147 Selling the Black Horned Snow Dragon King

    Over the next few days, Chu Xian's aquarium store consistently made four to five hundred thousand RMB daily, and the situation lasted for a week.

    In that time, many people were impatient with envy, and some even staked out Chu Xian's ship and camped out near the dock.

    To their disappointment, Chu Xian didn't show any signs of going back out to sea.

    With the materials they collected on the last trip, they made more than four hundred and fifty sea tanks, which they estimated was enough to last more than a month.

    During this time, Chu Xian went to look at his ornamental fish farm and made some dried fish to ship to David. The goldfish store was still making twenty to thirty thousand RMB every day; things were good.

    It was on one of these lazy days that Chu Xian received a surprising phone call.

    "What? Can you repeat that, Brother Hong? Someone wants to buy my black-horned snow dragon king?"

    "Yes, they don't have your number, so they contacted us. A wealthy man hopes to buy all the Arowanas that are placed in the Dragon Travel Resort, and I'm helping him connect with you. Are you interested?" Hong Chenghai replied.

    "Of course." Chu Xian nodded. "But if they're sold, they won't be on exhibition for the government. I won't be able to help you, Brother Hong!"

    "That's alright. Your Arowanas have been on exhibition for a month and have already attracted many visitors. The impact shouldn't be that large." Hong Chenghai chuckled.

    "Then that's perfect. Brother Hong, can you give me their contact info? I'll talk to them directly!" Chu Xian said.

    "Okay." Hong Chenghai nodded then said, "Oh, and Chu Xian, the city wants to order something from you."

    "Oh? From me?" Chu Xian replied, taken aback.

    "Haha, that's right. After some discussion, we decided we can't keep borrowing things from you and your Arowana don't belong to us, so we want to purchase a sea tank from you since your sea tanks are extremely popular in Hai Qing City at the moment!" Hong Chenghai smiled.

    "Aquariums!" Chu Xian was happy and understood that Hong Chenghai was also promoting his brand. He immediately replied, "Of course, no problem. I can even donate it to the city."

    "No, no. There's no need for that. We will pay. The quality of your aquariums is obvious and can completely replace the Arowana we loaned from you. The tank we want will ideally be quite large, at least five meters in length and two to three meters in height - it definitely won't be cheap." Hong Chenghai said, "Xiao Xian, come over to the building and let's talk details."

    "Okay, I'll be there soon." Chu Xian nodded and quickly drove to the city government.

    He knocked on the door and pushed it open. Hong Chenghai was in conversation with another middle-aged man.

    "You're here! Come, come. Sit. This is Director Song; he's a very capable designer." Hong Chenghai introduced him.

    "How are you?" Chu Xian shook his hand.

    "Xiao Xian, you talk with Director Song about the aquarium." Chu Xian nodded. He understood that Hong Chenghai was trying to prevent himself from micromanaging.

    "Hello, Mr. Chu. These are our requirements." Director Song handed him a piece of paper.

    Chu Xian nodded and looked it over. The tank the government required was almost twice the size of his dragon palace sea tank, and there was already a basic layout prepared.

    "Director Song, you're preparing for a scenic view in the resort, hmm. This is very creative." Chu Xian praised his design as he looked over the paper.

    "Hehe, we have some experience," Director Song said humbly. "Mr. Chu, I want to ask - how much will this cost? Your dragon palace sea tank is priced at eight hundred and eighty thousand RMB."

    "Hehe." Chu Xian smiled. "Director Song, how much money has the city prepared for this aquarium?"

    "Five hundred thousand RMB." Director Song laughed awkwardly.

    "No problem. I'll make one for you that costs five hundred thousand RMB. It will definitely be the same quality as our collection's showpiece." Chu Xian nodded immediately. Five hundred thousand RMB was still a lot of money, and he also cared more about the branding promotion.

    "Okay, then we'll be troubling Mr. Chu for your help." Director Song smiled and extended a hand.

    "It's no trouble. I might need some extra hands when the time comes. Can you send someone when I call?" Chu Xian asked.

    "Of course. Just call me directly; I'm in charge of this aquarium project."


    "Brother Hong, thank you so much for helping me with this opportunity." After Director Song left, Chu Xian turned to Hong Chenghai and smiled.

    "Haha, this is nothing. Many people already had the idea, so I just gave it a little push. Oh, right." Hong Chenghai paused, taking out a card. "Here, the buyer for your Arowanas."

    "Star Technology China Area CEO Zhao Cheng!" Chu Xian looked at the name on the card. (1)

    "En, a CEO of an overseas company. He said he wants to buy all the Arowanas," Hong Chenghai said.

    "All of them?" Chu Xian nodded. "Okay. Thank you, Brother Hong. Are you free for dinner?"

    "Unfortunately not. I have arrangements tonight. You'll have to make do on your own!"

    Chu Xian nodded then walked out of the building and dialed the number on the card.

    "Hello, I am the owner of Ornamental Fish in Paradise. I heard you want to purchase the black horn snow dragon king?" Chu Xian asked.

    "That's right. I want to purchase all the Arowanas in the Dragon Travel Resort. Is it convenient for us to talk?" Lu Cheng asked directly.

    "I have time. Where would you like to meet?" Chu Xian nodded then headed to a coffee shop downtown.

    "Nice to meet you, Mr. Chu!" Lu Cheng was a 40-something middle-aged man. He had polite features and a pair of neat glasses. "Please sit."

    "Nice to meet you." Chu Xian nodded.

    "Let me introduce myself. I am the CEO of Star Technologies in the China area (1) and am also an ornamental fish lover. I hope to buy your black horn snow dragon king and the other Arowanas!" Lu Cheng said directly.

    "En, I think Mr. Lu should know the value of my Arowanas first?" Chu Xian nodded.

    "Of course. Mr. Chu's black horn snow dragon king is the most valuable Arowana in the world at ten million and the other Arowanas are worth a lot too. A total value of around eighty million," Lu Cheng said directly.

    "Yes, around eighty million. Let's just make it an even eighty. If Mr. Lu wants to buy them, that's the price!" Chu Xian said directly.

    "Hehe, of course. That's no problem." Lu Cheng nodded generously. "I love Arowanas a lot, especially the unique black horn snow dragon king."

    "Congratulations, then the Arowanas are yours!" Chu Xian smiled.

    The black horned snow dragon king was completely useless to him now. He wouldn't hesitate at the chance to sell it.
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