128 Conference

    After dinner, David and Allie brought the young couple to a high-class shopping street.

    If they were to attend the conference, they needed to dress appropriately to both convey respect to the host and to demonstrate a level of status.

    Chu Xian found a suit that fit him well and complemented his body well.

    Xiao Ying decided on a beautiful white dress that played on her elegance magically. Every move and smile of hers stirred the heart.

    "You're stunning!" Chu Xian exclaimed, walking up to Xiao Ying and kissing her.

    "Heehee." Xiao Ying laughed happily, playing with her clothes nervously. "I'm still not used to this!" Dressing up like this was a first for her, so she was a little restrained in her movements.

    "You're beautiful!" Chu Xian smiled, extending an arm. "Let's go, my princess!"

    "Haha, yes, let's go, my prince!" Xiao Ying laughed. She linked arms with him and walked outside.

    "Let's go!" Outside, David and Allie already picked out their clothes and turned to smile as Chu Xian and Xiao Ying came out.

    The car stopped at the entrance of a five-star hotel, and the valet immediately walked forward. As the other valets were opening the doors, the driver gestured to one and they exchanged a few words. That valet then led the group to the floor of the conference.

    The "conference" was a party hosted by Far Airlines to thank its partners. It was also an opportunity to mingle and make connections. The top transportation companies in China were there, and many related ship manufacturers and other business partners were among the guests.

    The top managers of Far Airlines were standing by the entrance of the room, waiting to welcome guests. As David's group walked in, the managers immediately came forward to greet them.

    "Mr. David, welcome to our Far Airlines conference." An old man took David's hand and shook it warmly.

    "Hello, Director Wei. I'm honored to be invited!" David said then gestured to his side. "This is my wife, Allie, and this is my brother from China, Chu Xian, and his girlfriend, Zhang Tianying!"

    Director Wei's eyes lingered on Chu Xian's face for a few seconds as confusion filled his heart, but he still politely shook their hands in turn.

    Chu Xian murmured his polite greetings and thanks. There were no ordinary people attending this conference, and he was just a small figure. Of course, that was only if they were ranked according to wealth; if they were judged based on abilities, he was a superman.

    The hall was already quite full, and aside from the successful middle-aged and old men, there were many beautiful female companions.

    David wasn't familiar with most of them, so the four found a table and chatted.

    The conference was similar to ones Chu Xian had seen on television. There was group after group of people talking with wine glasses in hand and gentle smiles on their faces. Although Chu Xian didn't like the atmosphere, he didn't hate it either.

    David sat with them, and from time to time, people came over to greet him. Most of them were his business partners.

    "Here. Brother Chu Xian, weren't you thinking of buying a fishing ship? Let me introduce you to someone. He manufactures ships, and his boats are of pretty good quality in the industry," David called out to Chu Xian.

    "Okay." Chu Xian nodded. He got up and followed David.

    "How are you, Director Gu?" David said, greeting the old man with a wine glass in hand.

    The old man was talking to five or six people at a table. When he heard David's voice, he turned around. "Mr. David! What a pleasant surprise - I didn't know you were coming. If I'd known, I would've come over to say hello!"

    Mr. Gu stood up enthusiastically. David mainly worked in overseas transportation, and the seas needed ships. He spent a huge amount to fix and maintain his ships, so he was an important customer of Mr. Gu.

    "Here, everyone, let me introduce you. This is David Clark from the US, the chairman of the Clark Sinoocean group!" Mr. Gu said, introducing David to the people at the table.

    "Hello! Hello!" They all greeted him warmly, lifting their glasses.

    David lifted his glass and took a sip. He looked at Mr. Gu. "Director Gu, this is my wife Allie, and this is my brother from China, Chu Xian."

    "Oh?" Mr. Gu looked at the young Chu Xian with some surprise. "Hello Mrs. Allie, hello Mr. Chu!"

    "Heehee, Director Gu, this time I've brought you a business opportunity. My brother just bought a fish farm, and now he needs to purchase some fishing ships."

    "Really? Thank you very much, Mr. David. Since Mr. David introduced you, I can give you my best price!" Director Gu replied happily.

    "Then you're doing it wrong - you should give him your lowest price. This is my closest brother!" David joked.

    "Haha, Mr. David, your Chinese is getting better and better that you can even joke like this now! Alright, alright. Don't worry, I will definitely give him my lowest price!" Director Gu nodded and promised, hiding his surprise.

    "Hehe, that's great!"

    "Hello, Director Gu. Thank you in advance for giving me your best price!" Chu Xian stepped forward timely.

    "Mr. Chu is so young and successful. When I was your age, I was still working for someone else. Come, come, let's talk!" Director Gu sighed and gestured for them to sit.

    Chu Xian and his group sat down. He looked at the people around the table and noticed a familiar face. The young man obviously realized Chu Xian recognized him and lowered his face into his wine glass, whispering to the middle-aged man beside him, "Dad, I need to make a phone call!"

    "En, come back quickly!" The man nodded.

    The young man nodded hurriedly and took out his phone as he walked into the restroom. "F*ck me, I just ran into Xiao Ying and her boyfriend!"

    "What? Didn't you go to the conference with your father? How did you run into them?" Inside the WeChat group, one of the young men who was with Zhou Hao that afternoon replied.

    "I have sh*t luck, who knows? They came with that foreigner. F*ck, do you know who that foreigner is? He's the chairman of Clark Sinoocean Group in the US. He's worth a billion US dollars!"


    "We're lucky we didn't cross the line!"

    "That foreigner is very close to Xiao Ying's boyfriend, and they're talking about purchasing a fishing ship from Mr. Gu."

    "Bro, did he recognize you?"

    "Of course! I'm in the bathroom right now!"


    "A moment of silence!"

    After talking for a while, Chu Xian took Director Gu's card. He knew a little bit about fishing ships.

    The next part of the conference was very boring. The host gave a short speech then a group of people started talking business.

    David introduced him to some of his business friends and Chu Xian got to know some of their faces. In the future, they might have the opportunity to cooperate.

    The conference lasted until ten pm. Afterwards, Chu Xian and Xiao Ying booked a room at the hotel and they had a deep conversation.

    The nectar after a drought! It was intense and exciting!
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