143 Hunter in the Ocean

    "Sail!" Chu Xian stood on deck and gestured impressively, and the ship quickly sailed into the distance.

    The fishermen on the dock watched the ship sailing away with jealousy and grief in their hearts. What a waste of a good ship!

    Lying on his chair, Chu Xian watched as the sea floated by.

    Very soon, the fishing ship arrived at the seaweed area and the mermen went to Chu Xian's side.

    "Safety first. If you encounter any open brain corals, mark the positions," Chu Xian told them.

    "Yes, sir!" The mermen nodded and jumped into the sea.

    The retrieval process began. Chu Xian made adequate preparations this time and brought more than thirty fish tanks. He was prepared to get enough materials for three to four hundred sea tanks this time.

    As time went by, jellyfish, little shrimps and Christmas Tree Worms were transported back to the ship by Sword One and Sword Two.

    With their experience from last time, everything was done more efficiently, and they filled all the fish tanks in three hours.

    After the basic things were collected, Chu Xian dove into the ocean and traveled to each of the open brain corals. He killed the box jellyfish and had the mermen bring the coral back.

    "Another seven to eight million RMB." Chu Xian looked at the various materials stored in the tanks and smiled. A few more trips and he would have earned back the investment he made on the ship.

    "It's only a little past twelve now; we can wander around!" Chu Xian checked the time. He pointed randomly as he said, "Old Mu, let's explore. Try to find fish and practice fishing."

    "Okay, boss!" Old Mu nodded then sailed the ship into the distance.

    Chu Xian jumped into the sea and caught some lobsters and bass for lunch.

    "Boss, there are two fishing ships one nautical mile in front of us!" Old Mu walked over and interrupted his meal.

    "That's fine, keep sailing!" Chu Xian shook his head without a care.

    "Wuwu, wuwu!" Shortly after, the two fishing ships signaled them with their whistles.

    Chu Xian was startled and looked over at the other ships.

    "Boss, they're saying that this is their spot and that we should leave!" Old Mu said loudly.

    "Their spot?" Chu Xian said with some confusion and quickly activated his sonar abilities.

    "En?" After a moment, he could see the other fishing ships clearly.

    "They're...?" Chu Xian's eyes opened wide. The two ships were busy netting, but they weren't netting fish.

    He could clearly see a dozen or so turtles struggling in their nets.

    "Turtles are protected by the country; how are they so bold?" Chu Xian frowned then turned his attention to their deck. They were drying shark fins under the sun, and beside the mats were carcasses. The whole ship was bloody.

    "Sharks?" Chu Xian's face color changed. China didn't really approve of shark hunting, and some sharks were listed as protected animals.

    "Catching turtles and sharks. How reckless. Are they not worried that someone will come after them?" Chu Xian thought with some confusion.

    Shark fin was a very famous dish, and eating shark meat was said to increase resistance against cancer since sharks were the only type of animal that didn't get cancer.

    They also served as an aphrodisiac for men, as shark meat was said to help boost their sex performance, so there was a high market demand for sharks.

    But shark meat had a strong smell and needed to be cleaned well.

    And turtles were even more famous. There was a dish made of turtle meat in the famous Qing and Han Royal Dynasty Feast, and turtles also had great medicinal value. You could make medicinal alcohol out of them.

    But in the modern day, turtles were forbidden on the market and there was no fixed price, but their worth on the black market was probably considerably high.

    "Forget it!" Chu Xian shook his head. These people hunted and killed without fear. They were no ordinary fishermen, and he didn't want the inconvenience of dealing with them.

    "Old Mu, sail away!" Chu Xian ordered directly.

    "Yes, sir!" Old Mu nodded. He whistled twice, signaled then turned the ship around.


    Suddenly, Chu Xian made a surprised noise. With his sonar abilities, he could see five or six of the turtles breaking free from the net.

    Three of them were heading towards the Mermaid.

    It wasn't clear if the turtles were scared or if there were other reasons, but they didn't dive down towards the seafloor. Instead, they swam at a middling depth. Maybe they thought humans couldn't find them, but they were exposed under his ultrasonic abilities.

    Chu Xian wasn't surprised when the two fishing ships quickly pulled up their fishing nets and sailed after the three turtles.

    The turtles were quite fast. They were generally considered quick swimmers and could reach speeds of up to thirty kilometers per hour.

    The two fishing ships sailed quickly in their direction. Although they weren't as big as his fishing ship, they were much faster. Obviously, they were custom made!

    "They're going to crash!" Chu Xian gauged the distance as the turtles swam quickly and the ships sailed over.

    The three turtles might've finally felt the ripples from the surface of the ocean and they finally swam downwards.

    "Wuwuwuwu!" The two fishing ships whistled again and Chu Xian frowned.

    "Boss, they signaled us again and told us to quickly get out of this area!" Old Mu called out again.

    "Telling us to leave?" Chu Xian's expression turned cold. "Tell them to get out of here!"

    "They really think we're pushovers - telling us to leave twice!" Chu Xian looked at the two fishing ships. Out on the sea, he wasn't looking for trouble, but he wasn't afraid of trouble either. After all, the sea was their domain!

    Old Mu followed Chu Xian's orders, sending out Chu Xian's words verbatim: get out of here!

    Disaster and Shipwreck received the message Old Mu sent!

    "F***, does this f***ing ship want to die? Go! If those turtles escape, we'll have them pay!" On Shipwreck, a big guy heard their message and spat viciously.

    "Yes, let's teach them a lesson and show them not to mess with Disaster!" A middle-aged man nodded.

    "Captain, this fishing ship is new. They probably haven't heard of us yet!" The helmsman laughed.

    "They'll learn." The big guy grinned and licked his lips. "Don't chase the turtles - let them pay for our loss!"

    "Okay, I'll signal Shipwreck." The helmsan nodded then sent out a signal. The two fishing ships sailed towards Chu Xian.
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