "Brother Qin, some of these outsiders can't tell the difference between life and death. We should teach him a lesson and let him know who Feng Tai belongs to!"

    "That's right. He still dreams of bidding on fish farms. How laughable. I've raised fish for more than ten years and my brother works in the department, but even I don't have full confidence on winning a bid yet this brat is so sure he's going to buy a fish farm!"

    The fish farm bosses all noticed Chu Xian butting heads with Qin Dahai and did their best to flatter him and mock Chu Xian.

    "Hehe, young people. He should suffer a bit while he's young or else he won't understand the struggles of life. Oh, that's right. I heard the other day that Xiao Sun's family farm was poisoned and all their fish died. What a shame - more than a hundred thousand up in the air just like that. Ay, but at least their fish were just ordinary fish and not those two thousand types, much less than those tens of thousands, hundred thousand or even million RMB fish. If it was those fish, that'd really be a disaster!" Qin Dahai smiled as he spoke.

    "That's right, it was lucky they weren't raising ornamental fish, otherwise they would lose even more money."

    "Hmph!" Chu Xian noticed they were mocking him and his face became cold. [They're threatening me? Hehe!]

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please hand in your registration and documents."

    A staff member at the front desk spoke as Qin Dahai and the others stood up together and strutted over confidently. Qin Zhiyu took the chance to glare at Chu Xian with a fierce expression.

    "Ay!" As they walked to the front desk, Chu Xian heard a sigh.

    Chu Xian paused for a second then raised his head. "Uncle Qian?"

    Uncle Qian was the fish farm owner who gave him the Mo croc. Others called him Old Qian, and Chu Xian turned to him with a curious expression.

    "Young man, you should move your fish farm far away from the FT area. Qin Dahai and the others might make trouble for you!" Old Qian whispered.

    "I don't think they're so powerful!" Chu Xian smiled and answered confidently.

    Old Qian shook his head. "Believe it. Qin Dahai and the other bosses from Feng Tai Lake can use just one hand to cover the heavens in the FT area!"

    "En?" Chu Xian was astonished. "Uncle Qian, it can't be that you..."

    "Me!" Old Qian shook his head bitterly. "Me, ah forget it. I already transferred my fish farm to one of them. Ah, I'm old anyway, and I made some money this year. I'll start a small business and just live the rest of my life out peacefully. I won't fight!"

    Chu Xian looked at him and frowned a little. "Uncle Qian, what happened? Your fish farm was doing fine; why aren't you still running it?"

    Owning a fish farm in Feng Tai meant he had a certain background, yet he was now transferring his farm to another person?

    "It's nothing. I just couldn't stand watching Qin Dahai's actions, troubling people over a hundred thousand RMB. Now, his group is pushing me out. Even if I get the fish farm, they'll keep annoying me. I give up. Every day is so tiring; it's about time for me to get some rest." Old Qian smiled but continued to warn Chu Xian: "Son, you've offended Qin Dahai. You need to be careful!"

    Chu Xian nodded silently. There was a story behind this, and obviously, the culprits were Qin Dahai and the others.

    "I've heard about you, and now the city is borrowing your Arowana so Qin Dahai and the others can't do anything publicly, but they have many small tricks up their sleeves. You need to be careful!" Old Qian shook his head a little and walked to the front desk.

    "Hehe." Chu Xian watched Old Qian walk away and laughed coldly to himself: [I didn't want to make trouble for them, but since they're coming for me, I'll just have to meet them head-on!]

    [Since it's like this...] Chu Xian's eyes flashed. He opened up his bid and crossed out the No.1 Hongshan Canyon fish farm and wrote in Lake Fengtai Fish farm - not just the Qin Family farm, but the entire Lake Fengtai, more than two times larger than the No.1 Hongshan Canyon fish farm.

    Then Chu Xian wrote in 18 million RMB.

    Eighteen million was far more than the bidding price for Lake Fengtai, but he offered the price because he was monopolizing six fish farms, and if he didn't show some sincerity, he wouldn't get it even if he had connections.

    Now that he offered this high price, he was sure the department would be happy. After all, all the money would go to them.

