115 Hire

    "Why are you so pushy?! I feel like you've pushed me around all my life! I'm so annoyed right now!" the tall beauty Xiao Hua replied impatiently as she curved her lips slightly.

    The customers in the store couldn't help but gulp; they glanced over at her discreetly. [Small flower? It should be school flower! (1)]

    "What? You haven't found a job yet? Yeah, you don't deserve a job. When the interviewer asks you why you quit your last job, you have to say you kicked the balls of a womanizing supervisor and then got fired, haha! What company would dare to hire you?!" Er Hua crowed happily.

    "Go away! What did you call me here for? If there's nothing, I'm leaving!" Xiao Hua said unhappily.

    "Of course there's something. Come over here. This is related to your job, heehee. This handsome guy gave me an aquarium, but I have to design the layout myself, so I need your help!" Er Hua said happily.

    "Oh, which blind handsome man gave you this? Show me!" Xiao Hua walked over and looked at the aquarium.

    Chu Xian twitched and glanced over, shaking his head speechlessly.

    "Stop it! This thing the handsome boss gave me is worth more than ten thousand RMB! It'll be super pretty when we're done. Here, help me with it. Make it beautiful!"

    "Eh, this jellyfish! Wow! And look at this little shrimp - how cute. And... oh my. It's a Christmas Tree Worm!"

    Xiao Hua looked at the aquarium and gasped in surprise.

    "Hehe, I didn't realize you knew so much. What do you think? Aren't they amazing?! Hurry up and arrange the sea plants and the stones!" Er Hua prompted her.

    "Of course, what did you think? I helped design Hai Qing City's Sea World - did you think I learned nothing?" Xiao Hua squatted down. Chu Xian instinctively glanced over, but he didn't see anything. (2)

    "Leave it to me!" Xiao Hua reached over and started spreading out the sand.

    She didn't create a flat terrain like Chu Xian did (3), but made a slope instead. The onlookers watched her graceful movements with some surprise. It looked like this was a professional!

    After finishing the bottom layer, she continued with the seagrass. She didn't smother the bed with the plants like Chu Xian did, but she layered it instead. With just two changes, the new aquarium already looked far better than the old one.

    "Impressive! I'm still an amateur compared to these professionals!" Chu Xian praised her silently, watching closely.

    The crowd of onlookers grew larger. Some looked at the beautiful girl while others watched her working.

    After ten or so minutes, she finished. Chu Xian looked back and forth between the one he designed and the one this beauty worked on. His mouth twitched.

    His design was incomparable. It couldn't stand next to Xiao Hua's at all and was only fit for the trashcan.

    "Beautiful. Incredible! The whole space looks alive!" a customer exclaimed.

    "Yes, yes. This one is much better than the one the boss designed just now. This beautiful girl is talented!"

    "Layered and lively! No wonder she worked on the Sea World!"

    The surrounding crowd heaped generous praise upon her, leaving Chu Xian standing awkwardly to the side. The result of half an hour of his labor was nowhere as good as her ten-minute design. (4)

    "Heehee, big brother, your design isn't that bad!" Pupu comforted him.

    Chu Xian knew the truth and shook his head slightly. "The contrast is enormous."

    "Haha, Xiao Hua. Amazing! It's beautiful, I love it!" Er Hua said excitedly with affection apparent on her face as she stared at the aquarium lovingly.

    "En. Beautiful. These Christmas Tree Worms are incredible. No wonder they're called one of the ten most beautiful things of the sea. How amazing! These colors too. Beautiful! This aquarium isn't cheap!" Xiao Hua was also delighted and admired her design happily.

    "That's right. This aquarium is worth at least ten thousand RMB!" Er Hua said excitedly.

    "Oh? So expensive? These jellyfish are five hundred at most, and these small fish are cheaper than that, maybe not even a hundred. These small shrimps are one or two hundred, and the tank itself is less than a hundred. These Christmas Tree Worms are precious, but they aren't worth more than a thousand each!" Xiao Hua said.

    "Hehe, beauty, what you said is wrong. These shrimps aren't that cheap. Look at these three crystal shrimps - each is worth more than a thousand RMB! Just these shrimps alone are worth three thousand RMB!" A customer shook his head.

    "En? So expensive?" Xiao Hua said in surprise. "Then maybe ten thousand for the whole thing isn't so expensive after all."

    "Hehe." The customer shook his head again and turned to Chu Xian. "Boss, if you sell these in the future, how much would you sell these for?"

    "I haven't decided yet. If I sell, I'll use better aquariums, the best materials, and a professional designer." Chu Xian smiled.

    "Then they'll be even more expensive. Ay, I can't afford it!" The customer shook his head.

    Chu Xian smiled. Whether it was ornamental fish or aquariums, he wouldn't sell cheap ones. He wanted his Paradise brand to be the most premium luxury brand in the world.

    There were pros and cons to this. Making his products more expensive limited the market, and in a city of four to five million, it'd be considered good if even fix or six thousand people bought his goods, but the good thing was that those five or six thousand could potentially bring in more than a hundred million RMB.

    Of course, this was just an example. In a second-tier tourism city like Haiqing, it would already be considered fortunate if he had three to four thousand customers, but Chu Xian had high expectations. China didn't lack women with a lot of money, and these beautiful aquariums were very attractive to wealthy women.

    "Wow, then they will be even more beautiful!" Er Hua exclaimed.

    Chu Xian nodded and looked at the aquarium on the floor. He turned to Xiao Hua. "Beauty, how good are you at designing aquariums? Or do you know a better designer?"

    There were masters in every field, and although design students all studied design, interior design was very different from garden design. If he wanted to hire a designer, he was obviously going for the most professional one possible.

    A professional designer would raise the value of the aquariums by a lot.

    "En? Aquarium design?" Xiao Hua said with some interest. "I can be that designer. Let me design a few aquariums for you to look at, and if you think I'm good enough, we can talk about my pay!"
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