124 Taking Shape

    Chu Xian smiled at Grandpa Feng and walked over.

    The crowd automatically made way. The boss on the fishing ship took one look at Chu Xian and yelled out, "One hundred and eighty thousand! Any other offers?"

    "F*ck me! Is this man aiming for Gu Dao Recipe?"

    "Maybe. Otherwise, why would he wait until the last second? A hundred and eighty thousand! This is a loss no matter who wins!"

    "Is there really a new big company trying to establish themselves in the restaurant business in Hai Qing?"

    The buyers split into small groups and whispered to each other. Chu Xian already faced off against the Gu Dao Sect twice in front of them, so everyone and their sister were making predictions about the future.

    "Xiao Xian!" Grandpa Feng called out, walking forward with a smile.

    "Grandpa Feng." Chu Xian chuckled. His eyes flicked over the people from Gu Dao Recipe and turned towards the fishing ship.

    "Are you targeting our Gu Dao Recipe?" Wang Li yelled out angrily as he strutted over.

    Senior Disciple Brother Zhang followed with his overbearing frown and turned toward Chu Xian and Grandpa Feng.

    "No." Chu Xian shook his head. "I just want to buy big fish!"

    "Spiking the price twice, yet you still say you aren't targeting us? Spit it out - what restaurant are you from?!" Wang Li glared at him coldly.

    "My price is a hundred and eighty thousand. Are you going to bid? If not, this flatfish is mine!" Chu Xian replied dryly.

    "Good, good, you brat! Challenging us! Just wait!" Wang Li gestured angrily.

    "This brother - I don't know which competing restaurant you're from, but let me tell you, our Gu Dao Sect is not easy to mess with," Senior Disciple Brother Zhang spat out coldly.

    "You were with a foreigner last time, and it looks like you're working for him. Hehe, don't think you can be arrogant just because you have some boss from overseas. Our Gu Dao Recipe isn't afraid of you!" Wang Li called out again with his mocking words.

    Chu Xian's face froze. "Be careful of your words. I only came to purchase fish, and I didn't care about targeting anyone, but since you said this, we might just fight for everything in the future. Let's give it a go!"

    "You..." Wang Li was stunned and his eyes turned red. "You dare!"

    "Why wouldn't I dare?" Chu Xian glared coldly. "Grandpa Feng, from now on, come here every day and bid on everything he wants. Haha, working for foreigners? We'll see about that!"

    "Okay, Xiao Xian!" Grandpa Feng quickly answered, nodding bitterly.

    "F*ck! He's really fighting Gu Dao Recipe. They're all in for it now!"

    "Youngsters really are brave!"

    "This young man says he isn't picking on Gu Dao Recipe, but just this man. This is obviously using money to kick this man out. I wonder how Gu Dao Recipe will react in the future!"

    The crowd looked at the suited man with pity. Obviously, his insulting words displeased Chu Xian, and from the looks of it, Chu Xian was very rich.

    Wang Li was stunned, and his face turned purple. He pointed and stuttered. "You, you..."

    "Are you bidding or not? If not, this fish is mine!" Chu Xian turned towards Brother Zhang.

    Brother Zhang frowned and examined Chu Xian as he thought over his words. Finally, he turned to look at Wang Li and shook his head. "A hundred and eighty-one thousand. This is our last bid."

    Chu Xian smiled and watched as the Gu Dao Recipe people left. He turned to the boss on the fishing ship and called out, "A hundred more RMB!"

    "Hehe, good, good!" The boss nodded happily.

    "Xiao Xian, it's not worth spending so much on one fish!" Grandpa Feng whispered worriedly.

    "It's fine." Chu Xian shook his head. "As long as it's a big fish, it's alright to pay even five or six times the market price!"

    "Okay!" Grandpa Feng nodded, trusting Chu Xian's words.

    The surrounding people were astonished. Five to six times the market price? What a tyrant! Was he buying the fish and planning on raising them until they could earn back a profit?"

    "Xiao Xian, including this flatfish, I've bought four big fish. I put the others at a fish farm nearby."

    "Good, I'll get someone to pick them up today. You've worked hard, Grandpa Feng."

    "It was nothing." Grandpa Feng immediately waved his hand. "This was a small thing, and I didn't do much."

    After Chu Xian arrived at the fish farm Grandpa Feng mentioned, he found a car to transport the 4 two to three hundred catty fish back to the villa.

    One flatfish, two swordfish, and one hundred-and-eighty-catty seabass.

    Chu Xian remolded the flatfish into a wise old man, and the two swordfish became Sword Three and Sword Four. The seabass became something like the swordfish, and Chu Xian planned to use it for manual labor.

    After he finished, his mermen followers numbered seven, and his legion of evil was beginning to take shape.

    "Old Huang, I'll leave them to you, alright?" Chu Xian called out from where he sat.

    "Boss, there will be no problems!" Old Huang replied confidently. "I'll educate these children well!"

    "Eh, en. Educate them." Chu Xian nodded.

    "Boss, I want to teach them how to fight so they can protect boss in the future!" Old Huang said after a slight pause.

    "Fight? How will you teach them how to fight?" Chu Xian looked at him curiously.

    "This is simple. They have lessons on TV, and we can also have them spar with each other. The swordfish mermen have strong bodies, and after training, they'll be much stronger than humans!" Old Huang said confidently.

    "En, alright. You can teach them. There'll be more friends joining our team in the future," Chu Xian replied, already having aspirations to a lofty, straw hat crown.

    "Okay boss, just leave it to me. I'll manage it all and cultivate them into elite mermen!" Old Huang nodded.


    Chu Xian was made speechless by his amazing evil robot sidekick, but in the end, he decided to rely on Old Huang. His ability would prove himself, and everything was heading in a good direction.

    The next day, Chu Xian received Zhang Xiaohua's designs, and he nodded in satisfaction.

    "That's right, I had Li Huazhong do some things for the company a couple days ago. Is it time to rent an office? Eh, not now. I've spent too much money lately."

    Chu Xian pondered the future, and right now, he wasn't ready to rent an office space. He spent a lot of money lately - renting the fish farm cost eighteen million, the villa was just under ten million, and with the recently-purchased fish and other miscellaneous things, his expenditure totaled thirty million RMB.

    Now he had less than twenty million on hand, and the store only earned some tens of thousands a day. He was obviously spending more than he earned.

    And he still hadn't bought a fishing ship. One of those could cost a couple million.

    "I'm so poor. I need to make money."
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