116 Searching for Fish with Abilities

    Chu Xian hadn't expected the beauty to recommend herself, but he took another look at the aquarium she designed and nodded. "Use these materials to design some plans for me, and if I like them, I'll hire you."

    Chu Xian wasn't seduced by her beauty, but it would still make him happy if she ended up working for him. Then he would be akin to a big boss surrounded by beautiful secretaries.

    "Okay. Add me on WeChat and I'll show you when I'm done." Xiao Hua smiled confidently and reached her hand out for a handshake. "My name is Zhang Xiaohua."

    "Chu Xian. I own the store!" Chu Xian took her hand and shook it casually.

    Zhang Xiaohua noticed that he only took her hand for a moment and she smiled again.

    "Handsome, my Xiaohua is super amazing at designing things," Er Hua piped in confidently, turning to her best friend. "Xiao Hua, you can do it! You've finally found an opportunity, and your boss is handsome as well!"

    Chu Xian smiled and added the two girls on WeChat. A couple minutes later, the girls left and he sat down with Grandpa Feng to ask him about fishing and running a farm.

    Grandpa Feng knew a lot about fishing ships and fish farming, and his knowledge didn't come from books but from experience. Experience was exactly what Chu Xian lacked.

    The next day, after driving Pupu and Grandpa Feng to the store, Chu Xian headed over to the plant and poultry market.

    The Hai Qing City plant and poultry market was large. It was close to the Yellow Sea and the natural resources in the area were plentiful. There were many different animals, and the coral in the sea were a good habitat for many little turtles and all kinds of strangely shaped fish and plants.

    After parking his car, Chu Xian walked inside. Inside the entrance on both sides were flower ships with many different types of beautiful plants, and further inside was an area for birds. The past few years, fewer and fewer people were interested in keeping birds as pets, and many birds were now classified as endangered.

    "This is the place!" Chu Xian looked at the row of fish shops stretching into the distance. They all had the most common fish like different variations of goldfish, some conchs, starfish and common Arowana.

    Chu Xian looked through every store, paying close attention to some of the stranger fish.

    "Here it is!" Inside one of the stores, Chu Xian found a fish inside a half-closed aquarium.

    "Boss, how much is this Cypselurus?"

    "Cypselurus? You mean this flying fish? Thirty RMB is fine. I only have the one; if you want it, you can have it!" the shopkeeper said casually.

    "Okay, I'll take it!" The corners of Chu Xian's eyes crinkled with his smile.

    Cypselurus: Energy 332

    Gift: Flying

    Flying fish couldn't fly in the air like birds, but they could still fly up to a couple hundred meters and could stay airborne for a decent amount of time.

    Cypeslurus could fly because of their four wings, big chest, and ventral chins. Chu Xian didn't have wings, so even if he had the ability to fly, he could only glide a couple meters at most. However, if he reformed a pair of wings, he didn't think he would have any problems with flying in the sky.

    "Boss, do you know where I can buy electric eels?" Chu Xian asked after he paid the shopkeeper.

    "Electric eels? There's a store called Blue Ocean out in front that I think has electric eels, but little brother, there's no point in buying any. They have no ornamental value and are dangerous," the shopkeeper replied.

    "Thank you!" Chu Xian smiled and left.

    Blue Ocean was a big store, and like its name, the store sold many creatures from the ocean. There were little sea turtles, starfish, and different seahorses.

    "Boss, do you have any electric eels?" Chu Xian asked the shopkeeper by the computer.

    "Yes!" The middle-aged shopkeeper stood up." Come, over here."

    The shopkeeper walked over to a fish tank and pointed at a meter-long electric eel. "This one. You looking to eat it or raise it?"

    "I'm going to eat it. I had one before and it was delicious!" Chu Xian answered.

    "Haha, be careful. Kill it after it discharges its electricity or you'll get hurt!" The shopkeeper smiled. "This eel is four catties, so it's three hundred and fifty RMB."

    Chu Xian nodded. "Okay, pack it up for me!"

    As the shopkeeper packed up the electric eel, Chu Xian looked around the store and scanned the different fish he didn't recognize.

    "These seahorses and starfish are quite nice. I can put them in an aquarium." Chu Xian thought as he browsed.

    "It's done, little bro!" The shopkeeper called out and handed him a bag.

    Chu Xian took it and checked everything before nodding with satisfaction.

    After walking around the shop one last time, Chu Xian didn't notice any special fish and continued looking around the market.

    Just as he walked by a booth, water splashed out of a basin.

    Chu Xian flinched then turned to look at the basin.

    It was a normal fish ordinary in every way, and Chu Xian reasoned that the fish must've jumped and knocked water out of the basin.

    Chu Xian turned to leave, but just as he began to move, some more

    water splashed out of the basin



    "The splash wasn't from the fish jumping! It actually shot the water!" Chu Xian noticed with astonishment.

    "Son, don't you think this fish is very interesting? It's called an Archerfish. It can shoot water out of its mouth, and it uses this to catch insects to eat!" a shopkeeper sitting beside the little booth explained.

    "Oh? How mysterious!" Chu Xian smiled.

    Archerfish: Energy 154

    Gift: Shooting water

    "Haha, very mysterious, very interesting. Little bro, you want to take one home to play with?"

    "Sure, boss. Give me all of these!" Chu Xian answered directly.

    "Haha, good! Good!" The shopkeeper nodded happily.

    "What a nice surprise - a fish that can shoot water. When I have this gift, I can shoot big water balls out of my mouth, and in the future, I might even be able to flip the rivers and seas!" Chu Xian's eyes glistened. Mysterious fish and magical gifts. One day he would gather thousands of gifts and become the god of fish.

    Chu Xian spent another hour wandering the market, but he wasn't so lucky. He didn't find any other special fish, but he was already very satisfied with the ones he already had.

    The abilities of the electric eel and archerfish especially excited him.

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