131 Purchasing A Fishing Ship

    That night, Chu Xian moved Xiao Ying's things into his apartment and they officially started living together.

    The next day, Chu Xian had to put up with Xiao Ying's eye rolling and cold hmphs all day. Fortunately, he sacrificed his dignity and calmed Xiao Ying down, and at the same time, he assured her that Pupu was just a child he wanted to help and Zhang Xiaohua was just a talented employee.

    That was right. Chu Xian couldn't remember when he decided to commit suicide, but he had asked Zhang Xiaohua to come over to discuss work.

    Of course, this was at the same time Xiao Ying was on vacation and accompanied him to his shop, allowing her to set eyes on this beautiful employee... He didn't want to think about that incident anymore.

    "Heehee, you should get your license now that you have time!"

    There was still a month left on Xiao Ying's vacation, so Chu Xian helped Xiao Ying locate a driving school. He drove her there, and after meeting the friendly trainer, he paid the tuition and gave the trainer a pack of quality cigarettes.

    "Ms. Zhang, are you ready? Let's begin!" The trainer said enthusiastically, defying all the internet rumors of terrible and grumpy driving instructors.

    "Huh, I need to be more careful. No, wait, why am I being careful? I didn't do anything wrong!" Chu Xian let out a sigh of relief after dropping off his mast- no, girlfriend, at the driving school.

    As he pushed open the front door of his villa, his minions greeted him. "Boss!" Old Huang called out, and Old Mu quickly echoed him.

    "En, how's it going?" Chu Xian chuckled. Now that the girlfriend was out of the way, he could begin hatching his super evil ultimate amazing plan.

    "Boss, there are no problems. Sword One and Sword Two are ready to leave; there won't be any issues," Old Huang promised, patting his chest.

    Chu Xian nodded. "Keep teaching them. I'll come by to pick them up in two days!"

    "I'll stake my life on this mission! In two days, Sword Three, Sword Four, and Bass One will also be ready!" Old Huang said confidently.

    "That's good."

    Chu Xian nodded then called Grandpa Feng to let him know he was heading over.

    "Xiao Xian, I haven't managed to buy any large sized fish!" Grandpa Feng called out as he walked over to Chu Xian's fancy car, awkwardly fidgeting with his clothes.

    "That's alright. Get in, we're going to the ship factory to have a look and see what kind of ship we're going to buy. These next few days, you should try to buy some high-quality fish. En, around two thousand catties will be good."

    "Okay, yes!" Grandpa Feng nodded and opened the car door.

    East Mountain Ship Manufacturing was a company owned by Mr. Gu; it was a famous producer of ships throughout the country. They had factories for production and maintenance in pretty much every coastal city, and of course that included a factory in Hai Qing City.

    "Hello, Mr. Chu. Mr. Gu has already informed me of your arrival. Please, follow me!" When they arrived at the factory, the local director was already ready and waiting for them.

    "En, we'll have to trouble you, Director Li. Can you show us some of your fishing ships?" Chu Xian replied politely.

    "Of course! Our East Mountain Manufacturing's ships are the best in the country. Our sizes range from some ten tons to even a couple hundred tons. If you want a customized ship, we can do that as well. We're well-equipped to manufacture ocean traversing vessels pushing a thousand tons as well!" the director bragged.

    Chu Xian nodded and listened carefully. After some thought, he replied. "I don't need a thousand tons; I'm just looking for a normal fishing ship that can travel the seas!"

    "Of course! We have three types here for you to look at," the director replied and led Chu Xian into the factory.

    In the East Mountain factory storage, there were a dozen or so unique fishing ships.

    "These three are our high-seas fishing ships. The 24-meter-long fishing ship has 650 horsepower and can resist wind forces up to level seven."

    "This 26-meter-long one has 700 horsepower and can also resist wind forces up to level seven. Ten million RMB."

    "This one is 28 meters long, has 720 horsepower, and can resist wind forces up to level seven as well. Thirteen million!"

    "These three ships are all very high quality, and they're already fully equipped." The director explained everything clearly.

    Chu Xian didn't know much about fishing ships, so he looked at Grandpa Feng. "What do you think?"

    "Xiao Xian, do we need such a large fishing ship? We only need to reach the middle-seas, and there aren't many big ships like these in the Hai Qing harbor!" Grandpa Feng replied.

    "That's fine. I want these high sea fishing ships. What do you think about these three?" Chu Xian replied.

    "En, Xiao Xian, these three ships are very similar. Only the size differs. There are trawls on each ship...." Grandpa Feng explained and Chu Xian nodded along, half understanding.

    "Then is this twenty-meter one the best for its price?" Chu Xian asked.

    "The twenty-six-meter fishing ship is the most cost-effective, but the twenty-eight-meter one is the best!" Grandpa Feng replied (1).

    "En." Chu Xian nodded and looked at the 28-meter-long fishing ship. "If I buy one, then I'll buy the best one. I'm confident we can earn the money back soon!"

    Chu Xian was very confident. With his sonar ability and his mermen, it would be easy to earn back the money!

    "Director Li, how much is this 28-meter fishing ship? Are you sure you can't give me a discount?" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Of course!" Director Li nodded. "I've already given you the original prices, but Mr. Gu has allowed for a 20% discount, so for this one, you only have to pay ten million and four hundred thousand."

    "Alright." Chu Xian nodded. Ten million was something he could afford.

    "When will I receive the ship?" Chu Xian asked.

    "In two days. We can have the ship delivered to the location you specify in two days," Director Li replied.

    "Okay!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "Xiao Xian, we need to find a place to dock, and if we need a longer-term space, we'll have to pay a fee," Grandpa Feng reminded him.

    "En, let's find a temporary place first then we can just leave it at the fishing farm afterward," Chu Xian replied.

    "Okay!" Grandpa Feng nodded.

    After signing the contract for the ship, Chu Xian drove downtown. Now that he had the fishing ship, he needed to make preparations for the aquarium store.

    On the way, he arranged an experienced ship captain to teach Old Mu so he could have Mu take over in the future.

    When they were downtown, Chu Xian parked his car and looked around.

    He needed to find a good position - preferably a shop on the first floor. The store needed to be large enough to hold at least a hundred aquariums.

    The shopping mall obviously wasn't suitable, but the Sheng Ye street wasn't bad.

    Chu Xian and Grandpa Feng headed directly to the most prosperous business district in Hai Qing, Qing Shang Business District.
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