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    Qing Shan Business District was one of the most prosperous districts in Hai Qing, and there were many underground shopping malls and tall business buildings that were always packed with people on weekends (1).

    Chu Xian and Grandpa Feng wandered around for ten or so minutes before they found a suitable spot.

    "Selling all stock! The store only has two days left on its lease!"

    Stores with this type of ad were usually lying. Many small booths on the street would yell loudly that their lease was ending soon and they were selling at a discount to get rid of their wares so you couldn't possibly lose money - if you didn't buy then you were losing out! Many owners of these booths had been yelling out these words for years, and their leases still hadn't run out.

    However, this particular store actually was closing down. The store sold cell phones and all their prices were a couple hundred RMB lower than the market price.

    Chu Xian spoke to the manager of the store, and he said they were moving everything out by tomorrow.

    Chu Xian expressed interest in the place. He got the contact information of the owner and called him up.

    The store wasn't small; it was about one hundred and fifty square meters, and the rent for a year was nine hundred thousand. Compared to the money he spent on everything else, nine hundred thousand was already cheap, so Chu Xian happily paid the deposit and left.

    That afternoon, Chu Xian took Zhang Xiaohua to the store to show her the place; he was obviously going to utilize her designer skills and let her take charge of decorating the store.

    Two days later, the fishing ship was delivered to the harbor behind the fish market, and the sheer size of the vessel stunned many people.

    "Master Li, I'll have to trouble you for the next few days to teach him; this is Old Mu!"

    At the bridge of the ship, Chu Xian was gathered together with Old Mu, Sword One, and the middle-aged man, Master Li.

    Master Li couldn't help but notice how old Old Mu appeared and his mouth twitched a little. "Mr. Chu, are you sure that I'm teaching Old Mu and not the brother beside him?"

    "En, you are teaching Old Mu. He understands more about fishing ships, and he's still strong and capable. You don't have to worry about anything!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Alright. Since you said so, I'll teach him what I know!" Master Li nodded.

    "Okay, thank you very much!" Chu Xian nodded and turned to Old Mu and Sword One. "You two need to study carefully and master everything as soon as possible!"

    "Don't worry, boss!" Old Mu nodded confidently. He turned to Master Li. "Master Li, let's begin!"

    "Alright." Master Li nodded then he began navigating the fishing ship controls and explaining everything he did.

    Chu Xian watched for a moment longer then left the bridge.

    "Using my own ship to wander the ocean! What an amazing feeling!" Chu Xian thought to himself as he stood on the deck. He opened up his arms and let the sea breeze rush by him.

    At the same time, Master Li was a little stunned. He very quickly discovered that he only ever had to teach something once before Old Mu would memorize it.

    "With a learning ability like this, he'll be able to finish learning everything in two days at most, and then he'll only lack experience in driving and facing emergencies!" Master Li thought as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

    "My lord, the ship uses so much gas. Just a few hours cost me a couple thousand RMB! Luckily, the government gives some stipends for fishing ships. Otherwise, I would have to spend a fortune just on gas!"

    At dusk, when the ship returned to the dock, Chu Xian was surprised by Master Li's report about their fuel usage, but when he heard his report on Old Mu's learning abilities, he only smiled.

    "Master Li, we'll have to trouble you for the next two days. I'll reward you generously afterward!"

    "No problem. Old Mu is the most talented person I've ever met. He masters everything after being taught once. When I was learning, I had to spend a month to just study the materials then I spent two months as an assistant before I started driving on my own," Master Li replied with a sigh of amazement.

    "En." Chu Xian nodded.

    "Now that the fishing ship is progressing well and I've rented the store, all I'm waiting on is the finalization of the store decorating in four or five days."

    "The ornamental fish farm's expansion is finished, and I can go buy some baby Arowana and baby Koi tomorrow. I can also pick up some other species as well, and in two years, the whole ornamental fish industry will shake with the name 'Paradise'."

    Everything was moving well, and Chu Xian had Sword Three stationed at the fish farm to take care of the fish he bought.

    Every day, Old Mu and Sword One went out to sea to study with Master Li, and they were due to graduate from the impromptu course in a couple of days.

    With Old Huang's education, the other mermen were beginning to assimilate into society, and he specifically had Sword Two and Sword Four prepared as more combat-worthy mermen.

    Sword Two and Sword Four were originally the strongest of the batch, and with Old Huang's special focus, they became extremely fierce fighters. Of course, they still couldn't compare to Chu Xian, who had his different powers.

    On the fourth morning, Chu Xian brought the six mermen to the harbor.

    "This is the young man. That thirty-meter-long ship belongs to him! Incredible, such a big fishing ship, fully equipped. I'm so jealous!"

    "Oh, he's so young? Does such a young man have any experience in catching fish? Is he some second-generation rich brat?"

    "Who knows. This young man has been around a couple of times; he's the one who competed with Gu Dao Recipe."

    "You can do whatever you want if you're rich. I wonder if he's hiring for his crew?"

    "Ay, don't bother. The most important thing about catching fish is experience. Even if they have the best equipment, they can't do anything without experience."

    Chu Xian's arrival provoked a lot of discussion; he was already a considerable name in the port.

    He competed with Gu Dao Recipe twice and spent one hundred and eighty thousand RMB on a halibut. Now, he bought a huge fishing ship worth more than ten million RMB.

    Only a large company would take the risk of spending ten million RMB on a fishing ship! With all the risks of sea travel and the difficulties of catching fish, how long would it take to earn back an investment of ten million RMB?!

    Chu Xian looked around at the curious crowd and listened in on a few of their discussions. He smiled to himself as he walked to the ship.

    "Old Mu, any problems?" Chu Xian called out as he boarded the ship.

    "No problems. I've already spent the past two days wandering the sea. I'm confident there will be no problems!" Old Mu promised. With Chu Xian's nod, he brought Sword One onto the bridge.

    "Alright, our goal today is the seaweed area sixty nautical miles out. Brothers, let's go!" Chu Xian yelled.

    It was time for the mermen to show their skills.
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