133 Go, Mermen!

    The exterior of the ship was white, and the name MERMAID was painted boldly on the hull. The total length was exactly 28 meters, with a water displacement volume of 181t. The factory waterline was 26.06m, with a refrigerated seawater tank of 61.7 m3. The width was 5.8 wide, the bait hold 13m3, and the molded breadth 5.40m. The frozen cabin was 14.36m3 and the molded depth was 2.30m; the dried fish cabin was at a respectable 15.28m3, the fresh water tank was 9.76 m3, the designed draft was 1.90m and the fuel compartment was 13m3. The crew had 12 members, and the whole ship traveled at a speed of 15 knots.

    The fishing ship steadily sailed out into the ocean.

    "Eh? Are they going out to sea? No way, with so few people?"

    "Impossible. They're probably going to see the sights. These past couple of days, this ship has always gone out to sea in the morning and returned in the afternoon."

    "Eh? For fun? Are you sure? How much money does it cost for such a large ship to go out to sea even once?"

    "Of course I'm sure. I've paid attention to this ship, and every day, they come back without any fish."

    "This... unbelievable..."

    The people at the harbor all gossiped as they watched the fishing ship leaving the port.

    Chu Xian looked at the four mermen beside him and smiled. When the fishing ship was around twenty nautical miles out at sea, he started scanning the waters with his sonar.

    "Old Mu, slow down!" Chu Xian called out.

    Old Mu nodded and the speed of the fishing ship quickly dropped.

    "There's a lobster about twenty meters in front of us, port side. Sword Two, go catch it. There's a large scallop around fifty meters ahead of us - go, Sword Four. There are some large crabs underneath us..."

    With Chu Xian's sense powers, the fish in the sea all revealed themselves to him, and he called out commands to the mermen.

    "Yes, Boss. We'll bring them right back!" The merman followed his commands. After quickly stripping, they jumped into the sea.

    With small splashes, each of the mermen dived into the water.

    They quickly darted down into the depths of the sea with incredible speed.

    Chu Xian watched them swim and he smiled.

    "Hua!" Less than two minutes later, Sword Two surfaced with a giant lobster in each hand, and he quickly swam forward to catch up with the ship. With an almost gentle strength, he tossed the two lobsters onto the deck then with a fierce kick, he leaped three meters out of the water and grabbed the side of the fishing ship and quickly somersaulted onto the deck.

    "Boss! I've completed my mission!" Sword Two smiled.

    Chu Xian nodded with approval. "Not bad, you were very fast!"

    "Thank you, boss. Mermen have a strong ability for hunting, and we can lock down many sea creatures very quickly. We're also much stronger in the ocean than on land!" Sword Two explained in a completely unobtrusive and natural manner. He felt so comfortable in the ocean that a part of him didn't want to leave the water.

    "Peng, peng!" Quiet thuds accompanied Sword Four and Bass One's return to the ship. Chu Xian looked over them like a super evil awesome mastermind overlord with contentment.

    "Not bad. Keep up the good work!" Chu Xian said. He had the mermen put their catches in the basin on the ship.

    Chu Xian mused to himself as they worked; swordfish were clearly superior to bass in their abilities to navigate the waters - swordfish were fast and fierce, but bass were much weaker.

    "I'll need to remold some strong fish in the future. The normal ones can maintain the boat," Chu Xian thought to himself in a suitably devilishly handsome manner.

    "Let's go faster." Chu Xian yelled out.

    Old Mu hurriedly followed his command, pointing the ship in the direction of the seaweed area.

    About an hour later, the Mermaid stopped above the seaweed area, and Old Mu and Old Huang walked off the bridge.

    "Okay, we're here. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to collect interesting stones, small shrimps, Christmas Tree Worms, jellyfish, and beautiful plants. You must put them into these bags very carefully. Also, there are giant jellyfish in this area, and if you encounter them, do not approach them. Back away very carefully. Do you understand?" Chu Xian said to the six mermen.

    "Yes, sir!" The mermen called out.

    Chu Xian nodded with contentment; it looked like Old Huang trained them well.

    "Old Huang and Old Mu, you guys will stay on the boat and sort out the things they bring back. Bass One, you're in charge of collecting stones," Chu Xian called out again.

    "Yes, sir!"

    The mermen nodded then each took a bag and dove into the water.

    Chu Xian reclined on a chair and basked in the sun. He only lacked a glass of wine and a beauty massaging him; instead, he had Old Huang and Old Mu standing beside him.

    Chu Xian had slowly come to the realization that there was a large flaw in the mermen he remolded. They didn't really have emotions, and their hearts were always calm and steady.

    But in the end, this didn't affect their thinking, so it wasn't a big deal.

    In his mind, Chu Xian watched his mermen working and he stretched his senses in each direction to watch out for box jellyfish.

    He didn't want any of his minions injured. Each merman was extremely precious (for his plans of world domination to come to fruition). He couldn't bear to lose even one.

    The mermen all swam quickly and carefully, either placing the less dangerous jellyfish into the bags or carefully digging up the Christmas Tree Worms.

    Bass One was looking around for interesting stones, some about half a meter long, others as large as his fist.

    Chu Xian watched them working with satisfaction. With their help, the efficiency of retrieval was increased. He wasn't as proficient in many regards as the mermen were, and it was also quite inconvenient to collect things in his fish form. (1)

    "Hua! Shortly afterward, Bass One dragged a large bag of stones back to the ship, and Old Huang and Old Mu quickly moved to help him get the bag onboard.

    "En, not bad. Get bigger ones next time." Chu Xian looked over at the stones in the bag and nodded.

    He could find someone to touch up the bigger stones. Strange stones that were naturally shaped into cones were probably too rare; it would be easier to have people manually shape the larger stones for him.

    Chu Xian thought about his future evil plans as bags of jellyfish and Christmas Tree Worms were quickly deposited on board.

    Old Huang and Old Mu were busily sorting them all into the prepared tanks, placing all the booty into the seawater storage.

    "All of this is money! Ahh, I'm so poor right now!" Chu Xian exclaimed to himself and walked over to help them.

    The mermen were very efficient, making return trips every half hour or so. With the progress they were making, they would have over a hundred sea tanks ready by the afternoon.

    And after the different aquariums were ready, the store renovations would be complete.
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