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    "We ate already. A lot of people came today!" Xiao Ying held Chu Xian's arm as she looked around and commented curiously.

    "They're friends. That's right, President Wang and the others are already here." Chu Xian chuckled.

    "What? President Wang is here?" Xiao Ying's classmate yelped and turned towards the entrance with shock.

    "Ah, it really is President Wang and the vice presidents of the school!" Xiao Ying's classmate screamed.

    "En." Chu Xian smiled and led them to where Jin Hua and the group were standing and introduced them.

    "Xiao Ying, these young men don't seem common. Who are they?" After a little while, Si Yu dragged Xiao Ying aside and asked a in quiet voice.

    "Friends." Xiao Ying smiled but couldn't hold back any longer as they begged with their eyes. "The guy named Jin Sen is the son of the CEO of Golden Dragon group. Right, his father is the one talking to President Wang. The guy named Ge Wenqing is the son of the educational bureau director, Li Huazhong's father is the director of the bureau of public security and now they also work for the government. I don't know about the other three."

    "I f***ed a handsome guy (1) - CEO of the Golden Group Company? Sons of directors? I'm fainting. Right, I have to ask Jin Sen and the others if they have girlfriends."

    "Eh, could you girls not be such pervs? I don't know... if you want to know, go ask yourselves!"

    Xiao Ying looked at her classmates speechlessly.

    "Ay, Xiao Ying, if I had known earlier, I would've gone after your boyfriend. Wuwu, I regret it so much. There was a guy full of potential right in front of me and I didn't go after him, and now..."

    "Go die..."

    They laughed and walked towards President Wang. As students of Hai Qing Normal School, they still needed to greet their president.

    "My father and Mayor Hong also came!"

    Li Huazhong saw some middle-aged men in normal clothes. He leaned over to Chu Xian and whispered.

    "Your father is also here?" Chu Xian paused for a second and shook his head before immediately walking over to Hong Chenghai.

    "Sir Jin, Mayor Hong, Director Li, and Director Ge have arrived as well. Let's go over and say hello!" President Wang was always paying attention to his surroundings, and happiness crossed his face as he noticed the new guests and immediately told Jin Hua.

    "Mayor Hong?" Jin Hua was startled and turned to look. He was surprised to see Chu Xian talking enthusiastically with the mayor, but he didn't miss a beat and immediately walked over.

    "Directors? Mayor?" Xiao Ying's classmates and the store associates were floored. The mayor and the directors came. What was Xiao Ying's boyfriend's (their boss's) background?

    "Xiao Xian, your dragon palace aquarium is really beautiful. Even an amateur like me can appreciate it at after one look."

    Chu Xian brought the group over, and Hong Chenghai looked at the sea tank carefully as he praised it.

    "It really is beautiful. Xiao Xian is capable of ornamental fish and things like this. Business will be good for him in the future!"

    "Haha, of course. Look around - so many pedestrians are gathering already."

    Li Zhonghua's father and Ge Wenqing's father both agreed.

    "Haha, thank you for your auspicious words!" Chu Xian laughed.

    At this moment, not too far away, He Wei and Chu Xian's other former classmates watched from a distance. They didn't come over to say hi - that is, they didn't have the guts to do so.

    "Do you all see? That's Chu Xian. The leaders from our university, the mayor and directors of the city, and the CEO of Golden Dragon Group Company all came to attend the opening!" He Wei exclaimed to the people in his group.

    "I never imagined that in one short year, he would become so successful." They all sighed in amazement; they knew Chu Xian was doing well, but they didn't know he was doing this amazingly.

    This was the current Chu Xian, a person they could only look up to.

    "Boss, it's almost ten. Let's open the store after cutting the ribbons!" Zhang Xiaohua checked the time and walked over. Although she was startled by the gathered crowd, she still dutifully reminded Chu Xian.

    "Okay, let's cut the ribbons first then we can go in and look around." Hong Chenghai looked at the other people.

    Chu Xian's opening wasn't a grand affair like the one at Golden Dragon Resort; the ribbon-cutting was simple, and they took a few pictures to commemorate the occasion.

    "Let's go, everybody. Let's take a look!" Chu Xian said, clapping his hands.

    "This is the centerpiece of our collection. Eight hundred and eighty thousand. It might not be the most beautiful in the world, but it's definitely one of the top ones!" Chu Xian pointed at the sea tank as he explained.

    "Eight hundred and eighty thousand RMB? Not cheap." The people gathered laughed, but sometimes, art couldn't be described with common sense; it was possible that a person who really liked it would be willing to spend even more money on it.

    "So beautiful." Some of the girls in the crowd couldn't help exclaiming.

    "There are smaller aquariums inside; we have over a hundred of them. You guys can go look at them." Chu Xian chuckled then walked inside.


    Immediately, the beautiful and varied sea tanks made people dizzy, and all of them closed in to examine them closely.

    "Really too beautiful."


    After ten a.m., there were more people downtown. Chu Xian's aquarium store was situated in a good location, so the flow of people was extremely impressive. Everyone who passed by could see the giant dragon palace sea tank at the entrance.

