129 Having Guests

    For the next few days, Chu Xian took some time to see Shang Jing with David and Allie and spent his evenings going to shopping malls with Xiao Ying. This free life lasted for four days.

    On the fourth night, Chu Xian attended Xiao Ying's graduation, and the familiar faces of Lu Feifei and Zhao Hao were also present, but there was no repeat of the confession. After everything that happened that day, Zhou Hao had already given up completely.

    The next morning, Chu Xian and Xiao Ying went to the airport and flew back to Jing Hai with David and Allie.

    Chu Xian waved goodbye to the couple and drove his Rolls-Royce Dawn back to Hai Qing with Xiao Ying.

    "Xiao Xian, why did David give you such an expensive car? And this watch - when I looked it up, it's more than six hundred thousand RMB!" Xiao Ying asked him curiously.

    "Heehee, in the beginning, he was just a customer of mine and we had a lot of things to talk about. I did help him a little bit at first, but in the US, I ended up saving his life. He's a very warm person, so he wanted me to take some gifts as a token of his appreciation!" Chu Xian explained.

    "Ah? You saved his life? What happened?" Xiao Ying asked immediately.

    "Nothing. He was almost hit by a car and I helped him!" Chu Xian lied. He couldn't say that he saved David from guns and bullets.

    "Oh, no wonder." Xiao Ying nodded.

    Then Chu Xian told her about how David got him the car.

    "This is just a case of a good person getting good things!" Xiao Ying smiled.

    "Isn't there another month until school starts? You should get your driver's license then in the future, you can drive this car!" Chu Xian said.

    "Me?" Xiao Ying said, shaking her head. "I can't. I don't have the courage. If I scratch it, my whole month's salary won't even be enough to fix it then what would I do?!"

    "Haha. As long as you serve this master well, this master will fix it for you!"

    "Go die! I won't drive it anyway - it's too showy. You can drive it and I'll take your Land Rover!"

    "No, that won't do. The Land Rover doesn't suit a beautiful woman like you. We'll just buy another one when you get your license!" Chu Xian shook his head.

    "You shouldn't waste money like that!" Xiao Ying said with some dissatisfaction.

    "Yo he (1), we aren't even married, yet you're already minding my money. Okay, that's good. In the future, my wife will manage my money!"

    "Hmph, stop fooling around!"

    They joked and teased as Chu Xian drove the car directly to Hai Qing Standard. The students preparing for graduate school all looked at the new Rolls-Royce with jealousy.

    "Okay, we made it. There's still half an hour before the meeting!" Chu Xian parked the car by the office building and smiled.

    "En, give me an hour and a half." Xiao Ying smiled back and kissed Chu Xian before getting out of the car and walking into the building.

    Chu Xian put up the sun roof. He lay down and played with his phone.

    An hour and some minutes later, a group of teachers left the building. Chu Xian got out of the car and waited.

    "Xiao Xian!" Xiao Ying waved and walked over.

    The other teachers noticed the luxury car and stared. Some of the younger teachers looked at it with jealousy.

    "Xiao Xian, our school is having a gathering, so I can't go with you!" Xiao Ying walked over and apologized.

    "Gathering?" Chu Xian thought for a moment and turned to look at the group of teachers.

    He also graduated from this school and knew some of the teachers. He recognized the middle-aged man in the center, President Wang of Hai Qing Standard.

    "Wait a bit!" Chu Xian said to Xiao Ying before he walked over to President Wang.

    "Hello, President Wang!" Chu Xian called out.

    "You are...? A student?" President Wang looked at the young man walking over from the luxury car.

    "Hehe, I'm Chu Xian. I graduated in the class of 2015. Professor Zhu, I took your electives!" Chu Xian said, taking out some cigarettes and offering them to President Wang and Professor Zhu.

    "Oh, you've already graduated. Hehe, Xiao Chu, looks like you're doing pretty well!" President Wang took a cigarette and laughed.

    "Haha, I'm doing alright, but it's all thanks to the school's help. President, I heard you were all going out to eat. Can I shamelessly treat you all to a meal as a student to express my gratitude to the teachers?" Chu Xian said earnestly (2).

    "Hehe, Xiao Chu. You are very thoughtful, but you've just entered society, so you'd be doing well to even make a little bit of money. We can't have you treat us!" President Wang replied happily.

    "How can that be? It's just a meal. Hehe, President Wang, I won't lie to you. My girlfriend is joining the team of teachers, so you'll be my leader in the future. I have to treat you!"

    "Haha, you! Xiao Chu, I don't know how you managed to find a teacher girlfriend from our school, haha. Alright, you can pay for this meal, but these are two different matters!" President Wang chuckled at Chu Xian's brazen confession.

    "Of course, of course. I know a restaurant we can go to. I can go grab a table first. President Wang, do you want to ride with me?" Chu Xian smiled.

    "That's alright, we'll take the school car."

    "Okay, okay. I'll go first and wait for you by the entrance."

    "You're very thoughtful!" President Wang shook his head happily.

    "Hehe." Professor Zhu laughed as Chu Xian walked away. "Xiao Chu is Teacher Xiao Ying's boyfriend, and they've been together for three or four years."

    "Pretty good. It looks like Xiao Chu is doing pretty well," President Wang said.

    "I heard he's very successful, and that there was a lot of news about him a little while ago. He now has a net worth of more than ten million RMB!

    "Haha, not bad, not bad!" President Wang laughed happily


    "Okay, I've talked to President Wang. This meal is on me." Chu Xian walked over to Xiao Ying and told her smugly, fishing for praise.

    "Ah? Okay, if you want to treat us then you're treating!" Xiao Ying smiled, touched.

    "En, let's go. We can go order some food first!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "You go first. I'm going with my colleagues." Xiao Ying smiled and ran to the school bus.

    Chu Xian shook his head and went to the restaurant. He ordered two tables of dishes from the waitress at the front desk. Each table's food cost more than ten thousand RMB, but for Xiao Ying's future, this money didn't matter.

    After ordering the dishes, Chu Xian waited by the entrance.

    However, to his surprise, some acquaintances walked up to the restaurant before the school bus arrived.

    "Big Brother Hong, Hao Zhong, Wen Qing! You also came to eat here? What a coincidence!"

    Hong Chenghai and the others were surprised but immediately smiled and walked over. "Xiao Xian, you also came here to eat. Hehe, what a coincidence!"
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