144 Wolf and Sheep

    "Stop the ship!" Chu Xian saw the two fishing ships coming over and called out to Old Mu to stop the fishing ship. They gathered on deck and watched as the two ships sailed over.

    "Beep beep!" The two fishing ships arrived beside them very quickly, and one of them sailed slowly and tauntingly around them.

    "Get closer!" On Disaster, the big guy called out recklessly to the helmsman.

    "Okay, Brother Dragon!" The helmsman nodded confidently and they slowly edged closer to Chu Xian's ship, finally stopping only a meter away.

    The big man Brother Dragon, the middle-aged man and a group of strong young men gathered on the deck and faced off against Chu Xian's group.

    Chu Xian watched as the eight people glared over menacingly and smiled. He approached the ship's side with Sword One and Sword Two. The ships were very close, and he laughed lightly.

    "Son, do you own this ship?" The shirtless dragon man lit a cigarette and called out.

    "That's right!" Chu Xian nodded.

    "Very brave!" Brother Dragon looked at Sword One, Sword Two and others who were next to him and smiled with amusement.

    "That depends on the person I'm dealing with!" Chu Xian smiled in return.

    Brother Dragon could tell that Chu Xian wasn't afraid and he frowned a little. "Nice fishing ship!"

    "It's alright!" Chu Xian shook his head slightly. "If you want to say something, just say it!"

    "Okay." Brother Dragon threw his cigarette into the sea between them. "We were fishing. Do you know what a tuna is? There was a big group of tunas, and you disturbed them and many of them escaped. Don't you think you should make it up to us?"

    "Hehe." Chu Xian looked at them and started laughing. "This sentence of yours reminds me of a story in which the wolf and the sheep drink water upstream and downstream on a river. En, I heard it when I was a child!"

    "Kid, you're so brave. Do you know who we are? Do you know we own the great ocean?!" After Brother Dragon heard his words, he suddenly reached out his hand, aiming for Chu Xian's collar.


    But before Chu Xian even twitched, Sword Two grabbed Brother Dragon's arm and pulled hard.

    "Ka cha!"

    A crispy sound rang out as Brother Dragon's arm broke, and his body was half-pulled into the gap between the ships.

    "F***, are you courting death?! Let go of Brother Dragon!" The men were shocked; everything happened too quickly and before they had time to react, their boss Brother Dragon was already pulled forward. If it weren't for the railing, he would've fallen into the ocean!

    "Don't try to touch me - my men don't like it!" Chu Xian looked at them and laughed coldly.

    "Ah! Let go! Quickly let go or you're dead!"

    Brother Dragon hung in the air with cold sweat all over his forehead as he yelled angrily.

    "Let him go or your dead bodies will be buried at sea!" The two men behind Brother Dragon immediately walked back and set up a canon-like object.

    It was a kind of harpoon gun that they used to kill sharks and threaten other fishing ships.

    Chu Xian looked at the weapon and frowned slightly.

    "Excuse me, do we still have to make up for your loss?"

    Chu Xian turned back to Brother Dragon and asked.

    "Ahh, ahh!" Brother Dragon cried out in pain then raised his head while sweating. "Let go of me and this ends here. Otherwise, none of you will leave!"

    "Let go of you?" Chu Xian laughed then signaled Sword One.

    Sword One nodded and shook his arm slightly as he released his blade and placed its tip between Brother Dragon's eyes.

    "What are you doing? Let our Brother Dragon go, or you're all dead!"

    The middle-aged man yelled immediately.

    "Let our Brother Dragon go or you're all dead!"

    Another person yelled, poised menacingly over three other harpoon guns pointed at Chu Xian and his group.

    "Gudu!" Brother Dragon stared cross-eyed at the blade with regret in his heart. If he'd known Chu Xian's group was so tough, he wouldn't have kicked this iron plate and would've just stayed away.

    "What do you want?" Brother Dragon swallowed his saliva and gave in.

    "Compensation, of course. We were intimidated by you for no reason, so of course you need to compensate us. I don't want money. I just want those harpoon guns. Give us the three on your ship and I'll let you go." Chu Xian pointed at the three harpoon weapons on the boat in front of him.

    "You..." Brother Dragon was angry. The middle-aged man on the boat also glared at him angrily.

    "What? Your life isn't worth three harpoon guns?" Chu Xian smiled.

    Okay!" Brother Dragon bit his teeth and nodded gloomily.

    "Sword Three and Sword Four!" Chu Xian yelled with a big smile on his face.

    "Yes!" Sword Three and Sword Four nodded. They made a standing jump and easily landed on the opposite ship.

    Needless to say, this was quite shocking.

    "Ask them how to use it then move it over!" Chu Xian's smile widened.

    "Yes, sir!" Sword Three and Sword Four nodded and walked over.

    The three young men who were controlling the harpoon weapons didn't know what to do then they looked to the middle-aged man.

    "Hand them over! Do you want to see Brother Dragon die?!" the middle-aged man yelled angrily.

    "Ya!" Sword Three used all of his strength and directly lifted a harpoon gun.

    His actions made the young men's jaws hit the floor. F*** me, that was more than two hundred catties.

    "Si!" The middle-aged man sucked in a cold breath. This mysterious group of people was even more dangerous than he thought.

    "Hand it over!" Chu Xian reached out his arm and grabbed the meter long gun. Blue veins popped out on his arm as he brought it to the Mermaid.

    "Gudu!" (1)

    Were these people human?

    The middle-aged man couldn't help taking a big gulp.

    "Pretty heavy!" Chu Xian smiled at them, but with his strength, it was easy to lift things over a thousand jin in weight.

    "Okay, let our Brother Dragon go!" the middle-aged man called out in a low voice.

    "Of course!" Chu Xian nodded. Sword Three and Sword Four had already aimed the harpoons at the fishing ship. They wouldn't dare do anything.

    "Sword Two, let him go!"

    "Ah! Pull me up, pull me up!"

    Sword Two let go and Brother Dragon almost fell into the sea before the person behind him hurriedly grabbed him.

    "Hehe, see you guys later. Old Mu, let's go!"

    Chu Xian smiled at them and waved!

    Brother Dragon hugged his arm and glared at them with red eyes.

    Sword Three and Sword Four were still hovering over the guns to ensure that Brother Dragon and his group didn't move.
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