    "So beautiful, so elegant!" A pair of besties walked over to the dragon palace sea tank and exclaimed with affection.

    "Yes, look at those little shrimps and those little fish; they're so pretty."

    "The plants are truly beautiful; look at that one - don't you think it looks like a Christmas tree?"

    "So this is a professional aquarium? So beautiful. Let's have a look inside the store."

    More and more people were attracted to the store, and after looking at the dragon palace sea tank, they couldn't help entering the store.

    "Wow, this place is like a dreamy paradise. Incredible."

    "Is this a small version of Seaworld? Beautiful!"

    "When I saw it on my friend's Moments, I thought it was photoshopped. I couldn't imagine that the real thing was so beautiful. Wu, the prices are so expensive!"

    "How come they're so expensive? The cheapest ones cost fifteen thousand RMB!"

    "Beauty, you've already seen the elegance and beauty of our sea tanks. The shrimps inside cost more than a hundred RMB each, and the most expensive one is more than a thousand RMB. Look at the Christmas tree worms - they're one of the most beautiful creatures in the sea, and this coral is all caught from the sea by our professional divers. Fifteen thousand RMB isn't very expensive!"

    The sales associates explained patiently.

    The people around nodded. Without even mentioning everything else, it was hard just to get the base materials, and that was without even considering the design and branding. Fifteen thousand RMB really wasn't too expensive.

    "Excuse me, I'd like to purchase this sea tank. Please hurry. Do you offer home delivery?" A woman looked at an aquarium affectionately and called out loudly.

    "Yes, we can have the aquarium delivered to your home. If you have a car, you can take it home yourself, but you'll need to drive slowly on the way back!"

    "Yes, yes. Then take this one off the shelf. I want it."

    The first sale was made, and Chu Xian smiled to himself as he called out to Sword One and had him move the tank to the car.

    "It's this place, this place. The aquariums here are super beautiful." Outside the store, five middle-aged women saw the name of Ornamental Aquariums and immediately walked over. However, very soon afterward, they were shocked.

    "What's going on? Why are there so many peopl? How come so many people are gathered at the entrance?" They walked over.

    "Wow, so beautiful. If only I could put it in my living room!"

    "Don't even dream about it. This is their showpiece. For eight hundred and eighty thousand RMB, can you afford it?"

    "The dragon palace looks so real, so natural. Heehee, if only there was a dragon king!"

    "Heehee, aunts and uncles inside, when you're done looking, can you let us squeeze by you? Let us also take a look."

    "Yo, security guard, can you lower your head? You're blocking my view."

    The middle-aged women were stunned. How come there were so many people? Didn't the store just open?

    They looked at the entrance of the store. Two strong men in suits were standing there. It was only after a person left that another person could enter. Otherwise, they weren't allowing any more customers inside.

    They looked out at the countless heads inside the store and their mouths twitched.

    Chu Xian stood in a corner with Zhang Xiaohua as she took pictures with a camera in her hand.

    Hong Chenghai and his group took an earlier opportunity to dodge the crowd, and Xiao Ying had gone shopping with her friends.

    "Boss, we've sold ten already!" Zhang Xiaohua said excitedly.

    "En." Chu Xian nodded and smiled. Ten aquariums meant a profit of two hundred thousand RMB. He checked the time and looked at the people gathering outside and his smile widened. It was only 11:10.

    Downtown Hai Qing.

    Many pedestrians stumbled upon this weird place, and some people who didn't know what was happening thought maybe an accident occurred and even called the police.

    Hundreds of people surrounded the single store; people inside were noisily talking, and people outside kept urging them to make way.

    Occasionally, someone would walk outside the store with a delicate sea tank and the surrounding crowd would immediately try to get a look, take pictures and shout. The people who purchased the aquariums smiled like flowers. There was only one word in their hearts: this money was well spent! Eh, that might've been more than one word, but it felt good!

    "F*** me, could our store be any less popular?" A sales associate at a store nearby looked at the countless people with amazement.

    "Tsk tsk, your boyfriend's store is super popular!"

    The girls were holding all kinds of shopping bags in their hands and had planned on storing them in the shop before going out for lunch, but now, they couldn't even squeeze inside!

    "It's quite popular!" Xiao Ying said happily.

    "That won't do. You're the girlfriend of the owner, so you should buy us lunch and dinner. Otherwise, we won't let you go," a girl said loudly.

    "Okay, okay!" Xiao Ying chuckled.

    The busy crowd lasted past eight p.m., and during the day, the sales associates went out to eat one by one, but apart from those brief minutes, they didn't have any time to rest.

    Later on, Chu Xian also acted as a store associate and explained the different products.

    "Hu, I finally made it inside. This morning when we arrived, the store was already filled with people and it was the same in the afternoon. Now, it's eight and there are finally fewer people."

    A group of middle-aged women walked over and complained to Chu Xian.

    "Hehe, welcome to my store!" Chu Xian smiled.

    "Boss, it's quite difficult to buy an aquarium from you, but your designs are really beautiful. Worth the price. Eh, how come so many of them are gone already?" (2)
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