142 Scary Income

    "Hu!" After the last customer left, Chu Xian let out a breath of relief. He looked at the four sales associates resting on the couch and smiled. "Thank you for your hard work everybody. Today, you behaved very well. This month, everyone's salary increases by a thousand."

    "Yay! Boss, you're so great!" The store associates heard that their salary was raised by a thousand RMB and got excited. A thousand RMB was two-tenths of their salary, and they started to like their rich boss with good connections even more.

    "We sold more than fifty sea tanks today!" Zhang Xiaohua said with a triumphant smile.

    "Xiao Jing, print out today's sales report for me," Chu Xian said to the cashier.

    "Okay boss!" Xiao Jing nodded as she tapped away quickly and printed something from the computer. "Boss, we sold fifty-one sea tanks in total today!"

    Xiao Jing looked at the number on the computer then started to add up the sales.

    "Fifty-one!" Chu Xian smiled and walked over.

    "Okay boss, here." Xiao Jing handed him the sales report. "Cash: eighty thousand RMB, credit cards: four hundred and twenty thousand RMB, Alipay: five hundred thousand RMB, WeChat: a hundred thousand RMB. In total, a million and a hundred thousand RMB."

    "How's it boss, over a million?" Zhang Xiaohua walked over and asked.

    "En." Chu Xian nodded. "A million and a hundred thousand RMB."

    "Wow, more than a million RMB sales in one day! Boss, we can open chain stores in other cities!" Zhang Xiaohua said excitedly.

    "We can open some, but we'll need to wait at least one month." Chu Xian thought for a moment before speaking. With the business they were having, the sea tanks he prepared for the opening wouldn't last long, and he'd need to make more.

    "A million and a hundred thousand RMB in sales... we completely earned back what we spent on the tanks and the store!" Chu Xian said with a smile.

    He already earned back the year's lease and there were still nearly a hundred aquariums left in the store, and pretty much all those tanks were worth a lot more than the ones sold today.

    The fifteen thousand aquariums were almost sold out, and the cheapest of the others started at over twenty thousand RMB. The remaining tanks together were worth somewhere between three to four million RMB, and all that money would be pure profit for him. The salary of the staff and taxes were negligible, which meant there was at least a three-to-four million RMB profit from the aquariums. It was great to make money this way! (1)

    Chu Xian laughed and said to the group, "Okay, thank you everyone for your hard work. Let's close up shop!"

    The workers nodded.

    After closing the door, Chu Xian checked the time. It was nine forty, so he called Xiao Ying then he drove to a hotpot restaurant.

    "Xiao Xian." Xiao Ying waved him over to the main room.

    "Xiao Xian, I'm sorry. I didn't help much today!" Xiao Ying said apologetically as she looked at him.

    "Don't worry about it. I wasn't too busy either." Chu Xian chuckled.

    "Handsome Chu Xian, your store is extremely popular. Before lunch, we wanted to come by and drop some things off, but your store was still too popular, and it was the same situation in the afternoon. How much money did you make today?"

    "Yes yes, how much did you make today?"

    Xiao Ying's classmates asked curiously.

    Xiao Ying also raised her head and looked at him curiously.

    "A million and a hundred thousand RMB!" Chu Xian grinned.

    "Shoot, earning more than a million in a day. Xiao Ying, I want to ask if your boyfriend needs another woman. Help me ask him if I can be that other woman!" Si Yu said exaggeratedly.

    "Ask him yourself!" Xiao Ying smiled at Chu Xian (2).

    "Keke, no! How could I need more than one>!" Chu Xian reached out his hand and sucked up to Xiao Ying.

    "Hehe, Xiao Ying, you're so lucky. We're so jealous," the girls said sincerely.

    After finishing their meal, when they saw Chu Xian driving a Rolls-Royce out of the parking lot, they could only give Xiao Ying a speechless thumbs up.

    "Get home safely." Xiao Ying waved at her classmates.

    "Xiao Ying, be careful with your husband. Don't let other people take him away!" The girls reminded her at the same time.

    "Is that possible?" Xiao Ying turned around and looked at Chu Xian.

    Chu Xian's mouth twitched. "How's that possible? Who could take me away from you? You're the mother of the emperor. I'm Xiao Guizi (her valet) - I'll serve you for my entire life."

    "Sweet talker!"

    The next day, after dropping Xiao Ying off at the driving school, Chu Xian returned to the store.

    To his surprise, today's business was even better than yesterday's. At ten a.m., the store was already packed. Thankfully, he made arrangements things beforehand and had Sword One and Sword Two acting as security guards to keep things orderly. Conflicts could easily arise if he was careless.

    "Oh my mother. Today, I came earlier and there are already so many people. Is this store crazy?" Some middle-aged women looked at the people inside Ornamental Aquarium with shock.

    What they didn't know was that yesterday, the women who bought aquariums all posted on their Moments as if they reached an agreement.

    "Look at this aquarium I bought today, isn't it very beautiful. Isn't as beautiful as me?"

    "My husband bought me an aquarium. I really love it."

    "I bought an aquarium and placed it in the living room in my house. It's so beautiful."

    "Many women are posting on their Moments and showing off and comparing with others. Husband dear, did you see? Cui Hua bought a beautiful aquarium and I want one too."

    The free marketing on WeChat Moments and in different group chats spread news of the store.

    It wasn't important whether they were buying or not; now, they had to come to satisfy their curiosity.

    In the end, some beauty-appreciating women couldn't help taking money out of their purses to buy from the store.

    "Boss, today's sales are out. We made a million and four hundred fifty thousand RMB." At night, Zhang Xiaohua gave him the sales report. "Also, we need to prepare more sea tanks to sell. Otherwise, we won't have anything to sell soon."

    "I know. Tomorrow is Monday, and there should be fewer people. I'll take Sword One and Sword Two to sea, so you'll be in charge here," Chu Xian replied and nodded.

    "Don't worry." Zhang Xiaohua nodded.

    "En." Chu Xian nodded. It surprised him that his sea tank store was so popular.

    One important reason was their centerpiece. The dragon palace was so prominent and provocative that many pedestrians couldn't help but get sucked in by its allure.

    The next day, Chu Xian took Old Huang and others to the harbor.

    The fishermen saw them coming and looked over curiously, talking to each other in whispers.

    "The wastrel who spent three days drying the net and two days shipping came back. They haven't used this fishing ship for five to six days, so what are they doing today?"

    "Maybe sailing the ship to travel then catching some fish on the way to make up for the gas."

    "Ay, rich and fickle. Such a nice ship, yet he docks it at the port every day!"
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