111 First Time into the Sea

    The Yellow Sea was the biggest sea bordering the Pacific. The average depth was about 56 meters with its center reaching 60 to 90 meters deep, and the deepest region in the north near Jeju Island was 140 meters deep. It couldn't compare to the ocean with depths of up to ten thousand meters, but its depth of over a hundred meters could already be considered an abyss for mankind.

    If you thought about a hundred meter tall building, you would understand its greatness.

    Chu Xian splashed into the sea like a dragon roaring through the ocean. The endless water all around reminded him of a great poem: Great sea, how wide you are, how majestic! Poet Chu Xian....

    "Fish who don't want to enter the sea are all salty fish (1), heehee. From now on, my next journeys will be to the stars and the ocean (2)!"

    Chu Xian swished his tail excitedly and rushed forward into the depths. As he moved, he activated the god's eye view and his new sonar detection. Shapeless waves spread out and black and white creatures appeared in his mind.

    "The god's eye view lets me see sixty meters around myself in incredibly high definition, and the sonar lets me see six kilometers around myself albeit in a fuzzier manner. The two abilities are a perfect match, and if there's any danger, I can escape. Even though I'm three meters long, I should still be careful and not risk anything!"

    Multiple small fish appeared in his view along with seaweed, rocks and different shrimp at the bottom of the sea. There weren't any big fish near the coast, let alone any schools of fish. The Chinese population wouldn't let any schools of fish remain near the shore for long.

    Chu Xian's speed was about twenty meters per second - not too fast but not too slow. He sped towards deeper waters, and when he occasionally encountered some bigger fish, he flashed by and swallowed them.

    Pomfret: Energy 110

    Gift: None

    "Tsk tsk. Saltwater fish of the same weight generally have higher energy than freshwater fish." Chu Xian swallowed the pomfret in one bite.

    "But each bite I take is worth more than a hundred RMB. Crazy!"

    There were many kinds of pomfrets, and the common ones sold in the market were only around ten RMB per cattie, but the higher-quality farmed ones were worth a couple hundred RMB. If the word "wild" was added to the name, the price could be hiked up by ten times or more.

    "The ocean really deserves the nickname of the 'Blue Treasury'." Chu Xian could see all kinds of fish and some lobsters that were probably around two or three catties, but the sea wasn't that densely populated. He could only spot one or two fish every thousand or so meters.

    "If I spend the night catching fish, lobsters, and crabs, I can earn more than ten thousand RMB!"

    After swimming for about three hours, Chu Xian was more than a hundred kilometers away from the coast. At that point, he didn't keep swimming, but instead, he turned around and followed his way back to the coast. He was afraid if he strayed from his path, he wouldn't be able to find his way back, especially considering how difficult it was to navigate in the giant ocean.

    "It'll be safer to come with a ship, otherwise I'll be an aimless fly in the ocean. I should take a look around the coast for now!"

    Chu Xian thought as he swam quickly.

    "Eh? A giant sea turtle! Huge!" On the way back, Chu Xian encountered a sea turtle. Just as he was hesitating about whether to attack the turtle, it had already reacted and retracted into its shell.

    Chu Xian bit the tortoiseshell hard, but he couldn't even make a dent. He left the turtle where it was and swam away. When he happened to pass a giant lobster, he swallowed it down, but unfortunately, his energy didn't increase.

    "If only the system could upgrade by devouring sea creatures that aren't fish!"

    Chu Xian thought, and he had the feeling the system wasn't reasonable at all. If the upgraded system used energy, why didn't devouring other creatures increase his energy pool?

    "Eh? The sonar shows a huge creature!" Suddenly, a giant figure appeared on Chu Xian's sonar detection.

    "It looks like a whale seven or eight meters long. If it isn't a small finback, it'll be a killer whale. Sharks are rarely seen in the Yellow Sea!" Chu Xian noticed that the huge figure was swimming towards him, so he sped up and swam away.

    He already knew he was considered a natural enemy to fish, and even normally mild-mannered fish attacked him whenever he swam by.

    After the huge figure disappeared from his sonar detection, Chu Xian slowed down and devoured small yellow croakers, hairtails, chub mackerels, Spanish mackerels, yellow-boned fish, Chinese herrings, Clupea Pallasis, and cod non-stop.

    Although the fish population wasn't as dense as in the Mississippi, the high energy content compensated for it and his energy increased just as quickly as it had in the US.

    "I'm almost at the coast. Let's look to the left!" Chu Xian swam over quickly.

    "There are so many seagrasses and colorful plants. Beautiful!"

    A large cluster of seagrass, colorful sea creatures and small fish of many different colors appeared in his view.

    "This clump of seagrass isn't small!" He could see through his sonar that this area was extremely wide, though not so deep. The deepest area was around fifty or sixty meters, and the whole place was filled with many sea plants. Some of the bigger ones were one or two meters tall, creating a dense habitat for the small fish swimming around inside.

    "An ocean prairie!" Chu Xian thought to himself in admiration, and he swam closer. The location was excellent for lobsters, and he might be able to find a large group and make a lot of money.

    Chu Xian swam into the seagrass and the colorful plants made his eyes spin. Occasionally, small colorful shrimp crawled on the seabed underneath him, and he even spotted some of the shrimp Germany's Primordial Fish Farm showed off at the Aquarama.

    "There are quite a few of these small shrimp. I can sell these at the store!"

    "Why aren't there any giant lobsters? There are so many small shrimp - how come there are no big ones?"

    Chu Xian swam past a big rock, but to his astonishment, there were no giant lobsters and only a difficult group of creatures.

    A smack of jellyfish (3) floated in front of his eyes, shining blue in the ocean. Their tentacles waved lightly in the water. This image was like a dream, but hiding underneath the pretty veneer was a danger that terrified Chu Xian.

    "There's a box jelly fish, what the f***. The tentacles are at least three meters long!"

    In front of his eyes, a giant jellyfish waved its body. Its head was as big as a basin, and its countless tentacles floated gently in the water. It was beautiful, but on every tentacle were dotted bladders with hollow needles invisible to the human eye, each filled with poison.
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