139 The Opening Promotion

    The next morning, Chu Xian found a truck. With the careful help of Sword One and Sword Two, the trio made four trips to transport the aquariums to their store downtown.

    "Careful!" Chu Xian handled the over three-meter-long aquarium himself. At this point, with all his system upgrades, he could probably carry this six-hundred-catty aquarium himself.

    "F***! Sh*t! F***!" a startled voice exclaimed.

    Chu Xian glanced over. There was a young man staring at the aquarium they just offloaded.

    His voice attracted more of the pedestrians, and when the others caught a glimpse of what that young man had seen, they were stunned and many of them came closer.

    "Oh, heavens, this aquarium is stunning!" A middle-aged man couldn't help exclaiming as he approached the tank.

    "Yes, look at that. A dragon palace, and those strange plants. Beautiful! Such a beautiful thing really exists in this world! Unbelievable!"

    "What kind of plants are those? So beautiful! And these small fish and shrimp. Excuse me, how much does this aquarium cost?"

    Chu Xian looked out at the reactions of the gathering crowd with satisfaction and carefully moved the tank into the store with Sword One and Sword Two. Some of the crowd followed them inside, and others were peering through the open door. Chu Xian turned to them and smiled. "This is the showpiece of our collection. The price is eight hundred and eighty thousand! (1)"

    "Eight hundred and eighty thousand? Are you sure, boss? That's enough to buy a small house!" One of the noob plebs (sorry, it's actually pedestrians) shouted out in shock.

    "I'm sure!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "F***, look at these aquariums. There are more than a hundred! A hundred! Incredible!"

    "Unbelievable, and every single one is so beautiful!"

    "Boss, boss, we can't afford your showpiece, but how much do these smaller aquariums cost? What are their prices?"

    "They range from fifteen thousand to a hundred thousand!" Chu Xian chuckled, and he didn't stop the people from taking pictures.

    "My.... The lowest price is fifteen thousand... Boss! Don't you think these are too expensive?! I know a little bit about aquariums, and you can buy a small one for five or six thousand!"

    "How can those aquariums compare with mine? My plants and animals aren't common!" Chu Xian chuckled then clapped his hands. "Okay everyone, my small store will open officially the day after tomorrow. At that time, you are all welcome to come and shop. Please leave now - we are closing the door!"

    "Ay, ay, the aquariums in this store are so beautiful!"

    "That's right, that's right. It's too bad they're so expensive. And it costs a lot in upkeep as well!"

    "Now I have to go home, sell my crappy aquarium and come here to buy one."

    The crowd slowly dispersed, heading off in small groups while whispering about the store.

    "Pull the curtains shut!" Chu Xian called out to the sword duo.

    "Yes, sir!" Sword One and Sword Two called out, and they moved to shut all the curtains inside the store. Soon the interior was completely blocked from view.

    "We need to keep it secretive. Use these next two days to do some promotions. The opening will be grand!" Chu Xian smiled confidently.

    Chu Xian went over to the goldfish store, and after some thought, he called up Jin Hua, Jin Sen, Hong Chenghai, Li Huazhong, and some other people he knew and told them about his aquarium store.

    He wanted a grand opening, and aside from the people, he needed a good stage.

    All the people he called accepted his invitation immediately, conveniently not having anything planned for that day because Chu Xian was super amazing. Even Hong Chenghai, the mayor, accepted. The relationship between the two was already no longer shallow.

    Jin Hua also agreed without hesitation. After all, Chu Xian gave him an Arowana worth more than a hundred thousand RMB. They still kept in touch, and Li Huazhong and Ge Wenqing were also very interested.

    They admired Chu Xian very much, and even their fathers approved of him and agreed that they should spend more time with him.

    After making a few calls, Chu Xian opened his Weibo. After he completed most of his online orders, Chu Xian didn't use Weibo as often, but he somehow collected over nine hundred thousand followers and could be considered a successful blogger.

    "Make a Weibo post." Chu Xian smiled then posted pictures of the aquariums and their prices.

    The most attractive picture was, of course, that of the dragon palace. It was even made into a seven-second gif.

    "I'll post pictures to establish my presence for when I open stores in other cities. Heehe, you can't mail aquariums." Chu Xian smiled slyly. He could already imagine how excited many women would get when they saw these photos.

    Things went as he expected, and just two minutes after he made the post, many of his followers already clicked and looked at his post.

    "Aquariums, such beautiful aquariums. Wuwu, Ornamental Fish in Paradise is selling aquariums. So beautiful, I want one! Let me place an order!"

    "Hey idiot, this is absolutely the most beautiful aquarium I've ever seen, but if you want to buy it, you have to f***ing go to Hai Qing. You can't just ship aquariums!"

    "Is this dragon palace for real? Incredible! What are these creatures? I'm kneeling down for an expert explanation!"

    "Expert here. The dragon palace aquarium is a gif, and anyone with sharp eyes can determine whether it's real. I want to talk about the plants and animals. First, the dragon palace was carved by a professional stone worker. Very fine work, very well done!"

    "Second, the Christmas Tree is an animal. That's right, it's called the Christmas Tree Worm. These creatures are incredibly rare, and you can basically never find any on the market. Value unknown."

    "Thirdly, that very conspicuous open brain coral is considered among the most beautiful coral in the ocean."

    "And fourthly, these cute little shrimps. That red one is a Red Fire Shrimp, the black one is an Atyoidae, and these are Jade Shrimps and Red Chery Shrimps. All of these shrimps are famous ornamental fish in their own right, and just these small creatures are probably around seven or eight thousand RMB!"

    "These other coral and aquatic plants are also top-grade, and the layout isn't at all gaudy - they used each component very creatively. Perfect! It's no exaggeration to say that this is the most beautiful aquarium ever made!"

    "Wow, after reading how the expert described it, I have a whole new sense of appreciation. Strong. I think it's incredibly beautiful. Beautiful. Amazing."

    "Wuwu, I want one for my living room. Incredible!"

    "Do you people not care about the price? Your sister! The cheapest one is fifteen thousand RMB! And the most expensive one is that dragon palace aquarium for eight hundred and eighty thousand! F*** me!"

    "The things this store sells are just as expensive as usual, but also just as beautiful as usual. Worth it. It's too bad I'm not in Hai Qing. Otherwise, I would go buy one!"
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