125 David’s Arrival

    "Hey, Chu Xian. I'm in China. I had some stuff to do in England first, but now I'm here. Come to Jing Hai - the car is already here and you can come to pick it up."

    That night, Chu Xian got a call from David. As he thought about his super-subtle-and-not-at-all-flashy-but-really-cool-and-awesome Rolls-Royce-Dawn, his heart burned with the flame of manly excitement. This was a top grade sportscar! A sports car worth five to six million RMB in China!

    "Okay, I'll come over tomorrow," Chu Xian replied excitedly.

    The next morning, Chu Xian took the high-speed rail to Jing Hai. Why didn't he drive? He was preparing himself to pick up a Rolls-Royce - why would he drive a Range Rover?

    "Haha, Chu Xian, brother, have you eaten? Let's go. I already had someone make lunch. Come to my place." The moment he exited the station, David called out to him warmly.

    "Okay!" Chu Xian nodded and got into David's car. "What've you been up to, David?" Chu Xian asked. "Do you have business in China?"

    "Ay, my good friend's father is sick, so I went to England to see him, and now I'm looking for medicine. I came to China to see if I could find anything, and I'll be attending something for the export group as well," David replied.

    "Oh, medicine? Chinese medicine?" Chu Xian asked curiously with no sign of foreshadowing at all.

    "No, not Chinese medicine. I'm looking for a venom from a sea snake. It has to be the venom of a Blue Banded Sea Snake over five years old. My friend's father has a problem with his neural system and it needs to be treated with the venom," David said, shaking his head. "The snake is almost extinct, so we're having a tough time finding the venom."

    "Oh, you can't use another sea snake's venom?" Chu Xian asked. He found some sea snakes before and he did some research. Sea snake venom was one of the most precious medicines in the world, even more valuable than Ling Zhi Mushrooms or Ginseng, and the venom of the Blue Banded Sea Snake was even rarer. The snake was considered endangered in China and was under protection from hunting and trading.

    "No, the quality of each snake's venom is different, and finding this one is like trying to find a needle in the ocean!" David shook his head helplessly.

    Chu Xian nodded silently.

    David's villa was in the third ring. When they walked through the door, there was already food on the table. To Chu Xian's surprise, Allie was there as well.

    "Chu Xian, dear, sit!" Allie said, giving him a warm hug.

    Chu Xian smiled. "Mrs. Allie, it's good to see you! What are you doing in China?"

    "I'm on vacation, so I came to play for a couple days. Aside from the pollution, China is wonderful!" Allie teased.

    "Haha, you're right!" Chu Xian chuckled.

    "I'm going to see the Great Wall tomorrow with David and we're going to look around the old capital city!" Allie continued speaking as she moved to open a bottle of wine.

    "Are you free for the next few days, Chu Xian? If you have time, you should join us for Shang Jing and I can introduce you to some friends!" David said.

    "Shang Jing!" Chu Xian was lost in thought for a second. His mind drifted to Xiao Ying. She was studying in Shang Jing and they hadn't seen each other for more than twenty days. He said he would visit her, but he hadn't had time until now.

    "Sure, my girlfriend's also studying in Shang Jing right now." Chu Xian nodded.

    "That's great! Perfect then!" David said happily.

    "Chu Xian, your girlfriend must be very beautiful!" Allie said with a smile.

    "Yes, very beautiful!" Chu Xian said honestly.

    "Alright. Let's go see your car, Chu Xian!" After lunch, David stood up.

    "Thank you, David!" Chu Xian nodded happily, following David to the garage of the villa.

    "Sky blue! What do you think?!" David said, pointing to the new Rolls-Royce Dawn.

    "This... David, isn't your car white? How did it become sky blue?" Chu Xian was stunned by the majestic Dawn as he asked in confusion (1).

    "Hehe, I had it painted!" David chuckled and threw him the key. "Try it out!"

    "Okay!" Chu Xian nodded eagerly.

    "Tsk, tsk." Chu Xian looked around the car and the mileage was less than ten km. He shook his head speechlessly before turning back to David. "David, you said you were giving me an old car. This is obviously a new car!"

    "Hehe, don't get bogged down with the details. My life and your friendship can't compare to an expensive car. Chu Xian, brother, I paid for the insurance under your name, and now this car is yours." David smiled and sat down in the passenger's seat.

    "You didn't have my ID - how did you put it under my name?" Chu Xian asked.

    "I have your ID number, and I have money!" David smiled.

    "Alright." Chu Xian nodded and started up the car as David explained the different features of the car.

    The convertible was already beautiful, and together with the little golden man inside, it was drop-dead gorgeous. The car attracted attention everywhere it went. Even in a big city like Jing Hai, this kind of car was a rare sight.

    Showing off without even trying was an essential joy of life!

    Chu Xian sighed in contentment as he drove around the neighborhood and back to David's villa.

    "How was it, Chu Xian? What did you think?" Allie waved and asked cheerfully, gesturing to David as they came through the door.

    David looked at her and nodded.

    "It's too expensive." Chu Xian smiled.

    "Hehe, David is just like this. When people treat him well, he'll treat them well. You even saved his life! I've already bought the tickets, so let's go!" Allie replied.


    They went to the airport followed by an old secretary and two bodyguards.

    The two guards beside David looked very impressive and Chu Xian couldn't help thinking of his mermen. When they were ready, he would buy them suits and sunglasses and have them follow him around.

    Then his aura would be complete - the true image of an upper-class man!

    "Mr. David!" A middle-aged man came forward as they exited the plane.

    "En, are you from Far Airlines?" David asked.

    "Yes, we've already arranged your accommodations. Welcome to the conference," the middle-aged man said warmly.

    "Thank you." David turned to Chu Xian. "Chu Xian, brother, it's only four. Are you going to come with us to the hotel or do you want to go see your girlfriend?"

    "You guys go to the hotel first. I want to see my girlfriend!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Alright, no problem. We can go together. The car's here, haha, and we can have dinner together as well. Don't worry, we won't disturb you two!"
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