135 Wastrel

    "Boss, how much did you get?" The curious fisherman called up to Sword One and Sword Two.

    Chu Xian turned his head to look at the gathering crowd and smiled. "We got a lot!"

    "Ya, congratulations! Such a large fishing ship must be expensive, but I'm confident you can earn the money back in a year or two." A fisherman congratulated him.

    "We're doing pretty good." Chu Xian laughed and he asked, "Right, does anyone here want to buy my fish? I'm planning on selling them all here!"

    "Sell them here? Boss, if you sell them here, you won't get as good a price!" a fisherman called out.

    "That's fine." Chu Xian shook his head. After all, it was just five or six hundred catties of pomfrets - they weren't worth much.

    "Boss, I'll call Old Song for you. He buys all kinds of fish and his prices are pretty good," a fisherman said before rushing off.

    "Hehe, Old Song, come quickly. There's a ship selling fish - you're going to make some money!"

    "Oh? Someone is selling? How much? What kind?" Old Song replied curiously.

    "I don't know, but it's that big fishing ship that's been here these past few days. Today, they came back from fishing, and the boss said they got a lot but wanted to sell the fish immediately, so I came to tell you."

    "Haha, Old Wang, you're amazing. I'll buy you a drink later!" Old Song laughed happily and rushed over to the harbor.

    "Haha, boss, how many fish did you catch? My prices are very fair!" Old Song yelled out as he approached the boat.

    "I didn't catch that many fish. Come up and see!" Chu Xian replied honestly.

    "Okay, okay!" Old Song didn't really pay his words any mind. Old Wang had already told him that they got a lot. Nowadays, young men were too modest.


    When Old Song boarded the ship, Chu Xian pointed to the pomfrets.

    "Good, good!" Old Song turned and smiled. Shortly after, his face froze.

    "Boss, is this all?" Old Song asked with some disappointment.

    "Yes, just these pomfrets. About five or six hundred catties!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "This is all the fish you caught today?" Old Song asked.

    "That's right!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "Didn't you say you got a lot?" Old Song replied.

    "Yes. Oh, when I said I got a lot, I didn't mean fish. I meant these!" Chu Xian realized the fishermen had misunderstood his words, and he pointed to the tanks and stones beside the fish.

    "Eh..." Old Song didn't know what to say. "So this is what you meant when you said you got a lot... um."

    "Hehe." Chu Xian smiled. These things were far more expensive than a dozen ton of fish.

    "How much for the pomfrets?" Chu Xian asked, not addressing Old Song's confusion.

    "Your pomfrets aren't small, so I'll give you fourteen RMB per catty. If you're okay with this price, I'll take all of them!" Old Song said directly.

    "Alright!" Chu Xian nodded and pointed over to the electronic scale. "You can weigh them yourself."

    Old Song nodded and went to the side of the ship and called out. Two young men came over and helped him put everything away.

    "Six hundred catties - I'll give you eight thousand, five hundred RMB!" Old Song said to Chu Xian after he weighed everything.

    "Eighty five hundred. Not bad - pays for the gas!" Chu Xian smiled and nodded with contentment.

    Old Song's lips curled and he looked at the mess of stones and little shrimp. He shook his head, speechless.

    "How was it, Old Song? How much fish did he catch?" Old Wang came up as Old Song returned to the harbor.

    "Six hundred catties, eight thousand five hundred RMB!" Old Song replied helplessly.

    "Eh, six hundred catties?"

    "Six hundred??"

    The surrounding plebs were stunned.

    "This... this... didn't the boss say they got a lot?" The foolish noobs didn't understand Chu Xian's amazing, awesome money-earning powers.

    Old Song sighed and shook his head. "The boss said he got a lot of stones, jellyfish, plants, and shrimp, and the fish were just to pay for the fuel."



    "Little shrimp?"


    "What the heck?"

    They watched as the mermen carried the aquariums onto shore. Some of the tanks contained aquatic plants, others contained cute shrimps, and others contained jellyfish or colorful Christmas tree things.

    But the most inexplicable scene was the different stones they were carrying. F***, was he planning on building a house?

    The onlookers were confused and looked at Chu Xian with questioning eyes. (The fools - doubting our plot-armored mc!)

    "This good-for-nothing person - fishing for a whole day and only catching six hundred catties of fish! And just some cheap pomfret as well. He really wasted money on these weird things!"

    "Such a beautiful ship wasted. What a shame, what a shame!"

    "Wastrel! Spendthrift!"

    What Chu Xian didn't know was that after he left, he was nicknamed a wastrel, and his story gradually spread to everyone working in the harbor.

    While others caught fish, the wastrel picked up stones!

    While others caught fish, the wastrel picked seaweed!

    While others caught fish, the wastrel caught little shrimp!

    While others caught fish, the wastrel caught jellyfish! (1)

    In a short time, the wastrel boss of the Mermaid became infamous in the harbor.

    Chu Xian didn't know what they were saying about him, and even if he did, he wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    After he packed everything away, he arranged for his booty to be transported back to the villa.

    He hopped into his Rolls-Royce and went to pick up Xiao Ying before they headed home. His day of sea exploration ended. (2)

    The next day, after he dropped Xiao Ying off at the driving school, Chu Xian called Zhang Xiaohua.

    "Wow, boss, I didn't know you were this rich. A villa and a sports car!" Zhang Xiaohua exclaimed as she got out of the cab.

    Chu Xian smiled. "Alright, alright, it'll be easy to find a rich man with your beauty. How are the store renovations going?"

    "It'll be done in three or four days!" Zhang Xiaohua replied.

    "En, good. The materials for the aquariums are ready. You can start designing them!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "So quickly?" Zhang Xiaohua said with surprise. "How much did you prepare?"

    "More than a hundred sets!"

    "Are the tanks ready? You have to know that a good fish tank affects the whole presentation!" Zhang Xiaohua asked.

    "I've prepared a dozen. In the future, we'll use these types. The design of the interior is up to you."

    "Okay, just count on me!"
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