120 Reforming: The First Merman

    Chu Xian ignored the young man. He turned and left. If the representative from Gu Dao Recipe hadn't been this young man in a suit, he might've really bid again and bought the yellowfin tuna.

    Chu Xian went and looked at the rest of the ships and managed to pick up another swordfish, but this one was slightly smaller - only about a hundred and fifty catties.

    Finally, Chu Xian found a truck to help transport the fish to his place.

    Next to another fishing boat, the young man from Gu Dao Recipe watched gloomily as Chu Xian left.

    After he transported the three fish home, Chu Xian closed the doors and windows before turning to the three fish on the floor.

    Swordfish: Energy 752

    Gift: None

    Swordfish: Energy 610

    Gift: None

    River Beluga: Energy 766

    Gift: None

    "Start reforming the small swordfish!" Chu Xian thought and activated his control ability, and the figure of the swordfish appeared in his mind.

    "Hu, I'll need to hide the sharp sword, and the skin color is troublesome. I'll fix the exterior appearance first!"

    With experience from his previous two attempts, Chu Xian finished reforming the appearance of the swordfish quickly then he turned his attention inward.

    The diagram Tang Qiumeng gave him was very detailed and covered all the different types of systems and functions. While organs could be altered a little, other organs had to be functionally precise; even small unexpected details could kill the fish.

    He spent two days pouring over Tang Qiumeng's diagrams.

    With delicate nudges with his mind, Chu Xian changed the fish little by little; first, a man should be able to talk then there was the matter of intelligence. He moved part of the energy stored throughout the body into the head. About half an hour later, he finished remolding the interior.

    Chu Xian smiled. In his mind, he could see a human with a long sword attached to the top of its head. With a final thought, the sword was tucked away where the man's arm should be (1). When the man was wearing clothes, the sword would be completely hidden, but he would have this handy weapon.

    Chu Xian could already picture a group of swordfish men fighting with other people and suddenly revealing the long sword arms. It could contribute to great surprise attacks in the future.

    "One hundred and fifty catties (75kg about 170 pounds), and after reforming, he should be around 180 cm (just under 6 feet). He can act as my guard now, and he can work for free. Not bad, not bad!"

    Chu Xian looked at the swordfish before his eyes and paused nervously. Creating fish men was important for his goals, and they would make trustworthy subordinates. He could even send them out to catch fish and even....

    For instance, with the aquariums he was planning on selling, he could only physically run one store himself, but with a few mermen, he could open stores in other cities.

    And that was even before considering things like going out to sea to catch fish or searching for underwater treasures. After all, other humans weren't one hundred percent reliable, and the sea wasn't their domain.

    "Confirm reforming!" Chu Xian thought to himself as he looked at the swordfish nervously.


    Chu Xian looked nervously at the data.

    Swordfish Man: Energy 422

    Gift: Human Gift

    "It worked! It finally worked!" Chu Xian jumped excitedly. He finally succeeded!

    He assumed he might have to use up all the fish he bought this time with no guarantee of success, but to his joyful surprise, he succeeded on the first attempt.

    "Amazing, this is great!"

    Chu Xian looked excitedly at the pale and thin, aged thirty-ish young man in front of him. He was about a hundred and eighty centimeters tall.

    "His gift is human? What does that mean? Can he learn and think? Do swordfish men have the ability to learn and think?!"

    Chu Xian looked at the dazed expression on the swordfish man's face and used absolute control on him.

    Absolute control enabled him to completely control a fish without any distance limitations. At the moment, he could control up to fifteen fish, and counting the Mokedile, he had fourteen left.

    "Fourteen. I'll save it all to control mermen then I'll have fourteen helpers in the future!"

    Chu Xian looked at the swordfish man and said, "From now on, you'll be Fish One."

    "From now on you'll be Fish One!" Fish One repeated, looking at Chu Xian with confusion.

    "En?" Chu Xian frowned then spoke to Fish One again, but he discovered Fish One was like a new-born baby who didn't understand anything and didn't know how to do anything!

    "This is troublesome!" Chu Xian frowned. "If I need to teach them everything, I won't have time for anything else!"

    "That's right - I can just reform a merman with higher intelligence and make him teach the other new-born mermen." Chu Xian decided and turned to the river beluga.

    The river beluga was very ugly, but it was also very delicious. In ancient times, it was often given as a tribute to the royal family, and the tradition was that the Chinese name for the fish was given by Emperor Qianlong.

    Of course, Chu Xian wasn't planning on eating the fish. With a thought, he started reforming the beluga.

    With his prior success, the reformation this time came more easily. After twenty minutes, he finished reforming a new merman.

    He was around 170 cm (5'7") tall, and his head was obviously larger than average. His black eyes sat in deep eye sockets, and just like Sword One, he was hairless, but his face looked older and wiser.

    Chu Xian transferred seventy percent of the energy into the fish man's head, so his body was more middle-aged, unlike Sword One.

    But he also didn't stand around dazed and confused like Sword One. Instead, he looked around curiously and inquisitively.

    This was due to the difference in intelligence.

    "In the future, I'll call you Old Huang!" Chu Xian said to the beluga man.

    Old Huang nodded with understanding, and Chu Xian was happily surprised. He told him to stand to the side then he started reforming the final fish.

    The last fish was the two hundred catty swordfish, and Chu Xian was planning on reforming a strong guard to follow him around in the future in addition to making him look cool.

    Twenty minutes later, he finished reforming and a strong, bald man stood up in front of him. His body was covered in rippling muscles full of strength, and his strong, rectangular face looked very serious. One arm was strong and thick, and the other had a strange sword attached to it.

    Just like Sword One, he wasn't very smart and needed guidance and education.

    "I'll let Old Huang learn a bit about the world for a couple of days then he can teach the others. He'll also be responsible for teaching the other fish men in the future!"

    Chu Xian smiled.
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