137 Highlight of the Collection Part Two

    That afternoon, the yellow stone was delivered to the Villa, and Chu Xian had Master Wang carve it according to Xiaohua's designs. He looked over the ornamental fish, little shrimp, small coral, Christmass Tree Worms, jellyfish etc. and suddenly, he felt bored.

    "I'll go to sea tomorrow."

    The next day, Chu Xian went to the seashore and dived into the water.

    "Hopefully, I can find some precious and beautiful creatures!" Chu Xian thought as he swam to the seaweed area.

    There were a lot of plants and worms in the area. It really was an underwater garden.

    As Chu Xian swam, he stretched out his senses, mostly ignoring the different fish around him and focusing his attention on the sea floor.

    About an hour later, Chu Xian arrived at the seaweed area and began going over the ground in detail.

    "Jellyfish, Christmas Tree Worms, all kinds of coral. Coral is very beautiful, and I can pick up some, but these corals are way too plain!" Chu Xian frowned.

    "Another box jellyfish. Sh*t, what an annoying guy!"

    Chu Xian moved around a stone and came face-to-face with a huge box jellyfish dragging its long tentacles in the water.

    "Terrible luck."

    Chu Xian shook his head then something lit up his eyes. "Eh, what's this plant? It's beautiful!"

    It was like a reddish-brown giant flower, and it was very beautiful. "Not bad. I can put that in with the dragon palace!"

    Chu Xian thought to himself and he turned his eyes to the box jellyfish. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes as he thought, "I'll see if I can kill it!"

    "Water beam!" The box jellyfish was slow, and Chu Xian wasn't afraid of making it angry, so he attacked it head-on.

    Under his control, a water ball as big as a soccer ball appeared and darted forward, hitting the box jellyfish.

    "Bo!" The box jellyfish was hit and knocked backward a distance, but its body wasn't hurt at all. It waved its long tentacles angrily and began attacking him back.

    "This won't do. The box jellyfish is a mollusk. Attacking it with water balls won't hurt it at all."

    "F***, and I can't touch it. If I was immune to poison, I'd just kill it immediately!"

    Chu Xian thought to himself with anger.

    "Hopefully I'll succeed!" Chu Xian sucked in water then shot it out at the box jellyfish again, simultaneously using his electric eel ability.


    Chu Xian could almost hear the electrical zap, and he peered intently at the box jellyfish.

    "The f***? It broke?"

    Under Chu Xian's surprised gaze, the body of the box jellyfish exploded.

    "The blast I release in fish form should be no less than two thousand volts!" Chu Xian mused to himself then smiled.

    Without the box jellyfish blocking his way, Chu Xian swam over and examined the coral-like object. He reached out his hands and put it away.

    He wandered the area and soon discovered that this coral was constantly guarded by box jellyfish. Apparently, the creatures really liked this thing!

    And these things didn't only come in reddish-brown colors but also in grey-green, gradient blue, and white silver.

    Chu Xian easily killed another five box jellyfish and collected five more beautiful lifeforms then he swam back to shore with contentment.

    After ensuring there was nobody around, Chu Xian turned back into a human, checked on the things in his bag then happily hurried back to his villa.

    "Xiaohua, I found another beautiful sea lifeform. What do you think?" Chu Xian put the bag down next to her.

    Xiao Hua turned from her computer screen and glanced over at the plants Chu Xian brought back.

    "Open Brain Corals? These are really precious! They're one of the most beautiful creatures of the ocean, along with the Christmas Tree Worms. Where did you get these?" Zhang Xiaohua asked with amazement.

    "Of course I got them from the sea!" Chu Xian smiled. "I hired professional divers. That's why I have the confidence to sell these aquariums!"

    "I was worried you wouldn't have enough materials, but it looks like I was thinking too much!" Zhang Xiaohua shook her head.

    "Relax, I found an area full of these sea creatures. We won't run out any time soon!" Chu Xian assured her. He didn't even know how big the seaweed area was, but it was at least a dozen square li (around 12*500m^2).

    "Oh? Does that mean we'll be opening more stores in the future?" Zhang Xiaohua asked with excitement.

    "Of course, if our business goes well, I'm prepared to open up chain stores across the country," Chu Xian said ambitiously. "Heehee, in the future, our Xiaohua beauty will be the head designer of our Paradise Aquariums!"

    "Hehe, I look forward to it!" Zhang Xiaohua laughed.

    After a couple days of working for him, she could tell Chu Xian was a good boss. He was good to his employees and paid her more than ten thousand RMB a month for her probationary period.

    It was too bad that he already had a girlfriend, and she was really beautiful too.

    Zhang Xiaohua shook her head. She turned to the materials stored in the tanks around her and focused on her design.

    Chu Xian watched her working for a bit then walked over to some of the ornamental fish he'd stored away.

    "Looks like it's time to use my golden finger!"

    Chu Xian already decided that his showpiece would be perfect and unique, and of course, the quality of the ornamental fish needed to be top-notch.

    He was already extremely familiar with ornamental fish, and he could remold a fish with ease. Very quickly, he formed a group of perfect, delicate, and adorable little fish that were far superior to anything available on the market.

    "This is the highlight!" Chu Xian nodded with contentment.

    "Boss, the store renovations are done. They're waiting for us to go take a look!" Xiaohua walked over, phone in hand.

    "Alright, let's go take a look." Chu Xian nodded.

    The renovations cost him almost two hundred thousand RMB. All the equipment was top of the line, and the storefront was completely decked out.

    Four giant ads for ornamental sea tanks were prominently displayed in the area. The wall by the entrance to the store was decorated with beautiful sea tanks, and in the middle of everything, there was a prominent space left empty.

    This was where Zhang Xiaohua planned to display a picture of their showpiece.

    As soon as they entered the store, it was as if they'd entered a different world. The place was luxurious, and empty glass stands stood at the ready, beautiful and unique and awaiting the aquariums.
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