127 Attending the Conference

    Zhou Hao saw the girl he liked hugging another man and he burned with embarrassment as Chu Xian mocked him. He stood there awkwardly frozen in place.

    "F*ck, this guy is kicking him while he's down!" One of Zhou Hao's friends glared at Chu Xian.

    "Screw him!" Another young man walked forward coldly. "Xiao Ying, beauty, this is your boyfriend? He's not that impressive!"

    Chu Xian glanced at him before turning back to Xiao Ying. "Xiao Ying, let me introduce you. This is my American friend, David. He's the one I went to America with, and this is his wife, Allie."

    "Haha, Chu Xian, your girlfriend is beautiful. You have to take good care of such a charming lady. Hello, Miss Xiao Ying, you can call me David." David chuckled and extended his hand.

    The young man reddened when Chu Xian ignored him and he demanded angrily, "Kid, are you looking for trouble?"

    "Is this the best you got? You're no match for our brother. Xiao Ying, we can't stop you from making bad decisions, but don't regret it because there's no medicine for regret!" (1)

    One of the young men quickly noticed that Zhou Hao didn't know what to do and he stepped forward, trying to save Zhao Hao from this ambush.

    Chu Xian was unhappy at their words, especially with Xiao Ying by his side. He finally turned and looked at the young men. "You aren't qualified to judge her decisions. You asked if I'm looking for trouble? Who are the arrogant fools here? A rejection is a rejection, so deal with it. Don't think so highly of yourselves - the world doesn't revolve around you!"

    "And you. You've already been rejected, so stop embarrassing yourself. Take your punks and go!"

    "You...." Zhou Hao's face was red like blood and his whole body shook.

    "You wanna say that again?!" Another young man walked forward, pointing at Chu Xian threateningly.

    "Hoho, I've always heard the children of new money in China were arrogant, but I never knew how true that was!" David glanced at the young man and laughed.

    As he spoke, the two bodyguards stepped forward and glared at the young man.

    The young man paused and looked at them warily.

    The crowd was also stunned. The bodyguards stared at him with murderous intent, and it was obvious that these kinds of people couldn't be hired by any random person. How could someone who could afford such professional guards be normal?

    "Don't pay attention to them, little sister. It's nice to meet you. We don't have a suitable gift for you, but this watch expresses our sentiments." Allie pushed a little box into Xiao Ying's hands. She spoke in English, but Xiao Ying's English was decent, so she understood everything.

    "No, I can't!" Xiao Ying immediately refused. "I already have a watch!"

    "I already paid for it, just take it!" Allie smiled and nodded at her.

    "Really, there's no need!" Xiao Ying shook her head and turned to Chu Xian.

    "Just take it." Chu Xian nodded at Xiao Ying before smiling helplessly at David and Allie.

    "En. Thank you, Allie," Xiao Ying said sincerely. "Xiao Xian, this is my friend, Fei Fei. She's been helping me while I've been in Shang Jing."

    "Heehee, Xiao Ying, you don't have to be so polite with me. Hello, I'm Lu Feifei. I've heard a lot about you. En, you look decent." Lu Feifei smiled and stepped forward.

    "Hehe, thank you!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Let's go. Everyone hungry?" Allie said to the group.

    "En, okay!" Chu Xian nodded and turned to Lu Feifei. "Let's go together!"

    "I can't. I have work I need to finish!" Lu Feifei waved her hand.


    "Feifei, see you tomorrow!"

    "Huh, looks like Xiao Ying's boyfriend isn't bad!" Lu Feifei smiled as the couple walked away. She turned to Zhou Hao and waved. "Alright, Zhou Hao, even though your confession was rejected, there's nothing to be embarrassed about!"

    "Hehe." Zhou Hao chuckled awkwardly.

    "Sister Fei, what's Xiao Ying's boyfriend's background?" The young man who stepped forward earlier asked awkwardly.

    "I don't really know either. I just heard from Xiao Ying that he was her upperclassman and worked from the bottom up." Lu Feifei shrugged. "He's from the countryside, but you guys shouldn't do anything over the line. That foreigner wasn't an average person; that watch she gave Xiao Ying was a Patek Phillipe. It looks like the newest women's watch, worth more than six hundred thousand!"


    The crowd gasped. She'd given a friend's girlfriend a six hundred thousand RMB watch as a gift. Unbelievable!

    And with those two gigantic bodyguards, it was obvious that the foreigner wasn't an average joe. It was clear that Xiao Ying's boyfriend wasn't some ordinary man building his way up from the bottom.

    Zhou Hao's friends shook their heads bitterly. Although their families weren't simple, they didn't have a net worth of a couple billion RMB. Also, Xiao Ying's side included foreigners, and that gave their status another edge.

    "How many more days do you need to study here?" Chu Xian asked Xiao Ying in the car.

    "Four days. Four more days until the month is over."

    "Oh? Then I can stay with you these next four days then we can go back together!"

    "Heehee, that sounds great!"

    Chu Xian and Xiao Ying chatted while David smiled. "Chu Xian, brother, are you coming to the Far Airline's conference tomorrow?"

    "En? Me? It isn't appropriate for me, is it? What would I do there?" Chu Xian shook his head.

    "Let's just have a look, and I can introduce you to some people as well. Didn't you rent a fish farm? You still need to buy a fishing ship, right? There'll be a lot of fishing ship manufacturers there, and you can talk to them."

    "Oh?" Chu Xian nodded as he thought. "That's great, but it won't be too much trouble, will it?"

    "No, not at all. You can even bring your girlfriend with you," David replied.

    "That's right. Xiao Ying, come and play!" Allie said happily.

    "Okay." Chu Xian nodded. Interpersonal relationships were very important, and one more friend meant one more potential path to success. If possible, he'd also buy his fishing ship at the conference.

    "En, alright!" When Chu Xian agreed, Xiao Ying also nodded. She didn't want the distance between them to keep increasing.

    When they found a decent restaurant serving duck, the group went inside and ate.
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