    Chu Xian looked at Qin Dahai and the others acting so pompous and he laughed coldly. "You want to make trouble for me, but let's see how you react when I kick you out of Lake Fengtai. I want to see how arrogant you'll be when you don't have any fish farms at all!"

    Chu Xian smiled at the number he wrote. The decision was impulsive, but he didn't regret it. Eighteen million was a lot of money, but with forty million in his bank account, he could still afford it. After all, if he could actually secure the entire Lake Fengtai, there would be many benefits and his fish farm wouldn't be ordinary in any sense. The bigger the farm, the bigger the harvest.

    Chu Xian got up, handed in his bid then left. He would be informed of the results of the bid the next afternoon.

    He drove to the fish farm in Fengtai and pushed open the door. The fish farm was very clean - the obvious handiwork of Pupu - and the goldfish swam around cheerfully in the water.

    "Hulu hulu!" The Mo-crocodile crawled out of its hold and waddled over to him happily.

    Chu Xian sat on his heels and patted its head. In the past ten or so days he 'd been gone, he let the Mo-croc eat the Qin family's fish, and now his body was looking stronger than ever. [The Qin's raise some good fish!]

    With his affairs at the farm taken care of, Chu Xian returned to the store. Pupu was reading a book, so he smiled and sat down on a chair.

    "Brother!" Pupu called out sweetly and Chu Xian nodded. He noticed a busy figure across the street. After some hesitation, he walked over.

    "Ms. Tang!" Chu Xian greeted her, calling out to Tang Qiumeng as she bathed a cat.

    "En. Hello, is there something I can help you with?" Tang Qiumeng hesitated a little then replied with a courteous smile.

    "There is something, actually. If you have time, can you help me with a detailed diagram of the structure of an ordinary fish.?The more detailed the better. Oh, and can you also give me a human's?" Chu Xian asked.

    During his previous attempts at reforming, Chu Xian only managed to find some cursory diagrams online, and they all left out many details. This was one of the reasons he failed.

    "Okay, not a problem. Do you need it soon?" Tang Qiumeng replied.

    "No, not at all. Just do it when you have time." Chu Xian waved his hand.

    "En, alright. I can give it to you in two days." Tang Qiumeng nodded.

    Chu Xian smiled and talked with her some more before leaving. When evening came, he took Pupu home before heading back to his place.

    The next morning, Qin Dahai and the other bosses were in a restaurant drinking!

    "Brother Qin, I really have to thank you this time. With your help, I was able to get this fish farm. I won't say anymore; let me offer you this cup!" a middle-aged man said, finishing off his drink.

    "Haha, don't be so polite. We're brothers, and we'll help each other from now on. I heard there are two experts in your company. In the future, we'll have to rely on you." Qin Dahai smiled happily.

    "Haha, no problem. Just let me handle that!" The middle-aged man patted his chest and promised. When people went out to catch fish at sea, experienced fishermen were incredibly important and could sometimes double or triple your income. Every single one was a treasure, and if it weren't for the fish farm, this middle-aged man wouldn't bear to lend out a single one.

    "In the future, you can come to me for any problems in the FT area. I have nothing else but connections." Qin Dahai replied generously, patting Qin Zhiyu next to him. "In the future, Xiao Yu will walk in my shoes. Please take care of him!"

    "Of course. A lion father won't have a dog son; Big Brother Qin, you can put aside your worries and rest carefree!"

    Everyone flattered him and Qin Dahai enjoyed it. He patted his son's shoulder then they all started drinking again.

    "Everyone, be quiet. My brother's calling me. The situation with the fish farms should be done." At that moment, Qin Dahai's phone rang and he called out to everyone.

    "Haha, Brother Zhao. Do you have good news for me?" Qin Dahai answered the phone happily.

    The people around the table showed jealous expressions - this Brother Zhao was the second most powerful person in the FT area. As long as he was in touch with the staff at the department, there wouldn't be any problems.

    "What?" Qin Dahai's eyes fell open and he stood up. "Brother Zhao? You... you're telling me to choose another farm?"

    "This... the Fengtai fish farm was taken by someone else?"

    Qin Dahai's face froze and immediately, his expression darkened.
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